Expectation from Public

  • Every person is bound to assist a Magistrate or a police officer reasonably demanding his aid in taking or preventing escape of any person who could be lawfully arrested; in preventing or controlling breach of peace; and to prevent damage to public property. (Sec. 37 CrPC).

  • Any person aware of the commission of certain serious offences or intention thereof, is duty bound to give information to the nearest Magistrate or police officer of such commission or intention (Sec. 39 CrPC). These IPC crimes include offences: against the State; against public tranquility; relating to illegal gratification; affecting life; and of robbery and dacoity.

  • Please take initiative to check the crime. A private citizen can arrest or cause a person to be arrested if any non-bailable and cognizable offence is committed in his presence or a proclaimed offender comes across them. (Sec. 43 CrPC).

  • Allow free ingress to a place if a police officer having authority to arrest/search or any person acting under a warrant of arrest/search, has reasons to believe that the person to be arrested has entered into or is within such a place. (Sections 47 & 100 CrPC).

  • Assist a police officer if your assistance is sought by him to join a search. Refusal to do so when asked in writing, without reasonable cause, is an offence under section 187 IPC. (Sec. 100 CrPC).

  • Give correct evidence whenever associated in any investigation or trial. Do not give false information to the police to avoid wastage of police resources and to avoid penal action for making false or malicious or prank calls.

  • Co-operate with the police in action against anti social elements and in maintaining law and order.

  • Protect public property and do not indulge in acts, which damage or deface public property or places.

  • All road users must be guided by the objective of enhancing road safety and must pay heed to the legitimate directions and suggestions of traffic police personnel and observe traffic norms and regulations.

  • Help injured persons in road accidents by taking them to nearby hospitals and by informing the police. If desired, one would not be asked to be a witness in the case or otherwise put to any inconvenience The driver of the motor vehicle responsible for a road accident is duty bound to take all reasonable steps to secure medical attention for the injured person by conveying him to the nearest medical doctor or hospital unless it is not practicable to do so on account of mob fury or any other reason beyond his control. Failure in this regard punishable. (Section 134 Motor Vehicle Act, 1988).

  • It is a duty of every registered medical doctor or the doctor on duty in a hospital to immediately attend to the injured person and render medical aid without waiting for procedural formalities unless the injured person or his guardian (in case of a minor) desires otherwise (Section 134 Motor Vehicle Act 1988). Failure in this regard is punishable. (Section 134 Motor Vehicles Act, 1988).

  • Community policing initiatives must be given whole-hearted support. Security environment, particularly to curb crimes like thefts and burglaries, can be greatly enhanced if the local community takes initiative to improve physical security arrangement of the neighborhood and individual houses/establishments and deploys adequate number of watchmen.

  • Cherish our Constitutional values. All citizens in our democratic polity have equal stake in the rule of law.

  • Do not ask or expect police to resort to unlawful or questionable means while dealing with crime or criminals or public disorder. Any such action abetted or acquiesced, in self-interest for quick results, is unsustainable. Your option should be against bypassing the rule of law

  • Our constitutional and legal processes have the capacity to evolve strategies to deal with the emerging threats. And you must be vigilant to prevent hijacking of the agenda in this regard by any vested interests, who generally are vociferous and often claim to reflect public opinion.


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