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Shri Subhash Chandra Jat (IPS )

Deoghar, a district with an area of 2478.61 sq.km and population of 14,91,879 is pre eminently known as the religious capital of Jharkhand . Moreover, with a spate in social and economic infrastructure projects, Deoghar is fast becoming cynosure of all eyes.

Shravani Mela is a major festival in Deoghar, where thousands of saffron-clad pilgrims bring holy water from the Ganges at  Sultanganj (Bhaglapur district of Bihar), covering a distance of 105 kilometres on foot and offer it to Lord Baidyanath (Shiva). Shrawani Mela is a perfect and classical embodiment of the religious sentiments of the people of India and manifests its beautiful diversity of caste, class, creed and region. People throng to visit the district during the festival from the length and breadth of the country and all walks of life.  

  With the ever-growing popularity the town has attracted people from neighbouring districts     due to increased business and educational opportunities. However, the growing population in the district has its own challenges. Large scale movement of people on regular basis has created burden on transportation system, civic amenities and has created newer sets of law and order challenges. Consequently, the district requires better equipped police stations with well trained manpower and other infrastructure for adequate delivery of service to the people.With the increasing prominence of the district as an industrial, tourist, educational and religious destination, its vulnerability in terms of law and order challenges, Naxal threat and VIP Security, cannot be ignored. Hence it is imperative to ensure smart, effective and qualitative policing in every part of the district.

With the opportunities and challenges that the district offers, we constantly strive to achieve the main objectives as law enforcers, which is prevention and detection of crime and protection of life and property of the people. The District Police look forward to bridging the gap between public and police and seeks its co-operation in every step in building our image as public friendly police. With this vision, we strive to ensure a proactive and smart policing in the district, thus personifying the essence of democracy in our actions.

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Brief Summary of the District

Deoghar district with population of 14,60,053 located in the north-west of Jharkhand state, is an important district not in Jharkhand but in India too. Jasidih & Madhupur are two main Railway Junction’s between Asansol of West Bengal and Patna, capital of Bihar. Deoghar which is popularly known as a Baba Nagri, a seat of Manokamna &Dwadash Jyotirling. Hindu devotees pay their visits this very shrine carrying sacred Gangajal covering more than 100 kms on foot from Sultanganj (Bihar) to Deoghar. The holy month of Shrawan every year is characterized by sea of linear line of humanities in special Kawariyas dresses with the creation of new state Jharkhand.

Baba Nagri Deoghar as a district has acquired special attention and privileges of government so far as a management of Shrawani Mela is concerned. Every department of government along with Police get special allotment & Man Power to ensure Law & order and to facilitate Kawariyas Puja & Darshan smoothly without an incident. D.C and S.P of district Deoghar are entrusted with the task of regulating a sea of Kawariyas in Lakhs a day. Governments as well as locals welcome lakhs of worshipers a day for which they are accustomed. It is the grace of Mighty Lord Shiva that no unto ward incident happens during the one month Sharawani Mela, biggest gathering of devotees in the world.

District Police, Deoghar is strengthened and augmented with many fold increase in man power and infrastructure for which district Police is very much grateful to Police Head Quarters. The passing of Shrawani Mela 2010 is very-very special due to extra ordinary support given to district Police from Police Head Quarter Jharkhand, Ranchi in sanctioning fund and Deputating man power and transport. Deoghar district enjoys special position due to Baba Nagri which also paves for economic activities catering to needs of livelihood. District is devoid of adequate rainfall throughout the year & alluvial soil, leading to livelihood of rural population depending on agriculture struggleful and miserable. Single cropping pattern of agriculture depends upon Mercy of Rain God, live rural population idle and no option is left for them but to leave for other places for their livelihood. Supply of water in the form of drinking water or irrigation facilities pose great threat to problems for urban and rural, and Law enforcement machineries. Youth finding no job and engagement are very much prone to the criminal activities for the fulfillment of their petty needs. The economic and social conditions of neighbouring district as Jamui, Banka & Munger all of Bihar state are not different ones. Deoghar district town being a seat of Dwadash Jyotir Kamna ling attracts not only local population to Deoghar District in the search of employment but also give open opportunities to the population of neighbouring districts.

Deoghar as a Police point of view and law and order has been peaceful as well as cultural, educational, religious and an economic centre in not only Santhal Pargana but also the eastern part of Bihar. Due to this feature people from neighbouring district of Bihar pay their regular visits to this town in search of employment as daily wage earners and as worshipers. District Police faces acute difficulties in frisking criminals anti social elements. Due to this special feature of floating population of district. Thousand of population in form of retired government servants, rural population and semi urban population of neighbouring district seeking peaceful permanent settlements are preferring to have own houses in Deoghar district H.Q. This demographic phenomenon not only creates regular increasing burden on civic amenities of district but also creates problems for Police as a law enforcement machinery to deal with increasing numbers of outsiders effectively with meagre and fixed strength of man power and infrastructure.

Security Scenario

Security scenario of Deoghar district assumes prime attention due to extremist activities going on in Naxal infested boarder district of deoghar such as Banka, Jamuey & Giridhi Extremist as well as terrorist activities reported any corner of country bears impact on the security aspect of the district. The temple of lord Shiva has been Prone to threat of terrorist attack specially, District Police always visualizes this attack & Prepare for the safety of Pilgrims & Security of the temple of lord shiva. Kawareas & hindu devotes always carry sacred gangajal in Plastic pots while travelling on foot & vehicle from Sulatanganj to Deoghar . It very difficult for police to check pilgrims while frisking them, Bhaglapur district administration has been requested to allow transparent pot for carrying sacred gangajal for offering lord Shiva temple & Kawaria routes not to be strengthen in every month not to speak of Shrawan. These days every month is characterized by features of Shrawani Mela. The security & Safety has to be on the line of Shrawni Mela.

Mohanpur. Jasidhi, Devipur, Madhupur & Margomunda are the Police stations where strength of police are to be argmented in high of increased LWE activities in bordering district of Jamui, Banka and Giridih.

Crime Summary of the District
S.No. Crime Head 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Till Sep
1 Dowry Death 12 18 14 15 15 20 22 22 20 08
2 Witch Death -- -- -- 1 -- -- -- 01 -- --
3 General murder 47 43 52 54 43 68 71 49 70 69
4 Naxal Murder -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
5 Total Murder 59 61 66 70 58 88 93 72 90 77
6 Bank Dacoity - - 01 -- 01 -- -- -- -- 01
7 Road/Highway Dacoity 01 04 06 03 02 03 02 01 09 04
8 House Dacoity 12 02 08 07 03 07 -- 03 07 11
9 Total Dacoity 13 06 15 10 06 10 02 04 16 16
10 Bank Robbery -- -- -- 01 -- -- -- -- -- --
11 Road/Highway Robbery 22 32 29 25 22 27 22 22 27 22
12 House Robbery 05 09 08 04 06 01 06 06 08 03
13 Total Robbery 27 41 37 30 28 28 28 28 35 25
14 House Burglary 159 113 154 122 123 173 120 110 87 79
15 Theft 715 616 943 627 579 702 484 599 542 379
16 Riot 139 137 134 104 39 43 142 186 184 143
17 Kidnapping For Ransom 02 -- 02 01 01 01 05 03 01 03
18 Kidnapping 76 95 121 85 69 77 116 67 98 95
19 Total Kidnapping 78 95 376 86 70 78 121 70 99 98
20 Rape 58 63 97 64 65 67 44 68 54 40
21 Arms Act 20 10 27 23 11 22 24 23 35 18
22 Explosive Act 05 -- 03 03 01 07 02 08 02 04
23 Naxal Cases 08 26 22 12 10 06 -- -- -- 01
24 Others(Miscellaneous) 2414 2058 2737 1858 1823 1959 2823 2254 1996 2153
25 Total 3695 3293 4358 3009 2813 3183 3883 3722 3140 3033


General Achievements
  • Year wise Arresting
Sl.No. Year Arresting
Criminal Extremist
1 2022
Till Aug
1302 --
2 2021 2386 01
3 2020 1727 --
4 2019 1390 --
5 2018 1960 02
6 2017 1784 --
7 2016 1467 --
8 2015 1568 -
9 2014 1481 -
10 2013 2066 -
11 2012 2113 -
12 2011 2221 -
  • Year wise Warrant/Attachment Disposal
Sl.No. Month Previous Pending Current Pending Disposal
Warrant Attachment Total Warrant Attachment Total Warrant Attachment Total
1 2022 Till Aug 3792 41 3833 4195 41 4236 621 11 632
2 2021 880 10 890 991 11 1002 348 08 356
3 2020 1721 28 1749 1356 25 1381 378 03 381
4 2019 3513 166 3679 3324 158 3482 803 54 857
5 2018 2264 160 2424 2487 157 2644 634 45 679
6 2017 -- -- -- 584 33 617 5886 328 6224
7 2016 570 14 584 490 24 514 612 14 626
8 2015 - - - 1315 61 1376 6633 543 7176
9 2014 734 61 795 1009 78 1087 5286 11 5297
10 2013 1176 291 1467 1014 323 1339 9225 630 9855
11 2012 1602 188 1790 1157 180 1337 8967 460 9427
12 2011 607 171 778 1355 80 1435 5785 382 6137


Year Wise Achievements Against Criminals / Gangs

  • Year - 2022
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
1 Sarath (Pathradda) PS Case No.-03/22. Dated 04.01.2022, U/S - 395 IPC.. Non FIR accused
1. Varun Kumar, S/O- Mand Prasad Khahar, Village-Bara
2. Vinod Das S/O- Jalbhan Das, Village-chandana, both PS-Jarmund, District Dumka
3. Luton Kumar alias Pandav S/O- Janardan Mahato Village-Chitarpoka, PS Mohanpur, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
2 Jasidih PS Case No.-20/22, Dated-23.01.2022, U/S-394 IPC Non FIR accused
1. Gulav Kumar S/o-Mohan Yadav, Vill-Meura. PS-Adhamalgola, District Patna,
2. Rakesh Kumar Yadav S/o-Vijay Yadav, Vill- Gorwandtar, PS-Sare, District- Nalanda (Bihar).
3. Simla Yadav S/o-Shiwalak Yadav, Vill-Jana, PS - Sare, District- Nalanda,
4. Mithlesh Yadav S/o- Videshwar Yadav,
5. Sonu Kumar S/o-Heeru Yadav. Both Vill-Diha. PS-Ariari , District-Bhojpur,
6. Aftar Alam S/o- Late Mehkur Alam, Vill-Chundi Ward No. -05, PS-Bardh, District- Patna,
7. Shivshankar Kumar @ Jitendra Kumar S/o-Vindu Yadav, Vill -Gulavganj , PS-Bardh, District-Patna,
8. Gopal Singh @ Shavilaji S/o- Rajendra Singh, Vill-Saad, District Patna
-- -- -- -- --
3 Town PS Case No.-38/22 , Dated-19.01.2022, U/S- 25(1-B)(A) / 25(1-A)/25(6)/26/35 Arms Act & 120B IPC 1. Shivshish Kashyap, S/o-Late Girdhari Nath Mishra, Vill-Shyamcharan Mishra Lane,
2. Adarsh Jha, S/o-Lakshminarayan Jha, Vill-Shivganga Lane.
3. Rahul Mishra, S/o-Santosh Mishra, Vill- Lakshmipur Chowk,
4. Sonu Kumar Parihast, S/o-Ganesh Parihasth, Vill-Baidyanath Lane,
5. Jai Giri , S/o-Sanjay Giri, Vill-Shiksha Sabha Chowk, Mandir More.
6. Bunty Keshari, S/o-Nunu Keshari, Vill -Pandey Gali,
7. Abhay Giri , S/o-Sanjay Giri , Vill -Shiksha Sabha Chowk,
8. Rahul Parisht, S/o - Prabhat Parisht, Vill-Samwel Bazar,
9. Amit Pandit S/o-Rajendra Pandit, Vill-Baidyanath Lane,
10. Dheeraj Kumar Jha, S/o- Premranjan Jha, Vill-B N. Jha Path,
11. Abhishek Pandey, S/o-Shivlal Pandey, Vill-Baba Mandir East Darwaza,
12. Keshav Maheshwari, S/o-Vimal Maheshwari, Vill-Goshto Bihari Lane, Jhansagarhi, All PS-Town, District Deoghar


