Vulnerability of road users to accident increases during night by 40%.

An aware and conscious drive reduces the chances of mishaps by 80%.

90% of deaths on road are due to head injuries.

A good quality helmet reduces chances of head injury by 80%.

Use of Seat belt while driving reduces the risk of death of an occupant during an accident by 50%.

Normally cost of good tyres is only 2- 4 % of the price of a vehicle. Compromise on the cost of tyres can result in damage, which cannot be assessed in terms of money.

Driving requires all senses, Using mobile phone while driving diverts 50% of our senses.

Impact on a person by a vehicle cruising at speed of 60 Kms per hour is equivalent to falling from a four storey building, while this impact at 100 Kms per hour equals to falling from a 12 storey

Courtesy:- Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India

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