Anti Human Trafficing

Human Trafficking:-

Trafficking means the moving, selling or buying of Women and Children by any person (agent)/ agencies for recruitment, Transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons. By means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of the abuse of power or of the Vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purposes of exploitation i.e. sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery or the removal of organs, within and outside a country.

Human Trafficking is an organized crime involving the overt or covert participation of several criminals at various places at different point of time Human Trafficking is a punishable offence under various section of IPC and section -5 of (ITPA) Informal Traffic (prevention) Act 1956.

There are 24 AHTU established in 24 district of Jharkhand for prevention of Human Trafficking.

 Sl.No. Name of district Name of AHTU In-Charge Mobile No.
1 Ranchi Insp.Sailesh Prasad 9431706158
2 Lohardaga SI.Polcarp Toppo 8969346610
3 Gumla SI.Aakash Pandey 6200383896
4 Simdega SI.Pankaj Kumar 8210939739
5 Khunti S.I. Dularmani Tudu 7765853717
6 West Singhbhum,Chaibasa S.I. Karthik Bhagat 9771785545
7 Saraikela S.I. Manohar Kumar 7004982611
8 East-Singbhum,Jamshedpur Insp.Sambhu Prasad Gupta 8210129215
9 Palamu S.I. Ravishankar 8539099739
10 Garhwa S.I. Seema Kumari 7004376399
11 Latehar S.I. Shiv Bihari Tiwari 7903516406
12 Hazaribagh -- 8409433497
13 Koderma S.I Ajay Kumar 9973761844
14 Giridih S.I Manita Kumari 8825269346
15 Chatra S.I Sonia Koy 7061618755
16 Ramgarh S.I Menjaari Piruwa 9304616316
17 Bokaro Insp.Ravindar Kumar 6200290407
18 Dhanbad S.I Vinay Kumar 9431706386
19 Dumka S.I. Wilkan Beg 9931967807
20 Godda S.I. Mukesh Kumar Pandey 8789042169
21 Sahebganj S.I Soni Khalkho 9534151593
22 Pakur S.I Abhishek Kumar 8709370146
23 Deoghar Insp. Vikram Prasad Singh 9939247331
24 Jamtara S.I Abhay Kumar 7903292540

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