Two loaded country made rifles (muskets) (1) desi semi automatic pistols-08
(2) Revolver-01
-- (1) live cartridges-47,
(2) Empty Round-17,
(3) spare magazine-07
(1) 13 Mobile Phone,
(2) a steel knife
(3) Four Motor Cycle
4 Devipur PS Case No.-10/22, Dated-18.01.2022, U/S-25(1B)A/25(1A)/26/31/35 Arms Act. 1.Ranjit Das @ Ranjit Saxena S/o-Ghutar Das, Vill- Dhangor, Bumpas Town, PS-Town
2. Chandan Choudhary @ Pankaj Choudhary S/o-Shivkumar Choudhary, Vill - Qasim Bazar Chowk, PS-Qasim Bazar, District-Munger
3. Ranvir Singh @ Pappu Singh S/o-Late Rajendra Prasad Singh, Vill -Siksha Colony, Near Court, PS-Purnia Sadar, District - Purnia
4. Sanjay Kumar Das S/o-Kalanand Das, Vill- Devichak, PS-Rikhiya, District-Deoghar
5. Roht Das S/o-Narayan Das, Vill - Husainabad, PS- Devipur, District-Deoghar
-- (a) Pistol-01
(b) Desi katta-02,
-- live cartridges-24 Mobile-05
5 Jasidih PS Case No.-17/22, Dated-15.01.2022, U/S-379/511 IPC & 25(1-B)(A)26/35 Arms Act. 1. Srikant Yadav S/o-Nunu Mahato, Vill-Latasare, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- Desi Katta-01 -- live cartridges-02 --
6 Madhupur PS Case No.-02/22, Dated-02.01.2022, U/S-25(1-B)(A), 25(1-AA), 25(1-A),26 Arms Act. 1. Anchor Das @ Atish Das, S/o-Shivdayal Das, Vill- Fulchi,
2. Usman Ansari, S/o-Islam Ansani, Vill-Vishanpur, Both PS-Margomunda, Dist-Deoghar
-- (1) One country pistol,
(2) Three country pistol
-- (1) Live cartridges-16
(2) Iron Magazine-05
(1) Mobile-01
(2) Motorcycle-01
(3) Rocker- 47 Pcs
(4) Spring- 46 Pcs
7 Town PS Case No.-15/22, Dated-08.01.2022, U/S-379 IPC 1. Non FIR Accused Baidyanath Prasad S/o- Ganesh Prasad Rai -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01
8 Town PS Case No.-44/22, Dated-23.01.2022, U/S-379 IPC 1. Rahul Mansoori
2. Himashu Kumar
3. Chunchun Kumar
-- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01
9 Town PS Case No.-49/22, Dated-26.01.2022, U/S-414 IPC 1. Alok Kumar S/o-Shivendra Rai, Vill - Hirna, PS Town, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01, Smart Key-01, Mobile-01
10 Town PS Case No.-31/22, Dated-15.01.2022, U/S-414 IPC 1. Vikram Kumar Rai S/o-Shivpujan Rai, Vill- Porgodih, Mirjaganj, PS-Jamua, Dist-Giridih -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01
11 Town PS Case No.-11/22, Dated-05.01.2022, U/S-20(B)(ii)(A) NDPS Act. 1. Gaurav Kumar S/o-Munna Kumar, Vill-Jatahi More, Near Railway Over Bridge, PS-Town, District -Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1.Ganja-110 Gram,
2. Cash -Rs 2,000/-
12 Jasidih PS Case No.-10/22, Dated-09.01.2022, U/S-20(B)(ii)(A) NDPS Act. 1. Meera Devi W/o- Late Kamal Prasad Raut, Vill - Jasidih Bazar, Dhobia Gali , PS-Jasidih, District- Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Ganja-944.45 Gram,
2. Cash-Rs 74,830/
13 Cyber PS Case No.-01/22, Dated-03.01.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act 1. Anand Dev Mandal Father - Naresh Mandal
2.Rajesh Kumar Mandal Father-Ishwar Mandal Both Village - Khijuriatand, PS-Margomunda
3. Pradeep Kumar Das Father - Ghuran Das
4. Arun Das Father-Bhikhan Das
5. Nundev Das Father -Sarveshwar Das all three Villages-Charghara, PS Sarwan, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-10,
2. SIM-18,
3. ATM-04,
4. Passbook-01,
5. Murfu Machine-01,
6. PAN Card-01
14 Cyber PS Case No.-02/22, Dated-07.01.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 668/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Sandeep Kumar Das Father-Vinod Das
2. Pawan Kumar Das Father-Chintamani Das, Both Village-Lucknua, PS- Madhupur
3. Arun Das Father - Sukar Das, Village - Amdiha Khairbani, PS -Devipur All District - Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-03,
2. SIM-05,
3. ATM-01,
15 Cyber PS Case No.-03/22, Dated-10.01.2022, U/S -419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Saddam Ansari Father-Shaheed Ansari, Vill- Pahrudih
2. Rais Ansari Father- Yakub Ansari,
3. Ashiq Hussain Father-Sohrab Miyan
4. Abu Kalam Father- Ajmul Miyan, all three Vill- Makarkenda
5. Shamser Ansari Father-Newaji Miyan
6. Rizwan Ansari Father-Mubarak Miyan Both Vill-Kusumdin All PS-Palajori
7. Azharuddin Ansari Father-Mod Shamsudin Miyan , Vill- Kairabank, O.P- Patharda
8. Razzaq Ansari Father-Samad Miyan,
9. Sarfaraz Ansari Father-Tabarak Miyan
10. Minhaj Ansari Father-Furqan Ansari
11. Iqbal Ansari Father- Samad Miyan
12. Amirul Ansari Father-Rajim Miyan All Vill- Chetnari PS-Pathrol, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-18,
2. SIM-29,
3. ATM-03,
16 Cyber PS Case No.-06/22, Dated-16.01.2022, U/S- 419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 668/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act 1. Anil Yadav Father- Jagarnath Yadav
2. Ajay Kumar Yadav
3. Sanjay Yadav, Both Father- Subhash Prasad Yadav
4. Chhotu Kumar Rai Father- Kaleshwar Rai, All Vill-Babupur, PS-Mohanpur
5. Mahendra Kumar Mandal Father-Bhawani Mandal Vill-Jagadih, PS-Karon
6. Alimuddin Ansari Father -Congress Miyan
7. Taslim Ansari Father-Tayab Miyan Both Vill-Panchrukhi, PS-Margomunda
8. Salim Ansari Father- Rajauddin Miyan, Vill-Kheswa, PS-Margomunda
9. Kalam Ansari Father- Mustafa Ansari, Vill- Badiya, PS-Karon
10. Kabul Miyan Father-Wahab Miyan
11. Afzal Ansari Father- Halim Miyan, Both Vill-Panchrukhi, PS-Margomunda, All District-Deoghar
12. Alam Ansari Father- Rafiq Ansari, Vill-Kasitand, PS-Karmatand, District- Jamtara
13. Mohd. Javed Ansari Father-Sanaul Ansari, Vill-Ghaghra, PS-Margomunda, District- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-13,
2. SIM-33,
17 Cyber PS Case No.-09/22, Dated-21.01.2022, U/S 419/420/467/468/471/1208 IPC & 668/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Chandan Kumar Das Father- Dineshwar Mehra
2. Mukesh Kumar Das
3. Ramesh Kumar Das, Both Father-Suresh Das
4. Munna Das Father -Late Karu Das
5. Arun Kumar Das Father- Upendra Das, all Vill- Rangamatia
6. Santosh Mehra Father-Mathur Mehra Vill -Tangidih, All Pathardda O.P. District -Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-06,
2. SIM-12,
3. ATM-01
18 Cyber PS Case No.-10/22. Dated-29.01.2022, U/S 419/420/467/468/471/1208 IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Nashad Ansari
2. Sajjad Ansari
3. Mustafa Ansari
, All three Father-Tipan Miyan
4. Parvez Alam Father -Ghulam Miyan
5. Razaul Miyan Father- Nasruddin Miyan
6. Saadat Ansari Father-Imtiaz Miyan
7. Takbul Ansari Father-Karamuddin Miyan
8. Aftab Alam Father-Izhar Alam, All Village- Nagadri, PS -Karon District -Deoghar
9. Sarfuddin Ansari Father- Alimuddin Miyan, Vill- Chengaidh. PS- Jamtara District-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-21,
2. SIM-38
19 Rikhiya PS Case No.-33/22, Dated-20.02.2022, U/S-20(B)(ii)(A) NDPS Act. Lalan Kumar Singh,
S/o- Late Mrityunjay Prasad Singh, Vill- Hathipahar Bandha, PS- Rikhiya, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Ganja- 1.6 Kg
20 Mohanpur PS Case No.-39/22, Dated-27.02.2022, U/S-20(B)(ii)(A) NDPS Act. Laldev Mandal,
S/O-Ugan Mandal, Vill-Tapovan, Jamuwa, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Ganja- 1.9 Kg
21 Cyber PS Case No.-11/22, Dated-01.02.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. Balram Mandal
S/O – Late Indra Mandal, Vill + PO– Mohanpur, PS– Narayanpur, District –Jamtara
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-01
2. Cash Rs- 2,00,000/-
22 Cyber PS Case No.-12/22, Dated-01.02.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Chandan Mandal Father-Bhagwat Mandal
2. Dhananjay Kumar Father-Kamdev Manjhi
3. Sikandar Kumar Father-Bhuneshwar Manjhi, All three Vill- Jamua, PS-Mohanpur
4. Ritesh Kumar Mandal Father-Daulat Mandal, Vill-Bhikhodih, PS-Sonaraiathadi, All District -Deoghar
5. Mohd. Shagir Ansari Father-Maharuddin Mian, Vill- Lakhanpur, PS-Ahilyapur, District-Giridih, Present Vill-Pipra, PS-Margomunda, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-11
2. SIM-17,
3. ATM-04
23 Cyber PS Case No.-13/22, Dated-09.02.2022, U/S-323/504/376 IPC & 66E/67/67A I.T. Act. Kamal Rai Father-Bhukhal Rai, Vill-Dhojoria,
PS-Palajori, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
24 Cyber PS Case No.-14/22, Dated-14.02.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Sachin Mandal Father-Omprakash Mandal, Vill-Thengadih, PS-Pathrol
2. Azad Ansari @ Gufran Ansari Father-Kaushar Ali, Vill-Morne, PS- Mohanpur
3. Bhim Das
4. Kishore Das, Both Father- Narayan Mahara
5. Paltan Das Father–Girish Das
6. Santosh Das Father– Jaleshwar Mahara, All Four Vill– Andariya, PS–Devipur
7. Manuvar Ansari Father– Mansoor Ansari
8. Rakim Ansari, Father–Mohd. Yasin Ansari, Both Vill–Jhiluwa, PS– Budhai, District–Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-11
2. SIM-20
25 Cyber PS Case No.-16/22, Dated-17.02.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Muzaffar Sheikh Father- Usman Sheikh
2. Abbas Sheikh Father- Wahab Sheikh
3. Sagir Ansari
4. Nasruddin Ansari, Both Father-Alihusain Miyan
5. Aman Ansari Father-Shabbir Ansari
6. Zubair Ansari Father-Abdul Jabbar
7. Sarafat Ansari Father-Kamruddin Mian
8. Shamser Ansari Father-Shamruddin Mian, All Vill-Pindari, PS-Sarath
9. Sameer Ansari Father-Azad Mian, Vill-Barmtara, PS-Sarwan
10. Umakant Mandal Father-Shyamdev Mandal
11. Sonu Kumar Mandal, Father- Rudal Mandal, Both Vill-Sukhjora, PS-Sarath, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-25
2. SIM-25,
3. ATM-01
26 Cyber PS Case No.-17/22, Dated-18.02.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
Saddam Ansari
Father- Riyasat Ansari, Vill-Karahaiya, PS-Karon, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-03
2. SIM-14,
3. Laptop-01
27 Cyber PS Case No.-18/22, Dated-20.02.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Jasim Ansari Father- Sultan Miyan
2. Mobin Ansari Father- Badruddin Ansari
3. Inayat Ansari Father- Muslim Miyan
4. Javed Akhtar Father-Abdul Miyan
5. Saddam Ansari Father- Zakir Ansari
6. Intaj Ansari Father- Noor Mohammad Miyan
7 Safaul Ansari Father – Rustum Miyan
8. Sarfaraz Ansari Father– Mayuddin Miyan
9. Nizam Ansari Father–Luqman Miyan, All Vill– Angwali
10. Hashim Ansari Father–Fayed Ansari
11. Nawaz Warsi Father-Nizamuddin Miyan
12. Sajjad Ansari Father-Mehbub Miyan
13.Abdul Jabbar Father-Jamaluddin Ansari, All Four Vill-Barmasoli, All PS-Palajori, District-Deoghar
14. Haider Ali Father-Habib Ansari, Vill-Jadudih, PS- Narayanpur, District-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-25
2. SIM-48,
3. ATM-03,
4. InglooTent-04,
5. Cash Rs-3,100/-
28 Cyber PS Case No.-20/22, Dated-27.02.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Digvijay Sarkar
Father-Late Sujit Kumar Sinha, Address- Williams Town, Deoghar, Lala Ji's Sai Vishnu Apartment, 4th Floor, FLat No-BE10, Near B.Ed College, PS-Town, District-Deoghar
2. Rajeev Ranjan Kumar
Father- Anil Singh, Vill-Mahadev Simaria, PS-Sikandra, District-Jamui, Bihar
-- -- -- -- --
29 Cyber PS Case No.-22/22, Dated-05.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Ramashankar Das ,
2. Munna Kumar Das
Father- Ajay Mehra,
3. Upendra Das Father- Sukhdev Das,
4. Mantu Mehra,
5. Munna Mehra,
both father- Jeetan Mehra,
6. Aditya Kumar Father- Bijay Mehra,
7. Ramesh Das Father-Janmjay Mehra, All Village-Pathara, PS-Pathrol, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-10
2. SIM-21,
3. ATM-18  
30 Cyber PS Case No.-23/22, Dated-05.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Shahid Hussain
Father- Ali Hussain, Vill-Pasia, PS-Madhupur
2. Pankaj Kumar Das
3. Pawan Das,
Both father- Jitan Das
4. Pintu Das Father- Late Kedar Das, All three Vill-Rupabad
5. Bijay Kumar Das Father- Bramhadev Das
6. Santosh Kumar Das Father– Nakul Das
7. Pramod Das Father– Asudev Das, All three Vill– Lakhibazar, All PS– Pathrol
8. Bablu Das father–Robin Das, Vill– Bhedwa, PS– Madhupur, All District–Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-13
2. SIM-22,
3. ATM-02
4. Passbook-04
5. Chequebook-02
6. Laptop-01
7. Cash-Rs.5,000/-
31 Cyber PS Case No.-24/22, Dated-08.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC  & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Sanjay Das
Father- Puran Das, Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-03
2. SIM-02
3. Four wheeler- 01
32 Cyber PS Case No.-25/22, Dated-10.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Ravi Kumar father – Govind Das
2. Kundan Kumar Das father – Baleshwar Das
3. Birbal Kumar father – Rajkumar Das, All three Vill– Charpa, PS– Madhupur
4.Shekhar Kumar Das Father – Shyamsundar Das, Vill– Charakmara, PS– Sarath
5. Shashi Das Father– Ganesh Mahara
6. Kundan Mahara Father–Tulsi Das Both Vill– Behera
7. Santosh Kumar Das Father– Sukdev Mehra, Vill– Fulchuwa
8. Santosh Kumar Das Father– Karthik Mehra, Vill– Behra, All PS– Sarath
9. Anup Mehra Father– Saryu Mehra, Vill– Behra, PS– Sarath
10. Birendra Kumar Das Father– Anandi Das, Vill– Ledwa, PS– Pathrol
11. Vikas Das
12. Birendra Kumar Das,
Both Father– Dharam Das, Vill-Behera, PS-Sarath
13. Mukesh Mehra Father-Prabhu Mehra, Vill-Behera, PS-Sarath
14. Sanjit Mandal Father-Rameshwar Mandal, Vill-Darve, PS-Budai
15. Ekanand Kumar alias Tufani Father- Munna Mandal, Vill-Chandana, PS-Sonaraithadi, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-22
2. SIM-41,
3. Passbook-01
33 Cyber PS Case No.-26/22, Dated-12.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Anil Das Father-Dhiranjan Das, Vill-Charpa
2. Sunil Kumar Das Father-Nakul Das, Vill.-Kesargarh, PS-Madhupur, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
34 Cyber PS Case No.-27/22, Dated-13.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Irshad Alam alias Ishaq Ansari Father-Abdul Rashid
2. Mohd. Irfan Ansari Father-Mohd. Mehboob Ansari, Both Vill-Nagadri, PS-Karon, District Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-04
2. SIM-45
3. ATM-06
4. Cash- Rs. 10,000/-
35 Cyber PS Case No.-28/22, Dated-16.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Anup Das
2. Anuj Das,
both Father- Maalik Das, Vill-Lucknow, PS-Madhupur
3. Ejaz Ansari
4. Mohd. Shamim Ansari,
Both Father- Shamsher Ansari
5. Anwarul Ansari Father- Safiq Ansari
6. Aashiq Ansari Father- Naushad Haq
7. Mohd. Qayum Ansari Father- Ajmul Ansari
8. Riyaz Ansari Father- Late Kalimuddin Ansari
9. Shamsuddin Ansari
10. Akram Ansari, Both Father- Ishabuddin Ansari, All Vill-Mathadangal, PS-Palajori, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-22
2. SIM-32,
3. ATM-11
36 Cyber PS Case No.-30/22, Dated-23.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Omprakash Das Father-Jageshwar Das, Vill-Goythadih, PS-Devipur
2. Birbal Kumar Das Father- Shankar Mehra, Vill-Dumarthar, PS-Karon
3. Shekhar Kumar Das Father- Yugal Kishore Das
4. Neeraj Kumar Das Father- Nepal Das
5. Sagar Kumar Das Father- Jaiprakash Das
6. Babumani Das Father-Satish Das, All Four Vill-Lucknow, PS-Madhupur
7. Parashuram Das Father- Sukhdev Das
8. Rahul Das Father- Tulsi Das, Both Vill-Kapasa, PS- Devipur
9. Azim Ansari Father-Ataul Ansari, Vill-Kharkana, PS-Sarwan, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-14
2. SIM-20
37 Cyber PS Case No.-31/22, Dated-26.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Gautam Mehra Father-Hakim Mehra, Vill-Gobarshala, O.P. Pathardda
2. Bikash Das Father-Rajendra Das, Vill-Dumdumi, PS-Chitra
3. Santosh Das Father-Dineshwar Das, Vill-Rupabad, PS-Pathrol
4. Ramu Mahara Father- Congress Mehra, Vill-Dumaria
5. Binod Mehra Father- Late Videshi Mehra,Vill-Gobarshala Both O.P. Pathardda
6. Dablu Kumar Das Father-Bhinku Das, Vill-Ghagharjor, O.P. Pathardda
7. Rajkumar Father- Yogendra Das,Vill-Khijuria, PS-Rikhiya
8. Jitendra Kumar Das Father-Muso Das,Vill-Baghmara, PS-Jasidih, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-13
2. SIM-12,
3. ATM-05,
4. Chequebook-02
38 Cyber PS Case No.-32/22, Dated-31.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Chandan Kumar Das Father-Rajkishore Das, Vill-Fulchunwa Sagarabad, PS-Sarath
2. Sunil Kumar Das Father-Munna Mehra, Village-Pichribandh Dumaria, O.P. Patharrda
3. Sachin Kumar Das Father-Satish Das, Vill-Fulchuwan Sagarabad, PS-Sarath, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-06
2. SIM-13
39 Cyber PS Case No.-33/22, Dated-31.03.2022, U/S-469/509 IPC & 67/67A
I.T. Act.
1. Roushan Kumar
S/o-Suresh Sah, Vill-Bilashi Town, PS-Town, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
40 Cyber PS Case No.-34/22, Dated-31.03.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C
I.T. Act.
1. Bishak Ansari Father–Murshid Ansari
2. Imtiaz Ansari Father–Naushad Ansari, Both Vill–Panchrukhi
3. Shahud Ansari Father–Late Poddar Miyan
4. Mustakim Ansari Father–Shahud Ansari, Both Vill–Murlipahari
5. Mohd. Ayub Ansari Father–Safiq Main, Vill-Parojori, All PS-Margomunda, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-07
2. SIM-16
3. Four Wheeler-01
41 Margomunda PS Case No.-18/22, Dated-14.03.2022, U/S-395 IPC 1. Puran Rawani, Father-Satish Rawani, Vill-Sabaijor,
2. Sanjay Kumar Rawani, Father- Late Vijay Prasad, Vill.-Bavanbigha, Both PS-Madhupur, District-Deoghar,
3. Sonu Kumar Gupta, Father- Late Shankar Prasad ,
4.Gautam Ram, Father- Late Kishun Ram alias Kishun Rawani, both Vill-Katoria, PS-Katoria, District- Banka (Bihar)
5. Manoj Kumar Rajwar, Father-Kishore Rajwar, Vill-Meena Bazar, PS-Madhupur, District-Deoghar
6. Prashant Singh alias PK, Father- Sudhir Prasad Singh,
7. Rahul Singh alias Raja, Father-Arun Singh, both Vill-Milki, PS-Gangta Mor, District-Munger (Bihar)
-- -- -- -- --
42 Devipur PS Case No.-38/22, Dated-11.03.2022, U/S-18
1. Kapil Dev Rai
Father- Late Lakhpati Rai, Vill-Paharpur, PS-Devipur, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Afeem Plant-25 Pcs
43 Mohanpur PS Case No.-66/22, Dated-24.04.2022, U/S-392 IPC NonFir Accused
1. Manoj Mandal @ Manoj Sah, S/o-Shyam Sunder Sah, Vill-Dropad, PS-Poryahat
2. Amit Kumar Bagwe @ Roshan, S/o-Devendra Bagwe, Vill-Jamuni Paharpur, PS-Godda Muffsil
3. Om Prakash Bhagat @ Anaf Bhagat, S/o-Late Ramanuj Bhagat, Vill-Dhansahin, PS-Pathargama
4. Rabul Ansari, S/o-Naviuddin Ansari
5. Abdul Rahim @ Chhotu, S/o-Rajul Ansari
6. Mohd Gulroj Khan , S/o- Sarbar Khan, All three Vill-Post-mortem Road, Asanbani, PS- Godda Nagar, All District-Godda
-- -- -- -- 1. Cash Rs.-5,30,000/- (five lakh thirty thousand)
2. Two motorcycles
3. Two mobiles
4. One steel knife
44 Town PS Case No.-227/22, Dated-30.04.2022, U/S-414 IPC & 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Ravi Kumar Sah, S/o-Rajendra Sah, Vill-Tharidulampur, PS-Kunda, District-Deoghar -- One Loaded Countrymade Katta in which the bullet was misfired -- One live round 1. A Cement colored ladies Purse
2. Cash Rs.-7,170/-
3. A Pair of Gold small earrings
4. a carbon copy of the receipt given by jewellers
5. A ghee coloured oppo & vivo Mobile
6. a black colored motorcycle
45 Jasidih PS Case No.-95/22, Dated-02.04.2022, U/S-188/270/269 IPC & 20(b)(II)(A)N.D.P.S Act.-1985 & 03 EPIDEMIC Act. & 51(B) Disaster Mahagemect Act, 1. Prakash Yadav ,S/o-Saryu Yadav, Vill-Bajmarua, PS-Jasidih, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Ganga-50 gram
2. Dilruba Gutkha 09 Pac
3. Shikhar Gutkha 09 Pac
4. Paan-Parag Gutkha 03 Pac
5. SS-ONE TOBACCO (in blue colored packets) 05 Pac.
6. BHR TOBACCO (Green colored) 06 Pac
7. BHR TOBACCO 05 Packets (in Brown color)
8. Bahar Gutkha 05 Pac.
9. DRB TOBACCO 09 Pac. (Black Color)
10. PP CHEWING TOBACCO 04 Pac. (In blue colored)
11. Chillum used for drinking ganja 34 pieces (red color)
12. Pan Parag Premium Gutkha 23 Pac.
46 Cyber PS Case No.-35/22, Dated-04.04.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Subhash Chandra Das S/o– Panchu Das
2. Abhishek Kumar Das S/o–Chattis Das
3. Runjhun Kumar Das S/o– Kashi Das, All three Vill– Chormara, O.P. Patharda
4. Prafulla Kumar Das S/o– Nagadi Das
5. Manish Kumar Das S/o– Rajendra Das, both Vill-Balnadih, PS-Devipur
6. Deepak Kumar Das S/o-Suchit Das, Vill-Bhagwanpur, PS-Madhupur
7. Dinesh Mandal S/o-Rohan Mandal
8. Pintu Mandal S/o-Balkishun Mandal
9. Pappu Kumar S/o-Firangi Mandal All the three Vill-Dailypathar, PS- Budhai, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-12
2. SIM-20
47 Cyber PS Case No.-36/22, Dated-09.04.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Kundan Kumar S/o-Nandu Yadav, Vill-Kalhodia
2. Hareram Yadav S/o-Sanjay Yadav
3. Jaikant Yadav S/o-Nunlal Yadav, Both Vill-Panchrukhi, All PS-Mohanpur
4. Rajendra Rai S/o- Late Sukhdev Rai, Vill-Dhanve, PS-Sonaraithadi, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-08
2. SIM-16
3. ATM-02
48 Cyber PS Case No.-37/22, Dated-15.04.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D I.T. Act. 1. Sonu Kumar Das S/o- Premchand Das, Vill-Malhara
2. Rajdeep Kumar Das S/o-Ganesh Das, Vill-Tarabad, Both PS-Rikhiya, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
49 Cyber PS Case No.-38/22, Dated-22.04.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Pankaj Kumar Mishra S/o- Kamdev Mishra, Vill- Ghordoda, PS-Kunda
2. Dilip Das S/o- Late Khubi Das, Vill-Tarabad, PS-Rikhiya, Both District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
50 Cyber PS Case No.-39/22, Dated-22.04.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC & 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Kailash Mandal, S/o-Gopal Mandal, Vill-Darve, PS-Budhai, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-01
2. SIM-01
51 Cyber PS Case No.-40/22, Dated-21.05.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84 (C) I.T.Act. 1.Mukesh Raut, S/o- Late Parmeshwar Raut, Vill-Charkapathar, PS-Jarmundi, District-
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-02,
2. Sim-04,
3. Two Wheeler-01
52 Cyber PS Case No.-41/22, Dated-28.05.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84 (C) I.T.Act. 1.Govind Kumar Mandal, S/o-Rohit Mandal, Vill-Jhiluva, PS- Budhai,
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-01,
2. Sim-05
53 Town PS Case No.-309/22, Dated-18.06.2022, U/S-302 IPC & 27 Arms Act. 1. Ram Avtar, S/o - Late Ram Balak Ram, Vill- Fakrabad, PS- Sonpur, District-Chapra (Bihar) Present Civil Jamadar in District Police Patna,
2. Mohd. Tabish Khan, S/o- Late Ghulam Mustafa, Hasan Khan, Vill-Mahalpar PS-Nagar, District-Nalanda (Bihar) Present Constable in District Police Patna,
3. Chandra Bhushan Singh @ Chandan, S/o- Mahaveer Verma, Vill-Kisri Chowk, PS- Naubatpur, District-Patna (Bihar)
-- -- -- -- --
54 Mohanpur PS Case No.-120/22, Dated-20.06.2022, U/S-395 IPC Non Fir Accused
1. Sandeep Kumar, S/o-Manghu Das, Vill-Dumarthar
2. Anshu Kumar, S/o-Hemant Kumar Mandal
3. Nayan Kumar, S/o-Dasarath Mandal,
4. Raju Thakur, S/o-Anil Thakur
5. Manager Mohali, S/o-Sewa Mohali, above four Vill-Barakola, All PS-Mohanpur, Distt.-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile phone - 07 (seven)
Robbery Cash Rs 7,200/-
55 Mohanpur PS Case No.-116/22, Dated-17.06.2022, U/S-25(1 - B) (a)/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Kaushal Kumar Sharma, S/o-Pramod Sharma, Vill-Mandro, PS-Devipur, District-Deoghar,
2. Niranjan Kumar Yadav, S/o-Pradeep Yadav, Vill-Chanddih, PS-Jasidih, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- 1. Desi Live Bullet - 08,
2. Empty round - 01
1. Mobile - 01
56 Sarwam PS Case No.-66/22, Dated-12.06.2022, U/S-25(1 - B)a/26/35 Arms Act. Non Fir Accused
1. Umesh Hajra, S/o-Pochan Hajra, Vill-Teliyadih, PS-Sarwan, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- Live Bullet - 04 --
57 Cyber PS Case No.-42/22, Dated-15.06.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84 (C) I.T.Act. 1. Chhotelal Yadav, S/o– Girja Mahto
2. Ashok Yadav, S/o– Harimohan Prasad Yadav, Both Vill–Chitarpoka, PS–Mohanpur, District–Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-02,
2. Sim-03,
3. ATM - 01,
4.Two Wheeler-01,
5. Cash Rs-5,000/-
58 Cyber PS Case No.-43/22, Dated-22.05.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84 (C) I.T.Act. 1. Sanjeev Kumar Das, S/o-Gopal Das, Vill-Gonaiya, PS-Pathrol, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-01,
2. Sim-02,
3. ATM- 01,
4. Two wheeler -01
59 Cyber PS Case No.-44/22, Dated-29.06.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84 (C) I.T.Act. 1. Santosh Mandal , S/o-Puran Mandal, Vill-Darve, PS-Budhai, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-03,
2. Sim-29,
3. Two wheeler- 03
60 Mohanpur PS Case No.-137/22, Dated-17.07.2022, U/S-392 IPC  Non Fir Accused
1.Mukesh Mandal, S/o-Bantu Mandal, Vill-Chaifal
2.Rupesh Kumar Yadav, S/o-Nakul Mahato, Vill-Rangamodichak, both PS-Mohanpur,
3.Rajeev Kumar Das, S/o-Lt. Kamdev Das, Vill-Amgachi, PS-Rikhiya, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Used motorcycles- 01
2. looted E-rickshaw (toto)-01
61 Mohanpur PS Case No.-140/22, Dated-22.07.2022, U/S-399/402 IPC & 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act.  Non Fir Accused
1.Ranvir Kumar Hajra, S/o-Rajan Hazra, Vill-Devpahari, PS-Sarwan
2.Ajit Kumar Yadav, S/o-Sakul Yadav, Vill-Hathipahar, PS-Kunda, All District Deoghar
-- One Desi Pistol -- -- 1. Used Scooty- 01
62 Mohanpur PS Case No.-148/22, Dated-29.07.2022, U/S-25(1 - B) (a)/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Basudev Bhandari, S/o- Late Shakti Bhandari, Vill-Adhnuwa, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- One Desi Pistol -- -- 1. Mobile - 01
63 Cyber PS Case No.-48/22, Dated-23.07.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D) I.T.Act. 1.Madasir Ansari, S/o-Abbas Ansari, Vill-Calibad, PS- Karon, District Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-01,
2. Sim-01,
3. Two Wheeler-01,
64 Cyber PS Case No.-50/22, Dated-30.07.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D) I.T.Act. 1.Umesh Yadav, S/o-Banku Yadav, Vill-Chapariya, PS-Jasidih, District-Deoghar,
2.Santosh Mandal, S/o-Narayan Mandal, Vill-Sabanpur, PS-Narayanpur, District-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-06,
2. Sim-12,
3. ATM- 05,
4. Passbook-01,
5. Two wheeler -01
65 Devipur PS Case No.-133/22, Dated-25.08.2022, U/S-395 IPC  1.Devanandan Yadav, S/o–Janardan Yadav
2.Jaiprakash Yadav, S/o– Dhaneshwar Yadav, Both Vill-Dhawana, PS-Chandramandi, District- Jamui (Bihar)
3.Kamlesh Kumar Singh @ Kamlesh Singh, S/o-Munshi Singh, Vill-Manikabad, PS-Deori, District-Giridih
4.Gajendra Singh, S/o-Namalum, Vill-Batpara PS-Chakai, District-Jamui (Bihar)
5.NonFir accused Rajendra Paswan @ Rajendra Kumar Paswan @ Binod Paswan @ Sonu Paswan, S/o-Sahdev Paswan, Vill-Prandih, PS-Devipur, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
66 Chitra PS Case No.-51/22, Dated-15.08.2022, U/S-395 IPC  NonFir accused
1.Ranjit Sah, S/o-Sudhir Sah, Vill-Shimla, PS-Karmatand, District-Jamtara
2.Dashrath Sona, S/o-Dhalo Sona, Vill-Gadi Kala
3.Sudhir Yadav, S/o- Late Bajo Yadav, Vill-Khatauri, Both PS-Deori, District-Giridih
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile - 03
67 Sarwan PS Case No.-84/22, Dated-08.08.2022, U/S-392 IPC NonFir accused
1.Pradeep Kumar, S/o-Dinesh Prasad Yadav, Vill-Kothia Pachiyari, PS-Jasidih, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Two Wheeler-01,
2. Mobile - 01
68 Town PS Case No.-389/22, Dated-09.08.2022,
U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act.
1.Rajeev Kumar Ranjan, S/o-Late Bideshwari Prasad Yadav
2.Mukesh Mahatha @ Badha Mahatha, S/o-Santu Mahatha, Both Vill-Salaunatad, PS-Town, District-Deoghar
-- one country made Pistol,  -- two magazines and  four live cartridges 1. Mobile-01,
2. Motorcycle-01 
69 Town PS Case No.-410/22, Dated-18.08.2022,U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35/25(6)/34 Arms Act. 1.Vikash Paliwar @ Bhakhar, S/o-Karthik Paliwar,Vill-Shivganga Lane, Deoghar
2.Dev Gupta, S/o-Krishnadev Gupta, Vill-Mansinghi, Deoghar
-- one country made Pistol,  -- Three live cartridges 1. OPPO Mobile-01,
2. Red Colored Glamor Motorcycle-01
70 Rikhiya PS Case No.-142/22, Dated-20.08.2022,
U/S-25(1-B)A/26/31/35 Arms Act.
1.Suman Yadav @ Degroo, S/o-Jivlal Yadav,Vill-Mahuabari, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- one country made Katta,  -- One live cartridges --
71 Jasidih PS Case No.-255/22, Dated-11.08.2022,
U/S-25(1-B)A/26/27 Arms Act.
1.Bikku Singh,S/o- BamBam Singh @ Ravi Kant Singh, Vill.-Vikas Nagar, Gidhani -- Two country made Katta,  -- One live cartridges --
72 Cyber PS Case No.-51/22, Dated-01.08.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84C
1.Pankaj Kumar, S/o- Ghanshyam Yadav
2.Rahul Kumar, S/o- Naresh Mahato, Both Vill-Chitarpoka, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar
3.Sunil Kumar Yadav S/o-Avinash Yadav, Vill-Taran, PS-Taljhari, District-Dumka
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile - 03,
2. SIM- 06
73 Cyber PS Case No.-52/22, Dated-02.08.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84C I.T.Act. 1.Panchu Turi, S/o-Chatur Turi @ Gangu Turi,
Vill-Nagadri, PS-Karon, District Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-01,
2. SIM-02
74 Cyber PS Case No.-53/22, Dated-03.08.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D) I.T.Act.

1.Tajmul Ansari, S/o-Hakim Miyan, Vill-Jogidih,
PS-Margomunda, District Deoghar

-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-03,
2. Sim-04,
3. Cash- Rs 7000/- 
75 Cyber PS Case No.-54/22, Dated-17.08.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84C I.T.Act. 1.Thakurmani Das, S/o-Tulsi Das, Vill-Arjuna, PS-Mohanpur
2.Mukendra Mehra, S/o-Theso Mahara, Vill- Nayakharna, PS-Sarath
3.Mantu Das, S/o- Chandradev Mehra
4.Buchkun Kumar Das, S/o-Huro Mehra
5.Bhinak Mehra, S/o-Late Nanhu Mehra
6.Kapis Kumar Das, S/o-Shankar Mahara
7.Sanoj Das, S/o-Chamtu Mahara 8. Sanjay Das, S/o-Late Basudev Das, All Six Vill-Babhankund, PS- Pathardda O.P.
9.Purushottam Das, S/o-Bhuneshwar Das, Vill- Kharwajori, PS-Pathardda O.P.
10.Mahendra Das, S/o- Ramu Mehra, Vill-Kharwajori, PS-Patharda O.P.
11.Dhananjay Das, S/o-Ugan Das, Vill- Babhankund, PS-Pathardda O.P.
12.Baski Das, S/o- Prem Das, Vill- Kharwajori, Vill-Kharwajori, PS-Pathardda O.P.
13.Jitendra Das, S/o- Dalu Mehra, Vill-Babankund, PS-Pathardda O.P.
14. Rajesh Das, S/o-Chikhari Mehra, Vill-Babankund, PS-Pathardda O.P, All District- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-15,
2. Sim-23
76 Cyber PS Case No.-56/22, Dated-20.08.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84C I.T.Act. 1.Muktar Ansari, S/o-Sultan Mian, Vill-Pindari, PS-Sarath
2.Minhaj Ansari, S/o-Ilyas Ansari, Vill-Kuruva, PS-Sonaraiathari
3.Md. Raees, S/o- Md Jamal Sheikh, Vill-Sonaraiathari, PS-Sonaraiathari, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-03,
2. SIM-06
77 Cyber PS Case No.-57/22, Dated-23.08.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84C I.T.Act. 1.Vikas Kumar, S/o-Sitaram Mandal, Vill-Simarjor
2.Vishal Kumar, S/o-Tarun Kumar Mandal, Vill-Simarjor, Both PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar
3.Rahul Kumar, S/o-Mukesh Mandal, Vill-Mandladih, PS-Saraiyahat, District-Dumka
4.Chhotu Kumar Mandal, S/o-Parmanand Mandal, Vill-Ghutiyabara Asahna, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-08,
78 Cyber PS Case No.-58/22, Dated-26.08.2022, U/S-212/419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84C I.T.Act. 1.Md. Chand, S/o-Badre Alam, Vill-Qamar Manjil, PS- Madhupur 2.Ramesh Kumar Das, S/o-Gopal Das, Vill-Dudhwajori, PS-Pathardda O.P.
3.Pintu Kumar Das, S/o-Jivan Das, Vill-Simratari,PS-Madhupur, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-02,
2. SIM-05
79 Cyber PS Case No.-60/22, Dated-28.08.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC & 66 (B)(C)(D)/84C I.T.Act. 1. Sarafat Ansari, S/o-Samruddin Miyan, Vill- Dubrajpur, Jarmundi, PS-Palajori, District-Deoghar
2. Makauddin Ansari, S/o-Ramzan Miyan, Vill-Fatehpur, District-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-03,
2. SIM-06,
3. ATM-03,
4. Passbook-1,
5.Cash Rs-10000/- 
80 Cyber PS Case No.-61/22, Dated-30.08.2022, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC &66(B)(C)(D)/84C I.T.Act. 1.Tinku Kumar Das, S/o-Late Nepal Das,Vill-Dulidih, PS-Madhupur, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-01,
2. SIM-03
81 Chitra PS Case No.-57/22, Dated-31.08.2022, U/S-414 IPC  1.Ajit Murmu, S/o-Bodilal Murmu, Vill-Jarmundi,PS-Palajori, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1.Motorcycle- 03

Year Wise Achievements Against Criminals / Gangs

  • Year - 2021
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
1 Jasidih PS Case No.-02/21, Dated-03.01.2021, U/S-394 IPC. NonFIR accused
1.Sunil Yadav,
2.Gaurav Kumar Singh
-- -- -- -- Cash Rs.1,03,000/-
(One lac three thousand)
2 Mohanpur PS Case No.-01/21, Dated-01.01.2021, U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Razaul Ansari, S/o-Zahoor Ansari,
2.Kurban Ansari, S/o-Sakur Mian, both Vill-Chitraponka,
3.Ashish Kumar, S/o-Dilip Mandal, Vill-Banjhi, All three PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar
-- One Desi Pistol Four live Bullet -- Motorcycle-01
3 Cyber PS Case No.-01/21, Dated-04.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 (C) I.T. Act. 1.Mukesh Mandal
2.Rakesh Kumar Mandal
3.Ramesh Kumar Mandal
4.Rupesh Mandal,
5.Umesh Mandal, All S/o- Ramchandra Mandal,
6.Vijay Kumar Mandal, S/o-Ramdhani mandal, All Vill-Mahjori, PS-Margomunda
7.Ramchandra Mandal, S/o-Late Gujar mandal, Vill-Digbad, PS-karon, District-deoghar
8.Parashuram Mandal, S/o-Kishan Mandal, Vill-Ghaghra, PS-Patharda OP Sarath, A/P-Digabad, PS-Karun
9.Surendra Kumar Mandal, S/o-Kajal Mandal, Vill-Chihuntia, PS-Narayanpur, District- Jamtara, A/P.Digabad
10.Madhu Kumar Mandal, S/o-Chhatru Mandal, Vill.-Digabad, PS-Karon District-Deoghar
11.Parvez Ansari,
12.Tajmul Ansari, Both S/o- Md. Sharif, Vill-Kharbariya, PS-Sonaraithari
13.Jayakant Yadav, S/o-Surendra Prasad Yadav, Vill-Tiranagar,
14. Munna Kumar, S/o-Mahendra Mandal Vill-khargadiha, Both PS-Mohanpur, All District- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
Four Wheeler-1,
Cash-Rs 52,000(fifty-two thousand rupees) -- POS machine-04
4 Cyber PS Case No.-02/21, Dated-07.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Sameer Paswan, S/o-Chandan Paswan, Vill-Pariya,
2. Chunna Kumar Yadav, S/o-Binod Yadav,
3.Ram Kumar Ravani, S/o-Shibu Ravani, Both Vill-Gorappatti, PS- Sonaraithari. District-Deoghar
4.Chandan Kumar Ravani, S/o-Sudhir Ravani Vill-Bachwan, PS-Sarath (Patharada OP), Homa, Gorappatti's house, Ram Kumar Ravani's house
5.Shailesh Kumar Das, S/o- Ramesh Das, Vill-Karhiya, PS-Sarath
6.Dhananjay Das
7.Pintu Kumar Das, Both S/o - Baijnath Das
8.Adesh Kumar Das, S/o-Bhudev Das
9.Sunil Kumar Das
10.Lawyer Kumar Das, Both S/o-Binod Das
11.Subhash Kumar Das, S/o-Dilip Das
12.Brahmadev Das, S/o-Mahangu Das
13.Ravi Kumar Das, S/o-Vishnu Chandra Das All PS- Madhupur, District- Deoghar
14.Pintu Das, S/o-Vikas Das
15.Saroj Das, S/o- Ishwar Das, Both Vill-Basbariya, PS-Devipur 16.Ranjit Kumar @ Kundan Kumar, S/o-Chhattis Das
17.Vikas Kumar Das S/o-Puran Das
18. Dharmendra Das, S/o-Sudhir Das Three Vill-Pahariya, PS-Sarwan
19.Rahul Kumar, S/o-Arvind Das, Vill-Chanddih, PS-Kunda, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-33,
WiFi Dongle-01
5 Cyber PS Case No.-03/21, Dated-10.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Rinku Mahara, S/o-Shakti Mahara
2.Mithlesh Mahara, S/o-Gopal Mahara
3.Parimal Mahara S/o-Sahadev Mahara
4.Kundan Rajwar S/o-Umesh Rajwar
5.Prakash Mahara, S/o-Khesho Mahara
6.Baski Mahara, S/o-Rajkishore Mahara All Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath
7.Uday Shankar Rai, S/o-Parmeshwar Prasad Rai Vill-Govindpur, PS-Chitra, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-08,
6 Cyber PS Case No.-04/21, Dated-11.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Vikas Kumar Das, S/o-Upendra Das, Vill- Ledwa, PS-Pathrol
2.Mohammed Altaf Ansari, S/o-Shamim Miyan
3.Sher Ali
4.Gayauddin Ansari Both S/o- Ghazi Miyan
5.Shabab Ansari, S/o-Hakib Ansari, All four Vill-Barmatra, PS-Sarwan, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-7,
Cash- Rs 34,500/-
7 Cyber PS Case No.-05/21, Dated-13.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Prakash Mandal, S/o-Hargovind Mandal, Vill-Sagharia, PS-Sarath
2.Ali Akbar, S/o-Dawood Ansari, Vill-Lana Mohalla, PS-Madhupur 3.Suraj Mandal, S/o-Hiran Dev Mandal, Vill-Dumarkola, PS-Palajori
4.Kalim Ansari, S/o-Wahid Ansari, Vill-ShriDangal, PS-Chitra, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-5,
Cash-Rs 46,500/-,
Swipe Machine-01
8 Cyber PS Case No.-06/21, Dated-14.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Manoj Kumar Yadav, S/o-Teklal Yadav
2.Jitendra Kumar Mirdha, S/o-Damodar Mirdha, Both Vill-Gadwa, PS-Sonaraithari
3.Uppesh Rana, S/o-Madan Rana, Vill-Simramod, Jamua, PS-Sarath
4.Amar Kumar Das, S/o-Sudhir Das
5.Akash Kumar Das, S/o-Shiv Das
6.Nitish Kumar Das, S/o-Santu Das, Vill-Sadhwadih
7.Vivek Kumar Das
8.Deepak Kumar Das, Both S/o- Guneshwar Das, Vill-Gidhaiya, All Five PS-Devipur, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-11,
9 Cyber PS Case No.-07/21, Dated-18.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Safiq Ansari, S/o-Furkan Ansari
2.Saim Ansari, S/o-Nizamuddin Ansari
3.Sarfuddin Ansari S/o-Rashid Ansari
4.Rafique Ansari, S/o-Tashleem Ansari, All Vill-Bediachak PS-Masliya, District-Dumka
-- -- -- -- Mobile-09,
10 Cyber PS Case No.-08/21, Dated-18.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Krishna Mandal, S/o-Rajendra Mandal
2.Arjun Mandal, S/o-Munshi Mandal
3.Karan Kumar Mandal, S/o-Bajrangi Mandal
4.Arun Mandal, S/o- Shahdev Mandal
5.Guddu Mandal, all Vill-Dwarpahadi, PS- Margomunda
6.Qayum Ansari, S/o- Sultan Mian, Vill-Raghunathpur, PS- Khaga All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-19,
Four wheeler-01
11 Cyber PS Case No.-09/21, Dated-23.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Pradum Kumar Ravani S/o-Bhola Ravani
2.Dinesh Kumar Ravani, S/o-Ramdev Ravani
3.Dhananjay Kumar Ravani, S/o- Amin Ravani All three Vill-Danarabad, PS-Chitra
4.Shambhu Das, S/o-Shukar Das
5.Ajay Kumar Das, S/o-Rajesh Das
6.Dhananjay Kumar Das, S/o-Bhuneshwar Das three Vill-Khairava, PS-Sarwan
7.Dheeraj Kumar, S/o-Late Lakshman Mandal
8.Kamal Kishore Mandal, S/o- Shyamsunder mandal
9.Kishore Pujhar, S/o-Arjun Pujhar
10. Krishna Mohan Mandal, S/o- Nunulal mandal, Vill-Baank
11. Pintu Kumar, S/o-Janardan Yadav Vill-Tiranagar, All Five PS-Mohanpur, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-16,
12 Cyber PS Case No.-10/21, Dated-27.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Manish Kumar, S/o-Ranjit Mandal, Vill Gulaldih
2.Mahendra Kumar Singh, S/o- Chandramohan Singh, Vill-Sirsa, Both PS-Palajori,
3.Anand Mandal
4.Cupid Mandal, Both S/o- Military Mandal, Vill-Birajpur, PS-Khaga
5.Rahim Ansari, S/o- Hakim Mian, Vill-Saadhi, PS-Chitra
6.Mazhar Ansari
7.Mohammad Ajmat Ansari, Both S/o-Md. Athar Ansari
8.Mohammed Musahid Ansari,
9.Mohammad Rahat Ansari, Both S/o- Md. Mujahid Ansari
10. Saddam Ansari, S/o- Alam Ansari
11.Mohammad Riaz Ansari, S/o-Md. Chirauddin Ansari
12.Amirul Ansari, S/o-Razim Ansari
13.Mohammad Iqbal Ansari, S/o-Abdul Samad
14. Mohammed Farid Ansari, S/o-Mohammad Khatib Ansari, All nine Vill-Chetnari, PS-Pathrol, All Districts-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-29,
Passbook-23, Chequebook-10, Motorcycle-02,
Micro POS Machine-01,
Cash-Rs-33,000/- (Thirty three thousand)
13 Cyber PS Case No.-11/21, Dated-31.01.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Pintu Kumar Das, S/o-Sudhir Das
2.Chunna Kumar Das, S/o-Laxman Das, Both Vill-Ghagharjor, PS-Sarath(Patharadda O.P.)
3.Ranjan Kumar Das S/o-Arjun Das, Vill-Lucknua, PS-Madhupur 4.Deepak Kumar Mahara, S/o-Niranjan Mahara
5.Prashant Kumar Mahara S/o- Jugal Kishore Mahara
6.Lalit Chand Mahara, S/o- Sachin Mahara, Three Vill- Baradehi PS-Sarath (Patharda OP)
7.Babu Hussain, S/o-Mahmood Mian
8.Firdaus Ansari, S/o- Inamul Haq Both Vill-Dudhani, PS-Margomunda, District-Deoghar
9.Mansoor Ansari, S/o-Bakid Mian, Vill-Simrabozh, PS-Karmatand, District-Jamtara
10.Saroj Thanadar, S/o-Gurupad Thandar, Vill-Sarsa
11.Ranjit Kumar Mandal, S/o-Manilal Mandal, Vill-Shimla, Both PS-Khaga
12. Md Aman, S/o-Md. Saladuddin, Vill-Dubrajpur
13.Md. Furqan Ansari, S/o-Md. Khalil Miyan, Vill-Barmasoli, Both PS-Khaga, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
Four wheeler-02,
14 Town PS Case No-75/21, Dated-31.01.2021, U/S-413/414/34 IPC 1.Kallu Mandal, S/o-Digharu Mandal,
2.Sikandar Mandal, S/o-Naresh Mandal,
3.Virendra Mandal, S/o-Naresh Mandal, Three Vill-Dhodwa, PS-Sonaraithari,
4.Jitendra Mirdha, S/o-Suresh Mirdha, Vill-lusi, PS-Palajori,
5.Bhagirath Mandal, S/o-Dukhan Mandal, Vill-rajaradih, PS-Sarath,
6.Rajan Mandal, S/o- Pasupati Mandal, Vill-Birmaati, PS-Chitra, 7.Kamdev Mandal, S/o-Bhagirath Mandal, Vill-Asahana, PS-Sarath,
8.Ajay Turi @ Kallu Dom, S/o-Haradhan Turi, Vill-Kachuva Bandh, PS-Sarath,
9.Nunulal Mandal, S/o-Puran Mandal, Vill-Kachuva Bandh, PS-Sarath, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Motorcycle-07
15 Jasidih PS Case No.-41/21, Dated-22.02.2021, U/S-394 IPC -- 27 ARMS ACT. NonFIR accused
1.Suryasen Singh @ Saurabh Singh @ Fuchka, S/o-Indrasen Singh, Vill-Pathakchak, PS-Sikandra, District-Jamui (Bihar)
2.Rajesh Kumar Yadav, S/o-Late Mahadev Manjhi, Vill-Bhanra , PS-Chanan, District-Banka (Bihar)
3.Divyanshu Kumar @ Panna, S/o-Vikash Kumar Singh, Vill-Pathakchak, PS-Sikandar, District-Jamui (Bihar)
4.Uday Jha, S/o-Ram Madan Jha, Vill-Quraiva Gidhani, PS-Jasidih, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- colspan="2" width="148">1.A smart phone of Redmi company
2.Cash Rs 7,86,500/- (Seven Lakh Eighty Six Thousand Five Hundred)
3.Vivo Golden Color Smart Phone
4.Apache Motorcycle 160 CC (8) One Black Splendor Plus Motorcycle
5.A white Swife VDI
6.Black colored keypad phone Itel company
16 Karon PS Case No.-11/21, Dated-13.02.2021, U/S-25(1-B)A/26 Arms Act. 1.Suraj Mandal, S/o-Dilip Mandal, Vill-Koldih, PS-Karon, Dist-Deoghar -- One Desi Loaded Pistol -- -- colspan="2" width="148">--
17 Cyber PS Case No.-12/21, Dated-02.02.2021, U/S-384/420 IPC -- 84 (C) I.T. Act. 1.Sanjay Kumar Mehra, S/o- Mr. Chaudhary Mehra, Vill-Ghagharjor, PS-Sarath (Patharda OP) District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- colspan="2" width="148">Mobile-01,
Aadhar Card-01 and one key
18 Cyber PS Case No.-13/21, Dated-04.02.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1. Deepak Kumar Das, S/o-Prahlada Mahara, Vill-Pathra
2.Umesh Kumar Das, S/o-advocate Das
3.Deepak Kumar Das, S/o-Jayaprakash Das
4.Kishore Das, age S/o- Dilip Das
5.Akshay Bharti, S/o-Kamdev Bharti, All four Vill-Lakkhibazar, All PS-Pathrol
6.Ghulam Mustafa, S/o-Naushad Miyan, Vill-Barmasia
7.Aniket Kumar S/o-Dhananjay Kumar
8.Manoj Pandit S/o-Naresh Pandit
9.Awadhesh Yadav, S/o-Bhim Yadav, All three-Kura, All PS- Chitra
10. Aasif Ansari, S/o-Hamid Mian, Vill-Raghunathpur, PS-Khaga, All District-Deoghar
11. Miraj Ansari, S/o-Jafar Ansari, Vill-Uppar Bhithra, PS-Karamatand,
-- -- -- -- colspan="2" width="148">Mobile-20,
Passbook-11, Chequebook-01
19 Cyber PS Case No.-14/21, Dated-06.02.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Mukhtar Ansari, S/o-Shagir mian, Vill-Laluwadih, PS-Sarwan, District-Deoghar
2.Nizam Ansari
3.Lal Babu Ansari, Both S/o-Makayil mian, Vill-Teetriya Dangal 4.Shamsuddin Ansari, S/o-Ismail Mian,
5.Shahbaz Ansari, S/o-Rustom Mian, Both Vill-Futajori, Four PS-Masliya, District-Dumka
6.Kanhaiya Kumar Mirdha S/o-Tarani Mirdha ,Vill-Nawada
7.Md. Munna Ansari, S/o-Late Latir Mian, Vill-Bara
8.Sonu Mandal, S/o-Kamdev Mandal, Vill-Ghaghra
9.Paltan Mandal S/o-Banku Mandal, Vill-Buchi Pahar Talli, PS-Devipur, District-Deoghar, A/P- In Vill-Ghaghra Sonu Mandal's house
10.Ranjit Kumar Mandal, S/o-Jaydev Mandal, Vill-Ghaghra
11.Mukesh Kumar Mandal S/o-Santosh Mandal, Vill-Ghaghra
12. Lalu Mandal, S/o-Gono Mandal, Vill-Ghaghra
13. Suraj Kumar Mandal, S/o-Sarveshwar Mandal, Vill-Ghaghra, PS-Patharda OP, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- colspan="2" width="148">Mobile-17,
20 Cyber PS Case No.-16/21, Dated-09.02.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Zafaruddin Ansari, S/o-Hussein Mian
2.Sajid Ansari, S/o-Khalil Mian, Both Vill-thari, PS-Chitra
3.Arif Ansari, S/o-Md. Imtiaz Ansari
4.Ajaruddin Ansari, S/o- Siraj-ud-din Ansari, Both Vill-Raghuvadih, PS-Khaga
5. Lal MD. Ansari, S/o-Kalim Miyan
6.Murshed Ansari
7.Kurban Ansari, Both S/o- Muslim Ansari, All three Vill-Bashatand, PS-Sarath (Patharada OP), All District-Deoghar
8.Sagir Ansari, S/o-Shahid Miyan 9.Tajuddin Ansari, Vill- Israel Ansari, Both Vill-Koridih
10.Zaheer Ansari S/o-Lucman Mian, Vill-Kathdabra, PS-Narayanpur
11. Musarraf Ansari, S/o-Nazrul Haq, Vill-Birajpur, PS-Karamatand, All District-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- colspan="2" width="148">Mobile-16,
Passbook01, Four wheeler-01
21 Cyber PS Case No.-17/21, Dated-13.02.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Pramod Kumar Das, S/o-Manhgu Das
2.Kapil Dev Das, S/o-Bhavdev Das
3 Shravan Kumar Das, S/o-Nunadev Das, Three Vill-Rajadih 4.Guddu Mandal, S/o-Dasharatha Mandal, Vill-Dumaragadi, Four PS-Jasidih
5.Rajesh Kumar S/o-Ashok Mandal, Vill-Bhikodih, PS-Sonaraithari
6.Praveen Kumar Rai S/o-Gopal Rai, Vill-Bansbariya, PS-Devipur 7.Biren Mandal, S/o-Dilip Mandal, Vill-koldih, PS-Karon
8.Vikas Kumar S/o-Vakil Mandal, Vill-Koldih
9.Sukhdev Mandal S/o-Indradev Mandal, Vill-Koldih, PS-Karon 10.Munna Mandal, S/o-Birbal Mandal Vill-Khaga
11.Ajit Chaudhary S/o-Kishan Chaudhary, Vill-Dhodhodumar, PS-Sarath, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- colspan="2" width="148">Mobile-31,
Cash Rs 1,35,750 / -
22 Cyber PS Case No.-20/21, Dated-19.02.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Pawan Kumar Das, S/o-haladhar Das,
2.Abhijit Das S/o-Puran Das,
3.Santosh Das, S/o-Huro Das, Vill-Dudhwajori, PS-sarath (Patharda OP)
4.Tikait Mahara, S/o-Sukhdev Mahara, Vill-Dudhwajori, PS-Sarath (Patharda OP), All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- colspan="2" width="148">Mobile-04,
23 Cyber PS Case No.-21/21, Dated-24.02.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/ 34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Vasudev Mandal S/o-Mohan mandal, Vill-Jagadih
2.Sahadev Mandal S/o-Bhikho Mandal
3.Raghu Mandal S/o-Pubrit Mandal, Both Vill-Digbad
4.Yunus Ansari S/o-Yasin Ansari, Vill-Karhaiya
5.Prashant Singh, S/o-Shivnarayan Singh, Vill-Dindakoli, 6.Santosh Napit, S/o-Lakhan Napit, Vill-Tulsitand, All PS-Karon, District-Deoghar
7.Sunil Mandal, S/o-Thakur Mandal, Vill-Lataiya
8.Sunil Kumar Mandal, S/o-Doman Mandal, Vill-Lataiya (Dabhakendra), Both PS-Narayanpur, District-Jamtara
9.Bishu Das, S/o-Gandhari Mahara, Vill-Jhunaki, OP Patharda,
10.Mukesh Kumar S/o-Kamal Mahara, Vill-Ranga, Sirsa, PS-Pathrol, A/P- Bishu Das's house in Jhunaki
11. Gautam Kumar Das, S/o-Sachin Das, Vill-Charkamara, PS-Sarath, Bishu Das's house in Jhunaki
12.Iltaf Miyan, S/o-Basruddin Miyan, Vill-Pindari, PS-Sarath, District-Deoghar
13.Vikas Goswami, S/o-Hari Goswami, Vill-Basaha, PS-Palajori, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- colspan="2" width="148">Mobile-25,
Passbook-06, Chequebook-04, Motorcycle-02,
Four wheeler-01,
Cash Rs-16,500/- (Sixteen thousand five hundred)
24 Palajori PS Case No.-12/21, Dated-24.02.2021, U/S-379/411 IPC 1.Mohammed Aryan, S/o- Mohammed Sattar, Vill- Barahat 2.Nipul Yadav @ Ankit Yadav S/o-Madan Yadav, Vill- Ketpura Both PS- Barahat, District-Banka(Bihar)
3.Priyanshu Kumar Pandey, S/o-Vijay Kumar Pandey, Address- Sector 12B in front of New Tower,
Bokaro (Jharkhand)
-- -- -- -- colspan="2" width="148">TVS Apache MotorCycle-02,
Indica Car
25 Town PS Case No.-177/21, Dated-23.03.2021, U/S- 25(1-B)A/26/35 ARMS ACT. 1.Pankaj Singh, S/o-Raj Kishore Singh, Vill-Krishnapuri Williams Town, PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- One Desi Loaded Katta with .303 mm Kartoos -- -- --
26 Sarwan PS Case No.-45/21, Dated-30.03.2021, U/S-120B IPC -- 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Anil Kumar Singh, S/o-Indradev Singh @ Bajrangi, Vill-Sarsa, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- One Desi Pistol -- Katta -- One live bullet 7.65 mm -- 8 mm empty round Three mobile -- One Motorcycle
27 Cyber PS Case No.-22/21, Dated-02.03.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B /34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Pankaj Kumar Das, S/o-Nakula Mahara, Vill-Maharajganj, PS-Sarath
2.Munna Kumar Yadav, S/o-Tilak Yadav
3.Ajay Yadav, S/o-Manoj Yadav,
4.Sandeep Yadav, S/o-Shankar Yadav, All Three Vill-Dhaniyadih, PS-Karon, District-Deoghar
5.Bharat Das, S/o-Avinash Das 6.Mahendra Kumar Das, S/o-Sudhir Das
7.Praveen Das S/o-Asho Das
8.Dharmendra Das, S/o-Sudhir Das, All Four Vill-Budhikura, PS- Pathrol
9.Haladhar Das, S/o-Kailash Das, Vill-Amatalla bherwa, PS-Madhupur
10.Santosh Kumar Yadav, S/o-Ram Avatar Mahato, Vill-Budhikura, PS-Pathrol
11.Basant Kumar Mandal, S/o-Shambhunath Mandal, Vill-Jasobandh, PS-Pathrol
12.Zaheed Akhtar, S/o-Late Shaukat Ali
13.Vivek Kumar Das, S/o- Bhuvan Das, Both Vill-College Road, PS-Madhupur
14.Sitaram Mandal, S/o-Khooblal Mandal
15.Aakash Kumar Mandal, S/o-Vasudev Mandal, Both Vill-Darve, PS-Budhai
16.Chhotu Kumar Mandal, S/o-Bhuneshwar Mandal, Vill-Parayana, PS-Pacambha, District-Giridih
17. Mithlesh Mandal,
18.Ramprasad Mandal, Both S/o-Khago Mandal
19.Suresh Mandal, S/o-Girija Mandal
20.Ramjit Mandal S/o-Rameshwar Mandal
21.Upendra Mandal S/o-Umesh Mandal, All Vill-Darve, PS-Budhai 22.Mahendra Kumar Mandal, S/o-Jagdish Mandal, Vill-Jhiluwa, PS-Budhai All
-- -- -- -- Mobile-32,
Passbook-07, Chequebook-02
28 Cyber PS Case No.-23/21, Dated-05.03.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84C I.T. Act. 1.Mursalin Ansari, S/o Shamsuddin Mian, Vill-Panchrukhi 2. Ismail Ansari, S/o Samasul Ansari, Vill-keswa both PS-Margomunda
3. Rakib Ansari, S/o Wahid Mian, Vill-Nagadri, PS-Karon
4.Suraj Das S/o- Prahlad Das, Vill-Rohini Navadih , PS-Jasidih
5.Karun Kumar Das S/o-Sukar Das, Vill-Amdiha Khairbani, PS-Devipur
6. Dilip Kumar Das, S/o-Murali Das, Vill-Kusaha, PS-Pathrol
7. Phalguni Kumar Mandal S/o- Digambar Mandal, Vill-Baank, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar
8.Pawan Turi S/o-Umesh Turi, Vill-Amagachhi, PS-Mohanpur
9.Rajkishore Das S/o- Gangaram Das, Vill-Gonaiya, PS-Pathrol,
10.Juvenile Accused Amir Ansari, S/o-Zahrudin Miya, Vill-Nagadri, PS-Karon,
All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-14,
Passbook-04, Chequebook-01, Laptop-01, Motorcycle-01,
Four wheeler-02
29 Cyber PS Case No.-24/21, Dated-07.03.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84C I.T. Act. 1.Anil Das, S/o- Dhiranjan Das, Vill-Charpa, PS-Madhupur, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
30 Cyber PS Case No.-27/21, Dated-15.03.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84C I.T. Act. 1.Vijay Das, S/o-Sahadev Das
2.Vishnu Das, S/o-Chhattis Das, Both Vill-Dhakdhaka, PS-Devipur 3.Uday Shankar Das
4. Om Prakash Das Both S/o-Arun Mehra, Vill-Budhikura, PS-Pathrol
5.Suraj Kumar Mandal S/o-Ramkishun Mandal, Vill-Kenduatand, PS-Margomunda
6.Nisar Ansari S/o-Abdul Khaled Ansari, Vill-Baniyara, PS-Hansdiha, District-Dumka ( A/P-Home of Hatim Miyan inVill Raghuvadih)
7.Raju Kumar Das S/o-Kamdev Das
8.Bablu Kumar Das S/o-Jaydev Das
9.Vinay Kumar Das S/o-Nazir Das
10.Akshay Kumar Das S/o-Gopal Das
11.Mantu Kumar Das, S/o-Chhavi Das, All Five Vill-Kunda , PS-Sarwan, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
Passbook-28, Chequebook-02, ATM-09,
Cash- Rs.-1,35,750/-
31 Cyber PS Case No.-30/21, Dated-21.03.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Naresh Das, S/o-lootan Das
2. Bhudev Das, S/o-Late Jaggu Mahara, Both Vill-Rangamatiya, OP-Pathardda
-- -- -- -- Mobile-08,
Passbook-03, Chequebook-01, Motorcycle-01
32 Cyber PS Case No.-31/21, Dated-24.03.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Santu Das, S/o-Babu Das, Vill-Pasia, PS-Madhupur
2.Birbal Kumar Das, S/o-Shyamsunder Das, Vill-Chakbagajora
3.Anup Das, S/o-Malik Das
4.Kundan Das, S/o- Bhagiratha Das
5.Ranjit Das, S/o-Ashok Das, All three Vill-Lucknua, PS-Madhupur 6.Deepak Rajwar, S/o-Arjun Rajwar, Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath
7.Lalu Ansari
8.Shamim Ansari, Both S/o-Late Aziz Mian, Vill-Zargadi, PS-Palajori
9.Rakesh Kumar S/o-Sunil Mandal, Vill-Kharagdih
10.Vishal Kumar Rai, S/o-Shyamkishore Rai
11.Pradeep Rai, S/o-Mohan Rai, Both Vill-Shrirampur,
All three PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-14,
Passbook-18, Motorcycle-02,
Cash Rs-17,500/ -, Router-01,
POS Machine-02
33 Cyber PS Case No.-32/21, Dated-26.03.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/ 34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Shubham Kumar, S/o-Birendra Mandal, Vill-Ghormara, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-04,
Passbook-02, Chequebook-01, Laptop-01, Motorcycle-02,
Cash Rs-15,000 / -
34 Cyber PS Case No.-33/21, Dated-26.03.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/ 34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Anil Mandal
2.Kranti Kumar
Both S/o-Prem Mandal
3. Praveen Kumar S/o-Madhav Mandal
4.Prabhakar Mandal, S/o-Bablu Mandal, All Four Vill-Chandna
5. Mannu Yadav, S/o-Bhutku Yadav
6. Ajit Kumar, S/o-Lalmuni Yadav 7. Dinesh Kumar, S/o-Ramprasad Yadav, All Vill-Dumariya, All PS-Sonaraithari and
8.Santosh Mandal, S/o-Polkha Mandal, Vill-Ghormara, PS-Mohanpur All
-- -- -- -- Mobile-21,
Passbook-10, Chequebook-01, LAPTAP-01,
CASH Rs-20,000 / -, Four Wheeler-01
35 Rikhiya PS Case No.-90/21, Dated-19.04.2021, U/S- 395 ARMS ACT. 1.Mausam Yadav @ Shiv Kumar, S/o-Om Prakash Yadav, Vill-Hathiphar, PS-Kunda,
2.Manish Kumar Rao, S/o- Late Sunil Kumar Raut, Vill- Lodhia, PS-Rikhiya,
3.Uttam Kumar Sah, S/o-Late Swaromani Sah, Vill-Manikpur,
4.Sunil Yadav S/o-Babulal Mahato, Vill-Badia, Both PS-Jasidih, All-
-- -- -- -- --
36 Kunda PS Case No.-66/21, Dated-20.04.2021, U/S- 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Ujjwal Kumar Jha S/o-Late Suman Kumar Jha
2.Nitish Kumar Mishra alias Chhotu, S/o-Praveen Chandra Mishra, Both Vill-Shivpuri Up Bilasi, PS-Town,
-- One loaded Desi Katta -- -- --
37 Cyber PS Case No.-36/21, Dated-19.04.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B /34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Anil Das, S/o- Dhiranjan Das, Vill-Charpa, PS-Madhupur, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-04,
ATM-02 and Four Wheeler-01
38 Palajori PS Case No.-35/21, Dated-11.05.2021, U/S- 392 IPC -- Sarath PS Case No.-52/21, Dated-08.05.2021, U/S- 392 IPC N.FIR Accused
1.Firoz Ansari, S/o- Sikandar Ansari, Vill.-Tulsidabar, A/P-Jamuniatand, PS-Chitra, Dist-Deoghar
2. Shamser Mian, S/o-Usman Mian, Vill.-Loharbandha, PS-Karmatand, and
3.Nishad Ali Ansari @ Nausad Ansari, S/o- Late Hakim Mian, Vill.-Narudih, PS-Narayanpur, Both Dist-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- Total-07 mobiles, a purse containing Rs.16,350/- cash,
four Sim cards, Debit cards and One TVS Apache motorcycle.
39 Margomunda PS Case No.-19/21, Dated-17.05.2021, U/S-392 IPC -- 27 Arms Act. N.FIR Accused
1.Binay Yadav, S/o-Late Ramayan Mahto, Vill.-Jamua, PS-Mohanpur
2.Dablu Kr.Yadav, S/o-Lalu Pd.Yadav, Vill-Bogaiya, PS-Margomunda
3.Mistu Kumar Yadav @ Mistu, S/o-Suresh Pd.Yadav , Vill-Baradih, Tapovan, PS-Kunda 4.Harish Kumar @ Rahesh Yadav, S/o-Kamaldev Pd. Yadav, Vill-Baradih, PS-Kunda
5. Md. Wasim Ansari, S/o-Md. Shahid Ansari, Vill-Pathalchapati, PS-Madhupur
6.Suman Yadav, S/o- Baijnath Mahato
7.Amit Yadav, S/o - Naval Kishore Yadav, both Vill- Bogaiya, PS-Margomunda, Dist.-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Total Rs-4,64,000/-
40 Town PS Case No.-272/21, Dated-29.05.2021, U/S- 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Sandeep Turi, S/o-Jai Prakash Turi, Vill-Holi Day Home, Deoghar 2.Nitish Chandra Anshu, S/o- Bipin Bihari, Vill-Belabagan, PS-Town, Dist.-Deoghar -- One Pistol -- 02 live cartridges, One mobile
41 Rikhiya PS Case No.-99/21, Dated-06.05.2021, U/S-399/402 IPC -- 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Suraj Kumar, S/o-Dilip Rawat, Vill-Kashikund, PS-Jhajha, Dist.-Jamui (Bihar)
2.Chhotelal Turi, S/o-Paltan Turi, Vill- Baidyanathpur, Refugee Colony, PS-Kunda , Dist.- Deoghar
3.Mithilesh Kumar Das, S/o- Namalum
4.Shambhu Kumar, S/o- Sumendra Rawat, Vill-Katona, PS- Malepur,
Dist.- Jamui (Bihar)
Two Desi Katta One Pistol -- 04 live cartridges 06 mobiles, one motorcycle and one iron master punch.
42 Margomunda PS Case No.-23/21, Dated-22.05.2021, U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Suman Yadav, S/o-Baijnath Mahato
2.Amit Yadav, S/o-Nawal Kishore Yadav, Both Vill- Bogaiya, PS-Margomunda, Dist.-Deoghar
-- One Pistol -- 04 live cartridges --
43 Palajori PS Case No.-38/21, Dated-22.05.2021, U/S-399/402 IPC -- 25(1-B)A/ 26/35 Arms Act. 1.Santosh Pandit, S/o-Sanatan Pandit, Vill-Palajori Block Road
2.Nadeem Ali S/o-Irsad Ali, Vill-Thengadih
3.Rahul Kumar Sah S/o-Ramesh Prasad Sah, Vill-Kandrasal
4.Vikas Kumar @ Bacchu Yadav, S/o-Mohan Yadav, Vill-Bhurkundi, All PS-Palajori and
5.Md. Babar Ansari, S/o-Abool Ansari, Vill-Raghunathpur, PS-Khaga,
All Dist.-Deoghar
One Desi Katta -- -- 01 live 08 mm bullet Cash Rs 37,560 / -, knives-03,
bamboo stick-01 -- Motorcycle-03
44 Chitra PS Case No.-25/21, Dated-24.05.2021, U/S- 25(1-B)A/ 26/35 Arms Act. 1.Firoz Ansari, S/o-Sikandar Ansari, Vill-Tulsidabar, A/P-Jamnitand, PS-Chitra, Dist.-Deoghar
2.Shamsher Miyan, S/o-Usman Miyan, Vill-Loharbandha, PS-Karmatand
3.Nishad Ali Ansari @ Nausad Ansari, S/o- Late Hakim Mian, Vill-Narudih, PS-Narayanpur, Both Dist.-Jamtara
-- Two Desi Pistol -- 10 Live 7.65 mm Bullet --
45 Cyber PS Case No.-38/21, Dated-05.05.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B /34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Rajesh Mandal @ Guddu Mandal, S/o-Ramprasad Mandal 2.Mukesh Mandal S/o-Naresh Mandal Both Vill-Lattjhari
3.Amit Rajwar S/o-Sachin Rajwar
4.Guddu Rajwar, S/o- Prakash Rajwar
5.Pradeep Yadav
6. Niranjan Yadav, both S/o- Bishu Mahto
7.Pawan Thakur, S/o-Sudan Thakur All five Vill-Basaha, PS- Palajori
8.Avinash Rajwar, S/o- Gambhir Rajwar
9.Chandan Kumar Mandal
10. Kundan Mandal, Both S/o-Haldhar Mandal All three Vill- Jamuasol, PS-Sarath
11. Umesh Das, S/o- Shankar Das, Vill-Billy, PS-Pathrol
12. Anil Rana, S/o-Santu Rana 13. Pankaj Kumar Rana, S/o-Bhopal Rana
14. Uttam Rana, S/o- Gopal Rana All three Vill- Dudhwajori, O.P-Pathardda All
-- -- -- -- Mobile-23,
46 Cyber PS Case No.-39/21, Dated-12.05.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B /34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Shekhar Mandal, S/o-Loco Mandal, Vill-Gondalwari,
2. Chunnu Kumar, S/o- Ramu Mandal, Vill-Gondalwari,
3.Anil Kumar Das,
4.Bablu Kumar Das Both S/o- Kishore Das.
5.Chandan Kumar, S/o-Nandlal Das, Vill-Sarpatta,
6.Pramod Kumar, S/o-Kishore Das, All Four Vill-Heth Sarpatta, All PS-Sarwan
7.Uppo Kumar Das, S/o-Bhaglu Das, Vill-Bhedwa, PS-Madhupur, 8. Ulam Kumar, S/o- Jitan Das, Vill-Kherwa, PS-Sarwan, All Dist.-Deoghar
9.Matin Ansari, S/o- Kamruddin Ansari
10.Sarafat Ansari, S/o-Rahim Ansari, Both Vill-Dhondri, PS-Simultalla,
Dist.- Jamui (Bihar)
-- -- -- -- Mobile-12,
Two wheeler-01 and Cash- Rs.8000/-
47 Cyber PS Case No.-40/21, Dated-19.05.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B /34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Zulfkar Ansari, S/o- Kadeem Ansari
2.Tausif Ansari, S/o-Ghulam Ansari, Both Vill-Nagadri, PS-Karon
3.Sarfaraz Ansari, S/o- Umar Farooq, S.- Raghunathpur, PS-Khaga
4.Anwar Ansari
5.Manwar Ansari Both S/o– Zaheer Ansari
6. Akhtar Ansari, S/o– Kalimuddin Ansari All three Vill–Santhali Simra, PS–Patraul
7.Kalam Ansari S/o– Yusuf Ansari
8. Lal Babu, S/o – Ibrahim Ansari Both Vill–Pipra, PS–Sonaraithari, All
Dist.– Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-15,
Two Wheeler-01
48 Cyber PS Case No.-41/21, Dated-23.05.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B /34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Vishal Kumar Mandal, S/o – Vasudev Mandal
2.Baldev Mandal, S/o– Hiralal Mandal, Both Vill–Jagadih
3.Akhtar Ansari
4. Asraf Ansari, Both S/o–Raju Miyan, Vill–Nagadri All Four PS–Karon
5.Babumuni Mandal, S/o–Late Saurabhmuni Mandal
6.Rahul Kumar Mandal, S/o- Babumuni Mandal Both Vill-Khijuriatand, PS- Margomunda
7. Sajjad Ansari S/o- Safiq Miyan 8.Amir Ansari S/o-Dhodho Miyan
9.Moinuddin Ansari, S/o- Sanzoor Miyan All three Vill- Patharghatiya
10.Jamshed Alam S/o-Taslim Raza, Vill- Mahuadabar All Four PS-Palajori
11.Safiq Ansari
12. Shameem Ansari Both S/o- Noor Mohammad, Vill- Lalluwadih, PS-Sarwan,
All Dist.-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-19,
Passbook-02, Chequebook-01, Laptop-02,
Two Wheeler-01
49 Cyber PS Case No.-42/21, Dated-27.05.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B /34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Mahendra Das
2.Sameer Mehra, Both S/o-Fodi Mehra, Vill-Sonatar, PS-Chitra
3.Ajit Kumar Mandal ,S/o-Shankar Mandal
4.Binod Kumar Das
5.Umesh Kumar Das, Both S/o-Suresh Mehra, All three Vill-Ghaghra, O.P.-Pathradda
6.Mantu Kumar Das S/o-Bishan Das, Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath 7.Pramod Kumar Da,s S/o-Karu Das, Vill-Ghagra, O.P.-Pathradda 8.Subhash Kumar Das, S/o- Vishwanath Das, Vill-Govindpur Lakra, PS-Pathrol
9.Ajay Kumar Das, S/o- Prakash Das, Vill-Dumdumi, PS- Chitra
10. Rajendra Kumar Das, S/o- Deviprasad Mehra, Vill- Liludih, PS-Jasidih, All Dist.-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-12,
ATM-01, Two wheeler-01 and Cash Rs-48,500/-
50 Karon PS Case No.-23/21, Dated-28.05.2021, U/S-414/34 IPC 1.Baleshwar Kisku, S/o-Babujan Kisku, Vill-Khanbani, PS-Karon, 2.Philip Murmu, S/o-Bablu Murmu, Vill-Bagjoria
3.Sitaram Soren, S/o-Parmeshwar Soren, Vill-Bagjoria 4. Rajkumar Goswami, S/o-Lambodar Goswami, Vill-Alagbra, Both PS-Chitra
5.Umesh Yadav, S/o-Aadi Yadav, Vill-Bagjoria, PS-Karon, All Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Motorcycle-04
51 Kunda PS Case No.-75/21, Dated-11.05.2021, U/S-414/34 IPC 1.Niranjan Kumar Mandal, S/o- Jageshwar Mandal
2.Nunlal Kumar Mandal, S/o - Late Nakul Mandal Both, Vill-Bengi Bishanpur, PS-Kunda, Dist.-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Motorcycle-02
52 Kunda PS Case No.-79/21, Dated-17.05.2021, U/S-414 IPC 1.Dinesh Das, S/o-Mohan Das, Vill-Garbhuadih, PS-Kunda, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01
53 Town PS Case No.-248/21, Dated-10.05.2021, U/S-413/414 IPC 1.Chandan Das S/o-Arjun Das, Vill-Pathalchapati, PS-Devipur, Dist.-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01 -- Mobile-01
54 Town PS Case No.-254/21, Dated-16.05.2021, U/S-414 IPC 1.Murari Kumar Mahto S/o-Singheshwar Mahato, Vill-Pokharia, PS-Khaga, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01
55 Town PS Case No.-267/21, Dated-27.05.2021, U/S-414 IPC 1.Jitendra Das, S/o-Rajendra Das, Vill-Rajadih, PS-Jasidih, Dist.-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01
56 Mohanpur PS Case No.-97/21, Dated-14.06.2021, U/S- 392 IPC-- 1.Pramod Kumar Yadav, S/o- Rajendra Yadav,
2.Laxman Rai, S/o- Late Mahadev Rai
-- -- -- -- Motorcycle-02,
Cash Rs 6,000/- -- mobile-01
57 Devipur PS Case No.-96/21, Dated-23.06.2021, U/S-25(1-B)(A)/25(6)/26/32/35 Arms Act. 1.Guddu Barnwal @ Abhay Santosh @ Abhay Kumar Barnwal, S/o-Duryodhan Barnwal, PO-Bhojpur, PS-Devipur
2.Jai Prakash Barnwal @ Ramesh Kumar, S/o-Sadashiv Barnwal, PO-Sarsa, PS-Jasidih, All District-Deoghar
-- Two (02) country-made Pistol-- -- --nine (09) live cartridges --Two Mobiles.
58 Jasidih PS Case No.-210/21, Dated-22.06.2021, U/S------- 25(1-B)(A)/25(6)/26/31 Arms Act. 1.Shubham Singh, S/o-Omkar Prasad Singh, Vill-Hanuman Tikari, PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- One (01) country-made Pistol-- -- Four (04) live cartridges, Two (02) Empty Round One (01) smart mobiles.
59 Jasidih PS Case No.-215/21, Dated-25.06.2021, U/S-399/402 IPC -- 25(1-B)A Arms Act. 1.Balbir Sharma, S/o- Gopal Sharma, Vill-Asnaha, PS-Bosi, Dist-Banka (Bihar)
2.Sachin Kumar Mandal, S/o-Dilip Mandal, Vill-Bandari, PS-Saraiyahat, Dist. -Dumka
3.Vikas Kumar Yadav, S/o- Vipul Yadav, Vill-Rangapatar, PS-Katoria, Dist-Banka (Bihar)
4.Tribhuvan Kumar, S/o- Bhujendra Yadav, Vill-Paparwa, PS- Bandhuvakura, Dist-Banka (Bihar) --
5.Shivanand Kumar Mandal, S/o-Bharat Mandal, Vill-Bandari, PS-Saraiyahat, District-Dumka
-- One (01) country-made Pistol-- -- Five (5) live cartridges 05 mobile phones
60 Jasidih PS Case No.-187/21, Dated-07.06.2021, U/S-413/414/34 IPC 1.Vinay Kumar Barnwal @ Bunty, S/o-Dayanand Barnwal, Vill.-Tabhaghat, PS-Jasidih, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Three (03) Motorcycle
61 Town PS Case No.-293/21, Dated-07.06.2021, U/S-414/420/468/471/34 IPC-- 1.Shivshankar Das, S/o-Suresh Das, Vill.-Gidhaiya, Devipur
2.Kajal Das @ Sajan Das, S/o-Lakhi Das, Vill-Luckhangarhia, PS-Jasidih --
3.Umesh Mandal, S/o-Bhikhari Mandal, Vill-Gondwari, PS-Sarwan, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Two (02) Motorcycle
62 Town PS Case No.-304/21, Dated-14.06.2021, U/S------- 379/411/414/420 IPC 1.Sohan Kumar Mandal, S/o-Rajesh Mandal, Vill-Chitolodhiya, PS-Kunda,--
2.Prakash Kumar Mandal, S/o-Shivcharan Mandal, Vill-Chitolodhia, PS-Kunda,--
3.Suvesh Singh, S/o- Shailesh Kumar Singh, Vill-Barmasia, PS-Town,
4.Utam Kumar, S/o- Ravindra Yadav, Vill-Hirnatand, Chopamod, PS-Mohanpur,
5.Jaldhar Yadav, S/o-Late Chetlal Mahato, Vill-Thadiyara, PS-Mohanpur,
6.Suraj Kumar Das,
7.Arun Kumar Das, both S/o-Bhim Das, Vill-Hirnatand, Chopamod, PS-Mohanpur,
8.Abdul Rehman, S/o-Mohd. Ali Hussain, Vill-Hirna, PS-Town,
9.Rahul Kumar Das, S/o-Upendra Das, Vill-Singpur Jogidih, PS-Kunda, All Dist-Deoghar,
10. Shravan Kumar Sah, S/o- Late Patar Sah, Vill-Baskitand, PS-Chandramandih, Dist- Jamui (Bihar)
-- -- -- -- Twelve (12) Motorcycle
63 Cyber PS Case No.-43/21, Dated-01.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Akash Kumar, S/o - Umesh Kumar Mandal, Vill- Baak,
2.Tushar Kumar, S/o - Dhiraj Kumar Mandal, Vill- Banjhi,
3.Hrithik Roshan, S/o- Prakash Kumar Mandal, Vill-Baak,
4.Rahul Kumar, S/o-Niroj Kumar Mandal, Vill-Baak --
5.Kishore Kumar, S/o-Sudarshan Mandal, Vill-Baak, All PS-Mohanpur, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-10,
64 Cyber PS Case No.-44/21, Dated-02.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66(B)(C)(D) 84C I.T. Act. 1.Mustaq Ansari, S/o– Ataul Ansari
2.Arshad Ansari, S/o – Mubarak Ansari, Both Vill– Pokharia
3.Chandan Kumar Thakur, S/o– Biranchi Thakur
4.Kapil Thakur, S/o– Ashish Thakur, Both Vill– Baghmara, Four PS– Palajori
5.Pawan Kumar Das, S/o-Jivlal Das
6.Chunchun Das, S/o- Pawan Das
7.Ajit Das, S/o-Kanhaiya Das All three Vill-Madhopur, PS-Madhupur, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-19,
Two wheeler-02 -- Cash- Rs.8000/-
65 Cyber PS Case No.-45/21, Dated-06.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B-- IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Naseem Ansari
2.Azim Ansari, Both S/o- Rafiq Ansari, Vill-Ganguwadih, PS-Margomunda
3.Alauddin Ansari, S/o- Mahmood Ansari Vill-Tulsitand, PS-Karon
4.Guddu Kumar Das, S/o-Darshan Mehra, Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath
5.Ajay Kumar Das, S/o-Khublal Das 6. Manoj Mahara S/o-Bahadur Mahara
7.Anup Kumar Das, S/o-Tribhuvan Mahara
8.Amit Das, S/o- Bhudev Das All four Vill- Gobarshala, O.P.- Pathardda, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-19,
Two Wheeler-02, Cash- Rs. 7500/-
66 Cyber PS Case No.-47/21, Dated-11.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B-- IPC----66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Kotil Mandal, S/o– Guda Mandal
2.Arvind Mandal, S/o– Balo Mandal, Both Vill– Khijuriatand, PS– Margomunda
3.Raju Mandal, S/o– Dodi Mandal, Address– New Colony, New Bazar, PS– Madhupur
4. Kapil Das, S/o – Laxman Das, Vill- Ghagharjor, O.P.-Pathradda 5. Ranjeet Mandal, S/o- Late Dahru Mandal, Vill-Kurumtand Chakanwadih, PS-Sarath
6.Mohd. Alam, S/o-Md. Intaj, Vill-Dhawa, PS- Palajori, All District-Deoghar
7.Parvez Alam, S/o- Hafeez Ansari, Vill-Kalajharia, PS-Karmatand, Dist- Jamtara
8.Raju Das, S/o- Arun Mehra
9.Mithun Kumar Das, S/o- Ramchandra Mehra
10. Kailash Mehra, S/o- Ramdev Mehra
11.Uttam Kumar Das, S/o- Jamun Mehra
12. Subodh Das, S/o- Nago Mehra
13.Rajiv Das S/o- Mathur Das 14.Rajendra Das, S/o- Chhakkan Das
15. Gultan Mehra, S/o-Teju Mehra
16.Rajat Kumar Rai, S/o- Chakradhar Rai, All Vill-Dasdih, PS- Sarwan, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-23,
67 Cyber PS Case No.-49/21, Dated-15.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Dilip Das, S/o-Kishto Das
2.Sanoj Das, S/o-Baldev Das
3.Robin Das, S/o-Parmeshwar Das
4.Rahul Das, S/o- Binod Das Charo Gram-Kenduatand
5.Arjun Mandal
6.Mohan Mandal, Both S/o- Bharat Mandal Vill-Khijuriatand, PS- Margomunda
7.Kunal Manjhi, S/o-Kishore Manjhi
8.Pintu Manjhi, S/o-Karu Manjhi 9.Ajay Raut, S/o-Chhotan Raut 10.Tejnarayan Kumar, S/o- Shital Rawani, All Four Vill-Kajramod, PS-Pathrol
11. Raju Ansari, S/o- Basir Ansari Vill- Kumgarha
12. Shamsher Ansari S/o-Saeed Ansari, Vill- Jarmundi Dubrajpur, Both PS-Palajori, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-20,
Passbook-05 -- Motorcycle-01
68 Cyber PS Case No.-51/21, Dated-19.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Yogesh Kumar, S/o Prabhat Kumar Mandal Vill- Ghormara
2.Arjun Mandal, S/o-Srikant Mandal @ Chutra Mandal Vill-Baak, Both PS-Mohanpur
3.Arun Kumar Mandal, S/o-Naresh Mandal
4.Indradev Mandal, S/o-Jhaksu Mandal Both Vill-Thadhiyari, PS-Rikhiya, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-11,
69 Cyber PS Case No.-53/21, Dated-22.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Barkat Ansari S/o-Ishaq Mian 2.Rahmat Ansari, S/o-Hadith Mian
3.Princely Ansari
4. Mumtaz Ansari
5. Sarfaraz Ansari, All three S/o- Razauddin Mian All Vill-Bansjora, PS-Margomunda
6.Shaad Ali, S/o- Abedin Mian
7. Fazlul Rehman S/o-Munshi Mian Both Vill-Sursura, PS-Sarwan, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-14,
Cheque Book-01, Cash- Rs.5000/-
70 Cyber PS Case No.-54/21, Dated-25.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Mohd Shabab Raza, S/o- Shafruddin Ansari
2.Imran Ansari, S/o- Razzak Ansari Both Vill-Barmasoli, PS-Palajori
3.Sunil Das
4.Ashok Das, Both S/o- Rajendra Das
5.Tulsi Das, S/o- Baski Das
6.Praful Das S/o-Suveshwar Das 7.Binod Das, S/o-Kaleshwar Das All Vill-Dhakdha, PS- Devipur
8.Hadish Ansari @ Chhotu Ansari, S/o– Alauddin Ansari, Vill–Rangasirsa, PS– Madhupur
9.Ajay Kumar Das, S/o– Nandkishore Das
10.Pawan Kumar Das, S/o– Suresh Das Both Add.– Shanti Nagar, Sakhua Jungle, PS-Kunda, Dist-Deoghar Both Permanent Address Vill-Dhakdha, PS-Devipur
-- -- -- -- Mobile-14,
Cheque Book-03, Laptop-01,
Cash- Rs. 91000/---
71 Cyber PS Case No.-56/21, Dated-27.06.2021, U/S-306/387/509/354/354A/376/354D IPC-- -- 66E/67A I.T. Act. 1.Rahul Kumar Raut, S/o- Late Bablu Raut, Vill-Donihari, PS-Kunda, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- --
72 Cyber PS Case No.-57/21, Dated-28.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66 B,C,D 84C I.T. Act. 1.Manoj Mandal, S/o-Ganauri Mandal
2.Pyari Mandal, S/o-Sahdev Mandal
3.Prakash Mandal, S/o-Anadi Mandal All three Vill-Misrna, PS-Madhupur
4.Rajiv Kumar Das, S/o-Basudev Das, Vill-Gonaiya, PS-Pathrol
5.Khageshwar Yadav, S/o-Jaleshwar Yadav
6.Janardan Yadav, S/o-Drogi Prasad Yadav Both Vill-Babupur, PS-Mohanpur All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-13,
73 Cyber PS Case No.-58/21, Dated-30.06.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66 B,C,D 84C I.T. Act. 1.Amit Marik, S/o- Ramvilas Marik Vill-Kamdiha, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
Cash- Rs. 9,000/-
74 Karon PS Case No.-31/21, Dated-27.07.2021, U/S- 395
397/412 IPC -- 27 Arms Act.
1.Gul Mohamod, S/o-Late Kolha Miyan, Vill.-Sugdodih, PS-Karmatand, District-Jamtara -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-05
75 Palajori PS Case No.-52/21, Dated-28.07.2021, U/S-395 IPC 1.Tinku Rajwar, S/o- Sunil Mahato, Vill.-Belmi, PS-Palajori, Dist.-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Tata Magic No-
WB-37D-4883 Loaded Almira --
Auto No- JH-15R-5256--
76 Budhai PS Case No.-43/21, Dated-16.07.2021, U/S- 392 IPC -- 25 Arms Act. Non FIR Accused
1.Mohd. Talim Miyan, S/o-Sikandar Miyan, Vill-Udaipur, PS-Madhupur, Dist.-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-01 -- Cash Rs-3,030/-
77 Town PS Case No.-339/21, Dated-11.07.2021, U/S-
25(1-AA)/26 Arms Act.
1.Gautam Mahta, S/o-Ful Kumar Mahta @ Phuli Mahta, Vill.-Barmasia, PS-Town, Dist.-Deoghar -- 9mm Bore One (01) country-automatic Pistol-- -- Two (02) live cartridges --
78 Devipur PS Case No.-126/21, Dated-31.07.2021, U/S-
25(1-B)(A)26/21/25 Arms Act.
1.Rakesh Kumar Raut, S/o-Zalim Raut, Vill-Khorada, PS-town, Dist-Deoghar
2.Ankit Kumar Singh
3.Shubham Kumar Singh @ Shivam Kumar Singh, Both S/o-Vijay Kumar Singh @ Ajay Kumar Singh, Vill-Shitalpur, PS-Muffasil, Dist-Munger, Present Vill-Ramnagar, PS-Jasidih, Distt-Deoghar
-- One (01) pistol silver colour -- One (01) bullet of .303 rifle-- Motorcycle-01
78 Town PS Case No.-373/21, Dated-27.07.2021, U/S-
20(b)(ii)(A) NDPS Act.
1. Bhullu Mahtha, S/o-Arjun Mahtha, Vill-Barmasia Chowk, PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Ganja- 175 Gm
79 Cyber PS Case No.-59/21, Dated-03.07.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Aslam Ansari, S/o-Akhtar Miyan
2.Arif Ansari, S/o-Mukhtar Miyan, Both Vill.-Barmasoli, PS-Palajori
3.Rakaul Ansari
4. Mokim Ansari, Both S/o- Nizam Miyan
5.Salauddin Ansari S/o- Sadiq Miyan
6.Abdul Ansari, S/o -Mudal Miyan
7.Shahrukh Ansari, S/o-Anwar Ansari
8.Quddus Ansari, S/o- Bahadur Ansari
9.Firoz Ansari, S/o-Badijam Ansari All seven Vill.-Parodal, PS-Mohanpur
10.Sikandar Yadav, S/o- Laxman Yadav, Vill.-Jhikti PS- Sarwan, All Distt-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-23,
Passbook-7, ChequeBook-03, Motorcycle-01,
Cash Rs.-11000/-
80 Cyber PS Case No.-60/21, Dated-05.07.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Raja Ritesh Kumar, S/o– Devnarayan Mandal, Vill.– Chandana,
2.Amit Kumar, S/o– Banshraj Yadav, Vill.– Biyahi
3.Sidu Kumar, S/o– Ramprasad Yadav, Vill. – Biyahi
4. Dindayal Mandal, S/o– Nathu Mandal, Vill.– Bhikhodih ,
5.Bhudev Mandal, S/o- Late Parmeshwar Mandal, Vill.-Bhikhodih All PS- Sonaraiathari
6.Shravan Kumar, S/o-Manoj Yadav, Vill.-Jalhara, PS-Sarwan 7.Ritlal Kumar, S/o-Tuna Marik, Vill-Kamdiha, PS-Mohanpur
8.Dashrath Mandal, S/o- Late Dineshwar Mandal, Vill.-Misrna, PS-Madhupur All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-12,
81 Cyber PS Case No.-61/21, Dated-11.07.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Pawan Kumar Das, S/o- Ketku Mehra, Vill-Bardehi, PS-Sarath
2.Pawan Kumar Das, S/o- Ashok Das
3.Rajendra Das, S/o- Bhagwan Das, Both Vill- Piprasol, PS- Madhupur
4.Pawan Das S/o- Kishore Das, Vill-Jogidih, PS-Madhupur
5.Ranjeet Das, S/o- Gopal Das, Vill-Ghagra, O.P. Patharda
6.Mobin Ansari, S/o-Lachho Miyan, Vill-Bhaurajmua PS-Sonaraiathari, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-15,
82 Cyber PS Case No.-62/21, Dated-15.07.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66(B)(C)(D) 84C I.T. Act. 1.Shiraz Ansari, S/o- Maqbool Ansari
2.Mohd. Ajmal Ansari
3.Athar Hussain, Both S/o- Shohrab Miyan, All three Vill-Kanki Parsani, PS-Khaga
4.Alam Ansari, S/o-Kazul Ansari, Vill-Pathaljor, PS-Pathrol
5.Santosh Mandal, S/o – Late China Mandal, Vill– Jagadih, PS– Karon
6.Pancham Kumar, S/o– Chintamani Das, Vill– Lakhnuwa, PS– Madhupur
7.Shamim Ansari, S/o– Sabdar Ansari, Vill– Sonaraithari Market 8.Sanjay Mandal, S/o– Kishan Mandal, Vill-Harabhanga, Both PS-Sonaraiathari, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-13,
83 Cyber PS Case No.-63/21, Dated-19.07.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B-- IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Mohd. Immanul Ansari, S/o- Mohd. Israfil Ansari
2.Muzafar Ansari, S/o- Altab Miyan, Both Vill-Gopalnagar
3.Osman Ansari, S/o-Zakir Miyan, Vill-Sukna, All Three PS-MD Bazar, District-Birbhum (W.B)
4.Abdul Ansari, S/o– Shohrab Miyan, Vill– Pindari,
5.Vikas Mehra S/o – Bhola Mehra, Vill– Tetaria
6. Bablu Das
7. Rabindra Das, Both S/o– Arjun Das
8.Rajesh Mirdha S/o – Hari Mirdha
9.Mukesh Mehra, S/o – Rajendra Mehra, All Four Vill-Bochwan, All PS-Sarath
10.Sanjeev Kumar, S/o- Haldhar Das, Vill-Kusaha
11.Lalan Das, S/o- Hurli Das
12. Ranjay Kumar Das, S/o- Pramod Das, Both Vill-Pathrol Bazar, Above PS-Pathrol
13.Deepak Kumar Das, S/o- Vijay Das
14. Rohit Kumar Das, S/o-Sagar Das, Both Vill-Pasia, PS- Madhupur
-- -- -- -- Mobile-23,
84 Cyber PS Case No.-64/21, Dated-23.07.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B-- IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Afsar Ansari, S/o-Siraj Miyan, Vill-Lahjori Barbad, PS-Margomunda
2.Shaukat Ansari, S/o-Hamid Miyan, Vill-Badia, PS-Karon
3.Munna Das S/o- Sudhir Das, Village-Gauripur, PS-Kunda
4.Balram Mandal, S/o-Angraj Mandal,
5.Gautam Mandal S/o-Shyam Mandal, Both Vill-Misrna, PS-Madhupur, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-14,
85 Cyber PS Case No.-66/21, Dated-27.07.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Pankaj Kumar Das, S/o- Prahlad Das
2.Niranjan Das, S/o- Rajkumar Das
3.Sikandar Das, S/o- Late Shibu Das
4.Kishan Sah, S/o- Kantu Sah, above four Vill-Pathra, PS-Pathrol 5.Abhishek Kumar Das, S/o- Paresh Mehra
6.Ajit Das, S/o-Tulsi Das
7.Sandeep Kumar Das, S/o-Shakti Mehra All three Vill-Bardehi, O.P. Patharda
8. Rajiv Bharti, S/o- Hargauri Das, Vill-Nayachitkath, PS-Rikhiya
9.Sunil Kumar Das
10. Ajit Kumar Das, Both S/o- Nakul Das
11.Rohit Kumar Das
12.Sandeep Kumar Das, Both S/o- Sakul Das
13.Amit Kumar Das
14. Rahul Kumar Das, Both S/o- Raju Das
15.Bikash Kumar Das, S/o-Guddu Das, All above seven Vill- Kesargarha, PS-Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-21,
86 Cyber PS Case No.-67/21, Dated-31.07.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Sunil Kumar Das @ Sunil Mehra, S/o- Nakul Mehra, Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath
2.Balram Mandal, S/o- Kishan Mandal
3.Sachin Kumar Mandal
4.Bablu Kumar Mandal, Both S/o-Jhari Mandal
5.Murli Das S/o- Kamdev Mahara
6.Suchit Das, S/o- Late Jagdish Mehra
7.Ramesh Kumar Das, S/o-Darshan Mehra, All Vill-Ghagra O.P.-Pathardda
8.Mohd. Furqan Ansari, S/o-Mustafa Mian, Vill-Birangadia, PS-Karon
9.Mohd. Kaif, S/o-Safiq Ansari, Vill-Kano, PS-Margomunda
10.Pankaj Kumar Das, S/o-Prabhunarayan Das, Vill-Kasidih 11.Altaf Ansari, S/o-Safiq Ansari, Vill-Chanddih, Both PS-Kunda, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-21,
Passbook-08,ChequeBook-05,Swipe Machine-01, POS Machine-03,Cash- Rs.19500/-
87 Budhai PS Case No.-44/21, Dated-20.07.2021, U/S-414/34 IPC-- 1.Ghaffar Ansari, S/o-Dawood Mian, Vill-Kharjori Pipra, PS-Margomunda
2.Saddam Ansari, S/o-Seraj Mian, Vill-Kesargarha, PS-Madhupur,
3.Vijay Das, S/o-Rameshwar Das, Vill-Jayantigram, PS-Madhupur, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Stolen Motorcycle-01
88 Sarath PS Case No.-81/21, Dated-01.07.2021, U/S-414/467/468/471/34 IPC-- 1.Razaul Mian, S/o- Late Usman Mian, Vill-Lakdakhonda, PS-Sarath, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01
89 Jasidih PS Case No.-264/21, Dated-27.07.2021, U/S-379/414/401/467/468/471/
212/34 IPC--
1.Sunil Paswan, S/o- Late Modi Paswan, Vill-Adarsh ​​Nagar, Tabaghat, PS-Jasidih, District-Deoghar
2.Atto Yadav, S/o-Shidhari Yadav
3.Raj Kumar, S/o- Nathu Yadav, Both Vill-Juraoganj, PS-Koda, District-Katihar (Bihar)
-- -- -- -- Cash Rs.-7,250/-, Mobile-03,
Chemical like powder-11 Pcs,
Stolen motorcycle-02,
T-shape iron tool-02, Green colored screw Driver-01,
11-12 wrench-02 piece ,Helmet-03 -- Aadhar Card-01
90 Kunda PS Case No.-134/21, Dated-29.08.2021, U/S-
25(1-B)A/26/27/35 Arms Act.
1.Ashish Kumar Raut @ Tendal,S/o-Munna Raut
2.Vishnu Chandravanshi, S/o-Ramdhani Ravi, Both Vill-Satar, PS-Kunda
3.Nitish Chandranshu @ Nitish Kumar, S/o-Vipin Bihari Prasad, Vill-Belabagan, PS-Town, All District-Deoghar
-- One (01) Desi Katta -- Two (02) .303 bore live cartridges --
One (01) Empty Round
91 Kunda PS Case No.-121/21, Dated-09.08.2021, U/S-
20(b)(ii)(A) NDPS Act 1985 -- 47A Excise Act.
1.Pappu Verma, S/o-Pancha Mahato, Vill-Ramraj, Restaurant Shahid Ashram Road, PS-Kunda, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1.God Father Company's Cane Beer-16 bottle,
2. Blue Rock English liquor 08 bottles,
3. Laila Company Desi liquor 30 bottles
4. Illegal Desi Mahua liquor about 10 ltr
5. white jar and
6. Ganja- two (02) kg--
92 Jasidih PS Case No.-267/21, Dated-01.08.2021, U/S- 20 (B)(II)(B) NDPS Act. 1.Bharat Raut, S/o - Late Kamal Prasad Raut, Vill- Jasidih Bazar Dhobia Ghat, PS - Jasidih, District - Deoghar -- -- -- -- One (01) Electronic weight machine -- Ganja-09 Kg
93 Mohanpur PS Case No.-124/21, Dated-16.08.2021, U/S- 20 (B)(II)(A) NDPS Act. 1985 -- 47A Excise Act. 1.Pankaj Kumar Varnwal, S/o- Dindayal Varnwal, Vill.-Adarsh ​​Colony, PS-Rikhiya, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1.Ganja-170 gm
2.Royal Jharkhand Desi liquor 12 bottles (each-600 ML) in bag kept in motorcycle
3.Royal Jharkhand Desi liquor 25 bottles
(300 ML each)
4.One(01) Bajaj X CD Motorcycle
94 Sonaraithari PS Case No.-63/21, Dated-20.08.2021, U/S- 20 (B)(II)(B) NDPS Act. 1.Bablu Kumar Yadav, S/o-Santosh Mahato, Vill-Parsni, PS-Khaga,
2.Aman Kumar, S/o-Vijay Prasad,
3.Ashok Kumar Yadav, S/o-Manoj Prasad Yadav,
4.Vivek Kumar Yadav, S/o-Chhotan Prasad Yadav, All three Vill-Bhora Jamua, PS-Kunda, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Ganja- 3 Kg 900 Gm
95 Rikhiya PS Case No.-153/21, Dated-18.08.2021, U/S-
20(b)(ii)(A) NDPS Act.
1.Shankar Chaurasia, S/o-Late Nandlal Chaurasia, Vill-Amgachi, PS-Rikhiya, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Ganja- 500 Gm
96 Sarath PS Case No.-103/21, Dated-02.08.2021, U/S-379/411/34 IPC-- 1.Khushbu Devi, W/o-Anil Pasi, Vill-Matha (Bagno), PS-Saraiyahat, District-Dumka
2.Kanti Devi,W/o-Subanhu Pasi, Vill-Lakdiganj, PS -Rikhiya, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Two mobiles and 40 grams of silver chain
97 Sarath PS Case No.-101/21, Dated-02.08.2021, U/S-413/414/34 IPC-- -- 30(ii) Coal Mines Act. 1.Chandra Kishore Mandal,S/o-Aklu Mandal, Vill-Lakshmandih, 2.Akub Ansari, S/o-Muddin Miyan, Vill-Barmasia, Both PS-Sarath, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Illegally loaded 3425 kg of Coal on eight (08) Motorcycles
98 Cyber PS Case No.-69/21, Dated-05.08.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Pawan Mandal
2.Mukesh Mandal, Both S/o-Basudev Mandal
3.Bharat Kumar Mandal, S/o-Bhim Mandal
4.Abhimanyu Mandal, S/o-Arjun Mandal
5.Rupesh Mandal, S/o-Janaki Mandal
6.Tulsi Mandal, S/o-Manohar Mandal
7.Nandlal Mandal, S/o-Lakhan Mandal, All Vill-Digbad, PS-Karon
8.Nityanand Das, S/o-Basant Das, Vill-Karaiyatand, PS-Pathrol 9.Nandlal Kumar, S/o- Sudhir Mahara, Vill-Karhaiya, PS-Pathardda O.P.
10.Anuj Mandal, S/o-Nityanand Mandal @ Nitai Mandal Vill-Gauripur
11.Udit Kumar Das, S/o-Narsingh Das Vill-Tetaria, Both PS-Kunda
12.Chandan Das, S/o-Chhotu Das, Vill-Jant, PS-Karon
13.Rohit Das S/o-Binod Das, Vill-Dullidih, PS-Madhupur
14.Kishore Kumar Das
15.Kamlesh Kumar Das, Both S/o-Naresh Das, Vill-Bandhdih, Both PS-Kunda, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-24,
3.ATM-13, (4) 4.Passbook-03,
99 Cyber PS Case No.-70/21, Dated-07.08.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B-- IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Sunil Mandal, S/o- Late Bhagwat Mandal, Vill.-Rajaraidih, PS-Sarath
2.Suraj Rajwar, S/o- Ramdev Rajwar, Vill.-Rangatand, PS-Palajori, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-01,
4.Cash- Rs.20,000/-
100 Cyber PS Case No.-71/21, Dated-10.08.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471-- IPC-- -- 84B I.T. Act. 1.Himanshu Bajpayee, S/o- Nityanand Bajpai, Vill-Chandan, PS-Chandan, District-Banka (Bihar) -- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-01,
101 Cyber PS Case No.-72/21, Dated-11.08.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Pawan Kumar Das
2.Chandan Kumar Das, Both S/o-Maalik Das, Vill-Rangasirsa, PS-Pathrol
3.Uttam Das
4.Bablu Das, Both S/o – Sarlu Das, Vill–Badiya
5.Babulal Das
6. Raju Prasad Das, Both S/o– Shankar Das, Vill– Korkota, Banka, All Four PS–Madhupur, All District–Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-10,
102 Cyber PS Case No.-73/21, Dated-14.08.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Jayakant Mandal, S/o- Budhu Mandal, Vill-Ghaghrijor, PS- Katoria, District -Banka (Bihar)
2.Neeraj Das, S/o- Kailash Das 3.Gautam Kumar Das, S/o- Badri Das, Both Vill- Sonatar, PS-Chitra, District - Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-03,
4.Cash- Rs.60,000/-
103 Cyber PS Case No.-74/21, Dated-15.08.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Ishaq Ansari, S/o-Batul Miyan, Vill-Pindari
2.Sonu Ansari S/o-Badrul Miyan, Vill-Kapasa, Both PS-Sarath, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-03,
3.Cash- Rs.15,000/-
104 Cyber PS Case No.-75/21, Dated-17.08.2021, U/S-353/419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Arif Ansari, S/o- Tahir Ansari, Vill-Bedmoka, PS-Devipur
2.Pappu Das,
3.Ajay Kumar Das, Both S/o- Ratan Das, Vill- Tithiya Bank, PS-Madhupur
4.Mahfouz Ansari
5.Noor Mohammad, Both S/o- Kasim Ansari, Vill-Tatakjori, PS-Margomunda
6.Rahul Yadav, S/o-Naresh Yadav
7.Ranjit Yadav, S/o-Govind Yadav
8.Bablu Kumar, S/o-Sukhdev Yadav, All Three Vill- Chitarpoka, PS- Mohanpur, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-19,
6.Cash- Rs.190,000/-
105 Cyber PS Case No.-76/21, Dated-23.08.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Tajmul Ansari, S/o– Karmul Miyan
2.Sameer Ansari, S/o– Lal Mohammad
3.Arif Raja, S/o– Samaun Ansari 4.Mohd. Sikandar Ansari, S/o– Asraf Ansari
5.Sarfaraz Ansari, S/o– Bhaju Mian, All Five Vill– Kapasa, PS– Sarath
6.Mohd Sarfaraz Ansari @ Munna, S/o-Israel Miyan
7.Munawwar Ansari, S/o- Ilyas Ansari
8.Hassan Raza, S/o-Tahir Miyan, Vill-Patharghatiya, PS-Palajori
9.Lal Mohammad Ansari, S/o- Manirudin Mian, Vill-Angwali, PS-Palajori
10. Prashant Singh, S/o- Shivnarayan Singh, Vill-Dindakoli 11.Dilkhush Kumar Singh, S/o- Jaiprakash Singh, Vill-Gauripur
12.Surendra Kumar Rawani, S/o-Manoj Ravani
13.Ritesh Kumar Ravani, S/o-Etwari Ravani Both Vill-Jant, All Four PS-Karon, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-25,
5.Cheque Book-02,
106 Cyber PS Case No.-77/21, Dated-27.08.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC-- -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1.Nandan Das.
2.Chandan Das, Both S/o-Badri Das
3.Ravi Kumar Das, S/o – Bankesh Das
4.Praveen Yadav, S/o – Aonkar Yadav, above Four Vill– Kenmankathi, PS–Jasidih,
5.Vikas Kumar Das, S/o– Vinay Das, Vill–Thadhidulampur, PS–Kunda
6.Chandan Kumar Das, S/o-Manohar Mehra, Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath, Present Vill-Bhaurajamua, PS- Kunda
7.Maulabaksh Ansari, S/o-Islam Ansari
8. Rakib Ansari, S/o-Ramadan Miyan
9.Shahadat Ansari, S/o- Ghiyasuddin Ansari
10.Moinuddin Ansari, S/o- Azad Ansari
11.Mehboob Ansari
12. Badruddin Ansari Both S/o- Nazir Miyan
13.Sadiq Ansari, S/o- Diljan Miyan, above Seven Vill- Barmtara, PS-Sarwan,
14. Rajesh Kumar Mandal,
15.Sujit Kumar Mandal Both S/o- Ashok Mandal, Vill-Ghormara, PS-Mohanpur
16.Raju Kumar Singh S/o- Late Taranand Singh
17.Virat Kumar Singh S/o- Joginder Prasad Singh, Both Vill-Sirsa, PS-Mohanpur All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-27,
7.Cash Rs.-7000/-
107 Mohanpur PS Case No.-134/21, Dated-16.09.2021, U/S-
395 IPC.
Non Fir Accused 1. Rupesh Kumar Yadav S/o- Nakul Yadav, Vill-Rangamodichak, 2. Sudhir Bhokta S/o- Shankar Bhokta, Vill-Letvavaran, Both PS- Mohanpur, 3. Vikas Kumar Yadav S/o- Nepal Mahato, Vill-Rangamodichak, PS-Mohanpur, 4. Rajeev Das, S/o-Late Kamdev Das, Vill-Amgachi, PS-Rikhiya, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Two mobiles, a black colored Pulsar motorcycle and an iron Knife
108 Pathrol PS Case No.-77/21, Dated-07.09.2021, U/S-
392 IPC
Non Fir Accused 1. Raja Kr. Singh, S/o-Suchit Singh, Vill-Amdiha 2. Pradeep Kr. Yadav, S/o- Ravi Pd. Yadav, Vill-Ranga Matia, Both PS-Devipur 3. Deva Yadav, S/o-Kamal Yadav, Vill-Barabad, 4 Diwakar Das, S/o-Umesh Das, Vill-Tederi Malamal, Both PS-Pathrol, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- One Mobile
109 Jasidih PS Case No.-305/21, Dated-10.09.2021, U/S- 365/394 IPC Non Fir Accused 1. Ranjeet Modi @ Ranjan Chaurasia S/o-Late Tapeshwar Modi, Vill-Kushmaha, PS-Amarpur, District-Banka 2. Nirbhay Kumar Singh S/o-Bhola Singh, Vill- Mahimachak, PS-Gangta, District-Munger, 3. Rajeev Kumar Singh S/o-Mahesh Prasad Singh, Vill-Pando, PS-Barhat, District-Jamui 4. Bihari Kumar Singh S/o-Rajesh Singh, Vill-Katoria (Suiya Road), PS-Katoria, District-Banka, All State-Bihar -- -- -- -- Two scorpio,
two mobile phone
rod 24.810 metric ton
110 Town PS Case No.-451/21, Dated-05.09.2021, U/S- 147/
148/149/307/353 IPC --
25(1-B)A/26/27/35 Arms Act.
1. Ashish Mishra S/o-Munna Mishra, Vill-Medhalalpuri Lane, 2. Vicky Rawani S/o-Vikash Rawani, Vill-Khoradah Near School, Bompas Town, PS-Town, Dist-Deoghar. -- Three (03)
7.65 mm bore Desi semi-automatic pistols 
-- Two (02) live cartridges,
One (01) damaged bullet head and
Two (02) Empty Round
 Cash Rs.10,500/-,
Three mobiles and
111 Town PS Case No.-479/21, Dated-21.09.2021, U/S- 20 (b)(II)(B) NDPS Act. 1. Gopi Singh S/o- Late Balbhadra Singh, Vill-Salaunatad, PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Ganja- 4.550 kg 
112 Town PS Case No.-482/21, Dated-23.09.2021, U/S-
356/382 IPC
Non Fir accused 1. Manish Kumar @ Binu S/o-Ranjeet Kumar Tiwari 2. Bineet Tiwari S/o-Vijay Kumar Tiwari 3. Nishant Srivastava S/o-Om Prakash Tiwari, Vill-Khaprodih, PS-Rikhiya, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Cash Rs. 8,89,600/-
113 Cyber PS Case No.-78/21, Dated-01.09.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Siraj Ansari S/o- Qasim Miyan, Vill-Kano, PS-Margomunda, Distt-Deoghar 2. Barjahan Ansari S/o-Nabi Miyan, Vill-Pindari, PS-Karmatand, Distt-Jamtara 3. Akhlaq Hussain 4. Sarfaraz Ansari Both S/o - Qasim Miyan 5. Jamil Ansari S/o- Azad Miyan, All three Vill- Kano, PS-Margomunda, Distt-Deoghar 6. Sushil Mandal S/o- Radhe Mandal, Vill-Siyatand, PS-Karmatand, Distt-Jamtara 7. Sunil Kumar Das S/o- Digambar Das 8. Lalu Kumar Das S/o- Jageshwar Das 9. Udayshankar Das S/o- Dilip Das 10. Shekhar Kumar Das S/o- Jhaksu Das, above Four Vill-Mahuadabar, PS-Madhupur 11. Anadi Das S/o- Laxman Das 12. Manohar Das S/o-Suresh Das 13. Ratan Das S/o-Uday Das 14. Ramcharan Das S/o-Bhuvneshwar Das 15. Manoj Kumar Das S/o-Balram Das, above five Vill-Lakhnuwa, PS-Madhupur 16. Pankaj Kumar S/o- Binod Kumar Mandal 17. Kundan Kumar S/o-Tanik Lal Mandal Both Vill-Baank, PS-Mohanpur 18. Amit Kumar S/o- Pradeep Kumar Rana 19. Prince Kumar S/o- Arvind Rana Both Vill-Baank Badai Tola, PS-Mohanpur 20. Subhash Das S/o- Madan Das 21. Deepak Das S/o– Kesav Das 22. Vinod Das S/o–Gujjar Das, All three vill– Sirsia, PS– Devipur, All Distt–Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-28,
Cheque Book-02,
Motorcycle-01 and
Cash- Rs.7000/-
114 Cyber PS Case No.-79/21, Dated-05.09.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D I.T. Act. 1. Ravi Ranjan S/o- Narendra Gupta, Vill-Santhali,
PS- Jasidih, District - Deoghar
-- -- -- -- MOBILE-01,
115 Cyber PS Case No.-80/21, Dated-05.09.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B  IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Sachin Kumar Das S/o- Shambhu Das 2. Vikas Das 3. Kundan Das, Both S/o- Sudhir Das, Vill-Bhedwanawadih, PS-Madhupur 4. Bittu Kumar Das S/o-Dhiba Mehra, Vill-Baski, OP-Pathradda 5. Bablu Das S/o- Robin Das, Vill-Navibaksh Road, Bhedwa, PS-Madhupur 6. Pintu Kumar Das 7. Tinku Kumar Das, Both S/o- Naresh Das 8. Niranjan Das S/o- Narayan Das 9. Pankaj Kumar Das S/o- Late Bhim Das, above four Vill-Kusaha, PS-Pathrol 10. Bimal Kumar S/o- Jagdish Das, Vill-Bada Sanghra, PS-Pathrol 11. Amit Kumar S/o- Kamdev Das, Vill-Kusaha, PS-Pathrol 12. Kisan Das 13. Kanhai Das Both S/o-Bhikhan Das 14. Tinku Das S/o-Sukhdev Das, All three Vill-Bara, PS-Pathrol 15. Armaan Ansari S/o-Kesar Ali 16. Ateeq Ansari S/o-Baharuddin Ansari 17. Ehsan Ansari S/o-Tahir Hussain, Vill-Morne, PS-Mohanpur, All Distt-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-26,
116 Cyber PS Case No.-81/21, Dated-11.09.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B  IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84B I.T. Act. 1. Noor Alam S/o-Safiq Miyan, Vill-Bhorandiha 2. Riyasat Ansari S/o-Sobrati Miyan 3. Tabarak Ansari S/0-Akbar Miyan 4. Israel Ansari 5. Ikrar Ansari, Both S/o- Majeed Ansari, All four Vill-Nagadri, All PS-Karon, Distt-Deoghar 6. Fayaz Ansari @ Aashiq @ Kallu S/o- Mobin Ansari, Vill-Oldah, PS-Margomunda, Distt-Deoghar, At Present- Tarkojori, PS-Karmatand, Distt-Jamtara 7. Mukesh Kumar Mandal S/o- Visheshwar Mandal, Vill-Thegadih, PS-Pathrol 8. Pritam Kumar Das 9. Gautam Kumar Das, Both S/o-Manoj Das 10. Tikait Das S/o-Madu Das 11. Shibu Kumar Das S/o-Prasadi Das 12. Deepak Das S/o- Jagdev Das, above five Vill-Ledwa, PS-Madhupur 13. Rohit Rawani S/o – Bhikho Rawani 14. Mithun Rawani 15. Pintu Kumar Rawani Both S/o – Sukhdev Rawani, Vill– Mahuatand, PS– Devipur, All Distt–Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-28,
117 Cyber PS Case No.-83/21, Dated-13.09.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Santosh Kumar Das S/o-Nakul Das 2. Vishnu Kumar Das S/o-Dinesh Das, Both Vill-Ledwa, PS-Pathrol, Distt-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-02,
118 Cyber PS Case No.-86/21, Dated-21.09.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Shiv Kumar Rana S/o-Parmeshwar Rana 2. Vishnu Rana age S/o- Ashok Rana 3. Avinash Kumar Rawani S/o- Anil Rawani 4. Uttam Kumar S/o- Sunil Rawani 5. Jagdish Yadav S/o- Raghunath Yadav 6. Kisan Kumar S/o- Paresh Pandit 7. Pramod Kumar Pandit S/o- Trilochan Pandit, All Vill-Kapasa, PS-Sarath, Distt-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-14,
119 Cyber PS Case No.-87/21, Dated-24.09.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Irfan Ansari S/o- Hamid Miyan, 2. Mubarak Ansari S/o- Ali Hussain Miyan, 3. Mohd Sabbir S/o- Kamruddin Miyan, All three Vill- Kasraidih, PS- Khaga, Distt-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-03,
120 Cyber PS Case No.-88/21, Dated-26.09.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Basruddin Ansari S/o- Murshid Alam 2. Furqan Ansari S/o-Shahabuddin Ansari, Both Vill- Laluwadih 3. Gulshan Das S/o- Saudagar Das 4. Gautam Das S/o- Late Dinesh Das, Both Vill-Pahariya, All PS-Sarwan 5. Keshav Kant Kumar S/o- Satyanarayan Mandal, Vill-Khapchova, PS-Sonaraithadi, All Distt-Deoghar 6. Ajay Kumar Verma S/o- Bandhu Mahato, Vill- Jaridih, PS- Jamua, Distt- Giridih -- -- -- -- Mobile-14,
121 Cyber PS Case No.-89/21, Dated-26.09.2021, U/S-354/354A/354B/34 IPC  -- 67/67A I.T. Act. Safaul Sheikh S/o-Mohd. Nausad Sheikh, Vill-Simratari, PS-Pathrol, Distt-Deoghar -- -- -- -- --
122 Cyber PS Case No.-90/21, Dated-29.09.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Rohit Kumar Verma S/o– Nakul Prasad Verma 2. Ajay Kumar Yadav S/o– Late Binod Kumar Yadav, Both Vill– Bada Charpa 3. Bablu Kumar Singh 4. Bipin Kumar Singh, Both S/o– Gudi Singh, Vill– Chunjo All four PS– Margomunda, Distt-Deoghar 5. Pawan @ Deepak Mandal S/o-Chhotelal Mandal, Vill-Bengabad, PS-Bengabad, Distt-Giridih 6. Farooq Ansari S/o- Late Abdul Hakim 7. Rakib Ansari S/o- Late Fazlul Rehman Both Vill-Murliphadi, PS- Margomunda 8. Saroj Das S/o-Shanichar Das, Vill-Charghara, PS-Sarwan, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-11, Sim-19, ATM-06, Passbook-01, Chequebook-01, Motorcycle-01, Four Wheeler-01
123 Town PS Case No.-501/21, Dated-08.10.2021, U/S-
395 IPC.
1. Sutim Thakur @ Sumit Shadilya S/o-Deep Narayan Thakur, Vill-Bilasi Town, 2. Puskar Kumar @ Rocky S/o-Manoj Singh, Vill.-Babanbigha 3. Rohan Kumar @ Sunny S/o-Surendra Prasad Kasera, Vill.-Subhash Chowk, 4 Sonu Kumar Kshetri S/o-Hari Kshetri, Vill-Brahm Samaj Road, 5. Pankaj Kumar S/o-Suresh Sah, Vill-Barmasia, All PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- - -- -- --
124 Town PS Case No.-493/21, Dated-03.10.2021, U/S-
25(1-B)(A)/26/35 Arms Act.
1. Rajan Parasar S/o- Late Pramod Naraune 2. Shashi Kumar Verma S/o-Manoj Prasad Verma, Both Vill-Kalirakha, Jhausagarhi, 3. Sunny Gupta @ Sunil Kumar Gupta S/o-Dilip Prasad Sah, Vill-Kalirakha, Jhausagarhi, 4. Pappu @ Ravi Shankar Verma S/o-Anil Verma, Vill-Hati Pahad Behrangi Tola, Mohanpur, Deoghar -- One (01) illegal country made pistol (rusted)  -- One (01) live cartridge
(a miss fire)
1. One Mat,
2. Six Empty Plastic Water Bottles of Baba Jal Company,
3. Six Plastic Glasses Smelling of Alcohol,
4. Empty Bottle of One BLENDERS PRIDE 750 ML and BLENDERS PRIDE 375 ML 
125 Town PS Case No.-500/21, Dated-08.10.2021, U/S- 399/402 IPC -- 25(1-B) (A)/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Shambhu Kumar Das @ Shambhu Siduria, S/o-Huro Das, Vill-Balliachouki, PS-Kunda, Dist- Deoghar. -- Two (02) loaded country made Pistols -- Two (02) live cartridges --
126 Town PS Case No.-513/21, Dated-15.10.2021, U/S-
25(1-B)(A)/26/35 Arms Act.
1. Dharamjeet Turi S/o-Basudev Turi 2. Manish Raj S/o-Shambhu Harijan 3. Kanhaiya Turi S/o-Kishan Turi, All Vill-Railway Holiday Home, Castair Town, PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- One (01) Automatic Pistol with magazine -- -- 1. One(01) Motorcycle hero igniter company,
2. Three (03) mobile phones
127 Town PS Case No.-521/21, Dated-08.10.2021, U/S- 25(1-B)(A)/26 Arms Act. 1. Shyam Kumar Yadav S/o-Bhairava Yadav, Vill-Bariyarbandhi, Bumpas Town, PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- One (01) Country made Pistol, --  One (01) Empty Round and One (01) live cartridge --
128 Town PS Case No.-536/21, Dated-28.10.2021, U/S-
25(1-B)(A)/26 Arms Act.
1. Rajeev Kumar Soni S/o- Late Ranjan Poddar, Vill-Civil Line, Nandan Pahar, PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- One (01) loaded country made Pistol -- One (01) bullet --
129 Kunda PS Case No.-151/21, Dated-17.10.2021, U/S-
25(1-B)(A)/26/31/35 Arms Act.
1. Rahul Singh S/o-Naval Kishore Singh, Vill-Harikrishna Sah Lane 2. Ankush Vatsyayan S/o-Ajay Vatsayan, Vill.-Harihar Bari Lane, Bilasi, Both PS-Town 3. Kaushal Jaiswal S/o-Krishna Chaudhary, Vill-Hathipahar, PS-Kunda, All District-Deoghar -- Three (03) country-made Pistol, -- Two (02) Magazines, Two (02) live cartridges --
130 Kunda PS Case No.-152/21, Dated-20.10.2021, U/S-399/402 IPC --
25(1-B)(A)/26/35 Arms Act.
1. Laxman Tanti S/o-Nundev Tanti, 2. Niranjan Rajak S/o-Kamal Rajak, 3. Ajit Tanti S/o-Vinod Tanti, 4. Chhotu Kumar Tanti S/o-Sudhir Tanti, 5. Puran Tanti S/o-Jitan Tanti, Five Vill-Harkatta , 6. Krishna Kanhaiya Tanti @ Shubham S/o-Baluki Tanti, Vill-Kosma Tilha, All PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- One (01) Country-made Iron Pistol, -- -- Five mobile phones and a Hero Honda CBZ
131 Jasidih PS Case No.-359/21, Dated-22.10.2021, U/S-399/402 IPC --
25(1-B)(A) Arms Act.
1. Ajay Kumar Das S/o-Pradeep Das, 2. Vishal Kumar Das, S/o-Ashok Das, Both Vill-Sarsa, 3. Pritam Kumar Dev @ Bittu, S/o- Ramakant Dev, Vill.-Tawaghat, 4. Kishore Rudra Srivastava, S/o- Sanjay Srivastava, Vill-Near Jasidih Public School, Pagal Baba, 5. Man Kumar Mishra @ Jishu, S/o-Santosh Mishra, Vill- Ghaghargada, All PS-Jasidih, 6. Umesh Prasad Yadav S/o-Arjun Prasad Yadav, Vill-Asahna, PS-Devipur, All District-Deoghar -- Two (02) Country-made Pistol, -- Three (03) live cartridges  --
132 Town PS Case No.-499/21, Dated-07.10.2021, U/S-
22 (A) NDPS Act.
1. Shivam Kumar S/o-Late Peeru Harijan, Vill-Tower Chowk, Old Sadar Hospital 2. Rohit Kumar S/o-Brahmadev Modi, Vill-Hadadia Bridge 3. Chhotu Kumar Mahto @ Sukhra S/o-Kishan Mahato, Vill-Hanuman Tikri, PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Brown sugar- 340 mg,
Cash Rs-930 / -
and Two mobile
133 Town PS Case No.-537/21, Dated-28.10.2021, U/S-
