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Welfare of the personnel is one aspect which has been generally neglected for long in our department. Now with changing situation and circumstances, the issue of a scientific approach and need for welfare of police personnel has caught attention read of the concerned authorities.

In our state too, many positive and significant steps have been taken for welfare of men. Some of there include, financial support in the form of loans, grants for education and medical treatment, recruitment on compensatory ground etc.

Why welfare is important?

It is indeed essential for each and every organization in order.

• To keep the personnel/work force highly motivated.

• To keep the members force from stress.

• To help them in solving their personal as well as familial and social problems.

In short, to make them feel cared for and well looked after. This in turn leads to effective output / execution of duties by the members of the organization.

Welfare in police is all the more important. The police is an unique service, very demanding and stressful, our personnel don't have sufficient time their families. They work under adverse and negative circumstances, work hours are not fixed, they handle unpredictable emergencies. Men straggle on daily basis to strike a balance between professional and familial duties. All these factors make welfare highly desirable and important in the police.

In the context of Jharkhand, welfare of men is highly important, as apart from the problems mentioned above, our men are facing the following problems too.

a) Naxal problem - Our's is a naxal affected state. Our men work under stress as there is always a threat to life. Most of them are deployed at lonely secluded pickets and posts, away from civilization, unfavorable places and conditions. There spend a routine, monotonous and hard time. All this cause stress, not only physical but emotional and psychological too.

b) Separation from families - Men are unable to keep families with them as they are posted/deputed at remote pickets and places where adequate civic amenities and educational facilities are absent. The desired level of government accommodation to force members has not been achieved in our state and being a backward state it does not have many cities too. So men are forced to keep their families in only a few cities. Living away from families again leads to frustration among the men and many associated socio-psychological problems in the families.

c) Socio-economic background of our men- Most of our men come from a poor economic background. Most of them don't have other extra sources of income and generally have to support their extended / joint families. They don't have enough exposure to upgrade their life style and thus need to be helped out with their problems.

d) Welfare of women workforce- With an all woman battalion, we have a sizeable number of lady constables in the state. Their welfare has to be ensured with extra care, keeping in mind the role of a lady in the family, so that they contribute effectively both at professional and home front.

What does welfare actually mean?

It's dictionary meaning is

• Well doing or well-being in any respect.

• The enjoyment of health and the common blessings of life.

• Exemption from any evil or calamity.

• prosperity and

• happiness

This definition shows that a lot more is required to be done for welfare.

To ensure welfare, an integrated approach is required, which is able to touch all the important and vital aspects of a police personnel's life.

These aspects include

• Workplace related - Like effective disposal of leave and appeals matters, providing safe working conditions. Programmes like regular health screening, weight management, vaccination, health related workshop seminars, etc.

• Personal enrichment programme- includes imparting knowledge and skills for personal development

• Education, degree courses.

• Preparing for retirement - mentally and physically.

• Providing employment after retirement.

• Chance to gain skills, etiquette, music etc. Family related - like

• Medical facilities and check-ups.

• Extra income generation.

• Family planning and nutrition.

• Family counseling centers for sorting out problems related to families in distress.

• Community hall, guest house etc.

These are just a few examples, many more, area and district specific welfare measures can be included in these lists.

In other to plan, execute and supervise welfare steps effectively there should be an effective system both at the district and PHQ level. SPs should be sensitized and welfare should be given sufficient importance, so that our force remain highly motivated and in-charge the duties effectively.

                                                                                                                  (Sampat Meena, IPS)

D.I.G, S.C. Range Ranchi.

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