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Fin. Year : 2019-20
Reference No. Title Tender Type Department/Section Last date of Submission Corrigendum
पश्चिमी सिंहभूम चाईबासा-01/2020 निविदा सूचना - चाईबासा जिला बल अंतर्गत भाड़े पर चार पहिया और दो पहिया वाहनों की आवश्यकता Buy SP Chaibasa 14-03-2020
Hotwar/Ranchi/02/2019-20 Tender:Housekeeping, Catering and other Services in Investigation Training School, Hotwar, Ranchi Buy Superintendent of Police 17-02-2020
PHQ/NIT/20/2019-20 EOI - ALH Dhruv Helicopter Insurance Buy A.D.G of Police (Modernization) 18-02-2020
01/2020 HZB POL Short Tender notice : Supply, Installation and Commission of Fibre Optic Cable and IP Based CCTV Surveillance System in Hazaribag Town Buy SP Hazaribag 20-02-2020
PHQ/NIT/19/2019-20 Tender: Shifting of self supported towers & installation of new towers Buy I.G.Provision 16-01-2020
PHQ/NIT/18/2019-20 Short Tender: Supply of Road Safety Equipment for Jharkhand Police Buy I.G.Provision 05-11-2019
PHQ/NIT/17/2019-20 Tender:Supply of Equipment for Digester Management Buy I.G.Provision 04-11-2019 Corrigendum: Supply of Solar Battery Charger
PHQ/NIT/16/2019-20 Short Re-Tender:Supply of Road Safety Equipment Buy I.G.Provision 03-11-2019
PHQ/NIT/15/2019-20 Re-Tender: Supply and installation of Chemical Earthling at various PSs of Jharkhand Police Buy I.G.Provision 25-10-2019
PHQ/NIT/11/2019-20 Tender: Supply of Armourer Tool items. Buy I.G.Provision 16-10-2019
PHQ/NIT/14/2019-20 Tender:Supply of FSL Equipments for Jharkkhand Police Buy I.G.Provision 17-10-2019
PHQ/NIT/12/2019-20 Tender: Supply of Road Safety Equipment for Jharkhand Police Buy I.G.Provision 17-10-2019 Corrigendum: Supply of Traffic Equipment

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