22 (b)(ii)(B) NDPS Act.
1. Mukesh Kumar Choudhary S/o- Late Jayanti Choudhary, Vill-Rai and Co. More, PS-Town, 2. Babu Ram Mandal S/o-Mangalanand Mandal, Vill-Chitolodhia, PS-Kunda, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Ganja- 01 Kg 700 Gram
134 Chitra PS Case No.-57/21, Dated-08.10.2021, U/S-392 IPC   Non Fir Accused 1. Kalam Ansari S/o-Fakruddin Miyan, Vill-Thadi, PS-Chitra, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobiles -- 2. Black Hero Honda Glamor Motorcycle
135 Cyber PS Case No.-91/21, Dated-02.10.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Ranjeet Das S/o-Nirju Mehra 2. Jayakant Mahara S/o-Laldev Mahara, Both Vill-Bardehi, O.P.-Pathradda 3. Subhash Das S/o-Santu Das, Vill- Lakhnuwa, PS-Madhupur, Present Vill-Bardehi, O.P. Patharda 4. Mantu Kumar Das S/o-Suchit Das, Vill- Budhikura 5. Sanjay Rawani S/o-Gulaab Rawani 6. Dheeraj Rawani S/o-saheb Rawani, Both Vill-Kaziyatand, PS-Pathrol 7. Gautam Kumar S/o-Rajesh Mandal, Vill-Paharpur, PS-Mohanpur, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-12, 2. SIM-19,
3. ATM-05, 4. Passbook-02, 5. ChequeBook-01
136 Cyber PS Case No.-92/21, Dated-04.10.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Guddu Kumar S/o- Suresh Yadav 2. Devanand Kumar S/o- Rajendra Yadav Both Vill-Kalhodia 3. Tuntun Kumar S/o- Ramvriksha Yadav, Vill-Dumaria 4. Tinku Mandal S/o-Bhubneswar Mandal 5.Bablu Kumar S/o-Hiraman Mandal Both Vill-Farka Simar 6. Vikas Yadav S/o-Matru Yadav 7. Ekant Kumar S/o-Indradev Mandal, Both Vill-Latasare 8. Bhavishya Kumar S/o-Shankar Mandal, Vill-Jagatpur All PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Moble-09,
2. SIM-12,
3. ATM-04
137 Cyber PS Case No.-93/21, Dated-08.10.2021, U/S-212/419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Sanjeev Kumar Das S/o-Chandi Das 2. Bablu Das S/o- Baski Das, Both Vill-Misrna 3. Kundan Kumar Das S/o- Late Baleshwar Das 4. Alok Kumar Das S/o- Prakash Chandra Das 5. Pradeep Kumar Das S/o- Baikunth Das, All three Vill-Pasia 6. Amit Kumar Das S/o-Rohit Das, Vill-Gangti 7 Shakti Das S/o-Arjun Das, Vill-Charpa, All PS-Madhupur 8. Manoj Kumar Mandal S/o-Ramprasad Mandal, Vill-Asahna, PS-Sarath 9. Mukund Mehra S/o- Late Govardhan Mehra 10. Mukesh Das S/o- Chikhari Mehra 11. Rajesh Kumar Das S/o- Mohan Mehra 12. Ajay Kumar Bharti S/o- Anil Kumar Das, above Four Vill-Babhankund, PS-Sarath 13. Ranjit Singh S/o- Ashok Singh, Vill- Aluwara, O.P.-Patharda 14. Karthik Das S/o- Visheshwar Das, Vill- Rupabad, PS-Pathrol 15. Rajesh Mandal S/o-Liladhar Mandal, Vill-Rajasare, PS-Mohanpur, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Moble-24,
2. SIM-30,
3. ATM-05,
4. Fingure Scanning
5. Cash Rs-41,000/- 
138 Cyber PS Case No.-94/21, Dated-11.10.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Santosh Kumar S/o- Shakti Mahto, Vill- Kachuasol, PS- Palajori 2. Rajesh Kumar Yadav S/o- Balram Prasad Yadav, Vill- Amgachi, PS-Sarwan 3. Pramod Kumar Yadav S/o-Kaleshwar Yadav, Vill-Chhatakuram 4. Abhishek Kumar Singh S/o- Brajesh Prasad Singh 5. Suraj Kumar S/o-Sushil Kumar, Both Vill-Karhaiya All three PS- Sarath 6 Ajit Kumar Verma S/o-Balram Prasad Verma, Vill-Amdiha, PS-Devipur 7. Amit Kumar S/o- Harkishore Das, Vill-Pathara, PS-Pathrol 8. Bullet Das S/o-Jagdish Das, Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-09,
2. SIM-14,
3. ATM-03,
4. Bike-01,
5. Cash- Rs.5000/-
139 Cyber PS Case No.-95/21, Dated-14.10.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Ramesh Kumar Mandal S/o- Nimai Mandal 2. Rajesh Kumar Mandal S/o- Late Amrit Mandal Both Vill-Ghaghra, O.P.-Pathradda, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-01,
2. SIM-02,
3. ATM-01
140 Cyber PS Case No.-97/21, Dated-21.10.2021, U/S-212/419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Sartaj Ansari S/o- Mobin Ansari, Vill- Murliphadi
2. Maqsood Mian S/o- Late Sabo Mian, Vill- Jamuniyatand, both PS- Margomunda, District - Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-04,
2. SIM-03,
141 Cyber PS Case No.-98/21, Dated-28.10.2021, U/S-212/419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Tarun Das S/o- Rameshwar Das 2. Vikas Das S/o-Parmeshwar Das 3. Sanjit Das S/o- Inno Mahara, All three Vill- Pitonjia, PS-Pathrol 4. Amit Kumar S/o- Dhananjay Das 5. Dhananjay Das 6. Sandeep Kumar Das, Both S/o- Baijnath Das 7. Niranjan Kumar Das S/o- Dilip Das, above four Vill-Pasia, PS- Madhupur 8. Ranjit Das S/o-Bhagat Das, Vill-Basmatta, PS-Kunda 9. Ankit Kumar Das S/o- Laxman Das, Vill-Piparbadia, PS-Devipur 10. Umesh Das S/o-Taintar Das, Vill-Rajadih, PS-Jasidih, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-11,
2. SIM-19,
3. ATM-02
142 Cyber PS Case No.-99/21, Dated-31.10.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Sandeep Kumar Das S/o–Janardan Prasad Das, Vill–Gonaiya 2. Jaiprakash Das S/o– Jagdev Das 3. Sumit Kumar Das S/o– Prayag Das, Both Vill–Billi, All PS-Pathrol 4. Dablu Das 5. Bablu Das, Both S/o-Prakash Das, Vill-Bada Rajabandh 6. Arvind Das S/o-Prem Das, Vill-Bhedwanwadih 7. Pintu Kumar Das S/o- Baijnath Das, Vill-Pasia, above four PS- Madhupur, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-16,
2. SIM-21,
3. ATM-01
143 Mohanpur PS Case No.-163/21, Dated-27.11.2021, U/S- 392 IPC. Non Fir Accused 1. Gautam Kumar Jha, S/o-Sudhir Jha 2. Shubham Kumar Jha, S/o-Manish Jha 3. Bulbul Kapri S/o-Vinod Kapri, All three Vill-Chakrama, 4. Abhimanyu Kumar S/o-Dilip Yadav, Vill-Singraydih 5. Mithlesh Yadav S/o-Pradeep Yadav, Vill-Buturuwadih, All PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- --
144 Mohanpur PS Case No.-161/21, Dated-24.11.2021, U/S-25(1-B)(A)/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Farooq Ansari S/o-Mohd. Zakir Ansari, Vill-Pilwahi, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- One (01) illegal country made pistol  -- Two (02) live cartridge  --
145 Jasidih PS Case No.-392/21, Dated-18.11.2021, U/S- 385 IPC -- 25(1-B)(A)/26/ 31/35/25(5) Arms Act. 1. Kamlesh Yadav, S/o-Pitamber Yadav, 2. Ram Prasad Yadav @ Jaddu S/o-Ashok Yadav, both Vill-Chandpur, PS-Jasidih 3. Bablu Choudhary, S/o-Bagha Choudhary, Vill-Singhwa, PS-Town, All Three District-Deoghar -- Two (02) loaded country made Pistols -- Four (04) live cartridges Mobile-03 
146 Margomunda PS Case No.-69/21, Dated-20.11.2021, U/S-25(1-B)(A)/26/27 Arms Act. 1. Salamat Ansari, S/o-Late Mohd. Ansari, Vill-Barbad, PS-Margomunda, District-Deoghar -- One (01) Iron Pistol -- -- Redme Mobile-01
147 Kunda PS Case No.-158/21, Dated-08.11.2021, U/S- 20 (b)(II)B NDPS Act. 1. Ashish Kumar Singh @ Pintu Singh, Vill-Near New Durga Mandir Service, Bandha, PS-Kunda, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Ganja- 07 Kg 100 Gram
148 Cyber PS Case No.-100/21, Dated-04.11.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Chandrashekhar Yadav S/o – Harimohan Yadav 2. Sangeet Kumar S/o – Govind Yadav 3. Lalit Yadav S/o– Parmeshwar Yadav, All three Vill–Chitarpoka, PS– Mohanpur 4. Mannu Yadav S/o– Bhutku Yadav, Vill– Chandana Dumri 5. Gopal Yadav S/o- Murti Prasad Yadav, Vill-Dumaria, both PS-Sonaraithari 6. Satyendra Kumar Mandal S/o-Rajendra Mandal 7. Sandeep Kumar Mandal S/o- Late Tarani Mandal 8. Vicky Kumar S/o- Jaikishore Mandal, All three Villages-Jarka, PS-Sonaraiathari, All District - Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-13, SIM-21, ATM-02, Passbook-01, Two Wheeler-01, Cash Rs-26,500/-
149 Cyber PS Case No.-101/21, Dated-07.11.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Pintu Kumar Das S/o-Dilip Mehra, 2. Rohit Das 3. Nitay Das Both S/o-Arjun Das, 4. Siddharth Kumar Das S/o-Nitay Das, All Vill-Karnpura PS-Devipur, 5. Ajay Das 6. Bhudev Das Both S/o- Jagjivan Das, 7. Dharmendra Das S/o- Amarnath Das, All three Vill-Madhopur, PS- Madhupur, 8. Azad Das S/o-Bahadur Mahara, Vill-Gobarshala, PS-Pathardda O.P (Sarath), 9. Shabbir Ansari 10. Arbaaz Ansari, Both S/o-Sanaul Ansari Vill-Panchrukhi, 11. Anul Ansari S/o- Sirajuddin Ansari Vill- Kano, All three PS-Margomunda, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-18, Sim-31, ATM-08, Passbook-16, Chequebook-01, Cash Rs-48000/-
150 Cyber PS Case No.-102/21, Dated-15.11.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Rajesh Kumar Das 2. Arun Das Both S/o- Vasudev Das 3. Gautam Das S/o- Jagdish Das 4. Munna Kumar Das S/o- Kamdev Das 5. Umesh Kumar Das 6. Rupesh Kumar Das Both S/o- Bijay Das All Vill-Chhota Sanghra, PS-Pathrol 7. Ghanshyam Mehra S/o-Dhirju Mehra 8. Shambhu Das S/o-Badri Mehra, Both Vill-Upper Tola, PS-Pathrol 9. Bijay Kumar Das S/o-Vasudev Mehra, Vill-Fulchunwa, PS-Sarath 10. Umesh Kumar Das S/o-Madan Das, Vill-Zara, PS-Sarwan, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-16, Sim-23, ATM-07, Passbook-03, Chequebook-01
151 Cyber PS Case No.-103/21, Dated-20.11.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Kuldeep Kumar Das S/o-Narayan Das, Vill-Ledwa, PS-Pathrol 2. Ajay Kumar Das 3. Sanjay Kumar Das Both S/o- Kailash Das 4. Sachin Kumar Das S/o- Panchanan Das All three Vill- Goithadih, PS-Devipur, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-05, Sim-07, ATM-02, Passbook-08
152 Cyber PS Case No.-104/21, Dated-23.11.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Rupesh Kumar Das S/o- Arun Kumar Das 2. Nitish Kumar Das S/o- Lalu Das 3. Lal Mohan Das 4. Rohan Das 5. Sohan Das All three S/o- Sikandar Das 6. Sanjay Kumar Das S/o- Bhola Das 7. Tinku Kumar S/o-Pantar Das 8. Gautam Kumar Das S/o-Girish Das All Vill-Punsia, Tola- Anup Manjhidih, PS-Rikhiya 9. Mantu Kumar Das S/o- Arvind Das, Vill-Chandih, PS-Kunda, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-22, Sim-32, ATM-10, Passbook-05, Laptop-01
153 Cyber PS Case No.-105/21, Dated-27.11.2021, U/S-212/353/419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Nitay Kumar Das S/o- Shashi Das 2. Niraj Kumar S/o- Vishwanath Mahara 3. Rajesh Mehra S/o- Ramprasad Mahara All three vill- Gobarshala, Pathardda, PS-Sarath, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-10, Sim-15, Passbook-01
154 Cyber PS Case No.-106/21, Dated-27.11.2021, U/S-293/419/ IPC  -- 66C/67/67A/67B I.T. Act. NonFir accused 1. Sumitraj Yadav S/o- Rajendra Yadav, Vill-Kudila (Teliyadih), PS-Gidhor, District-Jamui, (Bihar) at Present Vill-bandha, Baijnathpur, PS-Rikhiya, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
155 Jasidih PS Case No.-427/21, Dated-22.12.2021, U/S- 302/201/120B/34 IPC. 1. Avinash Kumar Pandey S/o- Shyam Pandey, Vill-Khaira, PS-Khaira, District-Jamui (Bihar), 2. Kush Kumar Jha @ Kush Kashv S/o-Late Pankaj Jha, Vill-Rohini , PS-Jasidih, District-Deoghar -- - -- -- --
156 Sarath PS Case No.-165/21, Dated-04.12.2021, U/S-302/376(3) IPC -- 06 Pocso Act. 2012 (1) Mantosh Poddar, S/o-Sahdev Poddar, (2) Complaint Umesh Mirdha, S/o- Late Rajkumar Mirdha, Both Vill-Jhilua, PS-Sarath, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- --
157 Rikhiya PS Case No.-205/21, Dated-02.12.2021, U/S- 25(1-B)(A)/26 Arms Act. Abhishek Kumar, S/o.-Vipin Raut, Vill-Saket Bihar, Barmasia, PS-Town, District-Deoghar -- -- -- Two (02) live cartridges --
158 Rikhiya PS Case No.-206/21, Dated-02.12.2021, U/S- 25(1-B)(A)/26/31/35 Arms Act. Vikram Kumar Jha, S/o-Bhulan Jha, Vill-Balsara, Ward No.-06, PS-Rikhiya, District-Deoghar -- One (01) loaded Pistol -- One (01) live cartridges --
159 Mohanpur PS Case No.-164/21, Dated-02.12.2021, U/S- 21 (A) NDPS Act. 1. Kundan Kumar Mandal S/o-Rohit Mandal 2. Tarun Kumar Mandal, S/o-Damodar Mandal 3. Ashish Ranjan S/o-Manoj Mandal, All Three-Ghormara, PS-Mohanpur, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Three Packet like brown sugar
2. Realmi mobile,
3. One Airtel Sim,
4. MI Company mobile --
5. One white colored Car 
160 Cyber PS Case No.-107/21, Dated-03.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Kundan Kumar Mandal @ Kundan Kumar S/o-Rohit Mandal 2. Ashish Kumar Mandal @ Ashish Ranjan S/o-Mishri Mandal @ Manoj Mandal, Both Vill-Ghormara, PS-Mohanpur District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-02,
2. SIM-04
161 Cyber PS Case No.-108/21, Dated-04.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Pravin Mehra @ Chhotu, S/o- Late Bhim Mehra 2. Shekhar Kumar S/o-Khublal Das, Both Vill-Gobarshala, O.P. Pathardda 3. Shabbir Ansari S/o- Azimuddin Miyan 4. Mohd. Ikramul Haque S/o- Azim Miyan Both Vill-Leto, PS-Palajori 5. Uttam Kumar Das S/o-Manoj Kumar Das, Vill-Guniasol, PS-Madhupur 6. Raju Das S/o-Ranjit Das 7. Sunil Kumar S/o-Banshi Das, Both Vill- Kesargadha, PS-Madhupur All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-10,
2. Sim-21,
3. ATM-04,
4. Passbook-02,
5. Cash Rs-45000/-
162 Cyber PS Case No.-109/21, Dated-07.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Congress Pujhar S/o-Suresh Pujhar, Vill-Naiyadih 2. Krishna Kumar Poddar S/o-Upendra Poddar 3. Gautam Kumar S/o-Churman Poddar Both Vill-Jagnadih, All Three PS-Devipur 4. Rakesh Kumar S/o-Lutan Sah, Vill-Balsara, PS -Rikhiya 5. Chirag Kumar S/o- Binod Yadav, Vill-Jamua, PS-Devipur 6. Amit Kumar Mandal S/o- Late Ramnarayan Mandal, Vill-Khijuriatand, PS-Margomunda, All District-Deoghar 7. Nitesh Kumar Mandal S/o-Girdhari Mandal, Vill-Arwatand, PS-Tundi, District-Dhanbad -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-17,
2. Sim-25,
3. ATM-04,
4. Passbook-18,
5. Two wheeler-01,
6. Adhaar Card-01,
163 Cyber PS Case No.-110/21, Dated-12.12.2021, U/S-212/419/420/467/468/471/
120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act.
1. Ajmal Sheikh S/o-Shaukat Sheikh, Vill-Tetriya Mod 2. Nurul Islam Sheikh S/o- Manzoor Sheikh, Vill- Pindari, Both PS-Sarat 3. Mohd Shakir Ansari S/o-Mohd Jamshed Ansari, Vill-Raghunathpur 4. Shamsul Mian S/o- Late Nasruddin Mian, Vill-Dubrajpur, Both PS-Khaga 5. Aslam Ansari S/o-Gulab Rasool, Vill-Jhiluva, PS-Budai, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-12,
2. Sim-16,
3. ATM-06,
4. Passbook-02
164 Cyber PS Case No.-111/21, Dated-16.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Kartik Das S/o-Chhattis Das 2. Sanjit Kumar Das S/o-Ashok Das, Both Vill-Badasanghara, PS-Pathrol 3. Chandan Das S/o-Chhattis Das, Vill-Babhankund, O.P. Pathardda 4. Dinesh Das S/o-Shankar Das, Vill-Badasanghara, PS-Pathrol 5. Raju Das S/o-Sunil Das, Vill-Upardih Bargunia, PS-Devipur 6. Shyamsunder Mandal S/o-Sanjit Mandal 7. Vishal Kumar Mandal S/o-Bhim Mandal 8. Ravi Kumar Raut S/o- Puran Raut All three Vill-Gauripur, PS-Kunda, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-08,
2. Sim-11,
3. ATM-02, 
165 Cyber PS Case No.-112/21, Dated-17.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66D I.T. Act. Non-FIR Accused 1. Baby Choudhary S/o- Late Sanjeev Choudhary, Vill-Dardmara, PS-Jasidih, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- -- --
166 Cyber PS Case No.-114/21, Dated-19.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Sanjay Lal S/o– Jaldhar Rana 2. Chhotu Rana 3. Durju Rana, Both S/o–Yudhishthira Rana, All three Vill– Kurumtand 4. Dinanath Mandal S/o–Shrikant Mandal 5. Rahul Kumar Mandal S/o– Manoj Mandal 6. Rajkumar Mandal S/o– Shaligram Mandal, All three Vill-Jhagrahi, All PS-Sarath 7. Govind Mandal S/o- Parmanand Mandal, Vill-Dumarkola, PS-Palajori 8. Jitendra Mirdha, S/o- Chunar Mirdha 9. Chhotu Mirdha S/o- Nakul Mirdha 10. Pawan Mirdha S/o- Sukdev Mirdha, All three Vill-Baghdaha, PS-Sarath 11. Shailesh Das S/o-Paran Das, Vill-Kapasa, PS-Devipur, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-20,
2. SIM-31,
3. ATM-07,
4. Passbook-04,
5. Chequebook-03,
6. Laptop-01,
7. Four wheeler-01,
8. Cash Rs. 32,000/-
167 Cyber PS Case No.-115/21, Dated-24.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Parshuram Kumar Das S/o- Karthik Mehra 2. Kishore Mahara  3. Anil Mehra, Both S/o- Dhokal Mehra, Vill-Gobshala, O.P. Patharda, District- Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-02,
2. Sim-03
168 Cyber PS Case No.-116/21, Dated-27.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Manzoor Mian S/o– Late Baharuddin Mian, Vill – Panchrukhi, PS– Margomunda 2. Lakhan Kumar Mandal 3. Shyam Mandal Both S/o– Binu Mandal 4. Aditya Kumar S/o – Shyam Mandal All three Vill– Belpara, PS– Madhupur 5. Dharmendra Kumar Das S/o-Bablu Das, Vill-Baradih, PS-Kunda 6. Nand Kishore Das S/o-Ganesh Das, Vill-Badia, PS-Madhupur, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-17,
2. Sim-17,
3. ATM-04,
4. Passbook-04,
5. Chequebook-01
169 Cyber PS Case No.-117/21, Dated-29.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Mithlesh Kumar Rai, S/o-Arun Prasad Rai, Vill-Yogidih 2. Moin Ansari S/o-Yusuf Ansari 3. Monu Ansari S/o- Imtiaz Ansari 4. Parvez Ansari S/o- Shamsher Ali All three Vill-Panchrukhi All PS-Margomunda 5. Nisar Ansari S/o-Nasruddin Mian, Vill-Jitjori, PS-Devipur, All District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-12,
2. SIM-56,
3. ATM-06,
4. Passbook-01,
5. Cash Rs.5900/-
170 Cyber PS Case No.-118/21, Dated-30.12.2021, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC  -- 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T. