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The Jharkhand Police is committed to not allowing its territory to be used by cyber criminals or phone fraud related criminals, who are into vishing, phishing, SMSing and defrauding people using digital banking/e-commerce facilities. In a step towards the same, this online service has been started by DGP, Jharkhand, to proactively seek cooperation requests from all the States across the country, where victims might have lodged FIRs related to such frauds having some links in Jharkhand. This online service intends facilitate easy lodging of investigation cooperation requests by other State Police Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, ensure proper monitoring of the action taken reports on such requests and early communication of the action taken report to the requesting police officer.

For any case related to mobile phones frauds reported anywhere in the country having any link to Jharkhand (like the tower location of mobiles phones or their subscribers are in Jharkhand), all investigation related cooperation requests (like some verification to be done or some arrests to be made) can be sent via this online service by any investigating office of the country or his superior officers, with the endorsement of his SP. The concerned police officers investigating such case can use this facility, whenever, it is not possible for them to come to Jharkhand immediately.

It will be the endeavour of Jharkhand Police to execute all the legal requests received via this online service at the earliest and communicate the action taken report to the requesting officer.

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The link of this online service is available in Jharkhand Police portal ( in initiative section by the name "Investigation Cooperation Request for Cyber Crime Fraud". To register the investigation cooperation request, the Investigating Officer (IO) has to click on the above mentioned link to open the page containing the request form. All the columns of the request form have to be filled by the investigating officer. The details in respect of the IO and the supervising SP have been asked for authentication purposes. The endorsement of the supervising SP would be necessary for entertaining the request. The IO should take the endorsement of the SP before filling YES in the concerned column. We are not asking for any proof of the endorsement of the request by the supervising SP, but filling of any false information in this column may attract legal action.

The requesting IO should fill in the FIR No., the gist of the FIR and point wise details of the requested cooperation from Jharkhand Police in the concerned columns. The IO should try to specify the district in Jharkhand which would execute the request, to the extent possible, to expedite action on their requests. Necessary documents, which will facilitate the execution of the investigation cooperation request, should be uploaded at the relevant place in the form.

A CAPTCHA code needs to be filled in the end for security reason. Finally the user has to click on the submit button and confirm the same to register his Investigation Cooperation Request.

Immediately after pressing the submit button, the requesting office will receive a message of acknowledgement and an ID No. on his e-mail. Further communication with the requesting IO/ supervisory SP will be made on their given e-mail id/phone no.

The IOs can check the status of their request by clicking on "Get Request Status" button. Once the ATR is sent by the concerned district/unit of Jharkhand, the IO can give his feedback on the quality of the ATR or raise issues regarding anything incomplete in the ATR by on the "Feedback button. For a different request in the same case, a separate request form should be filled in.

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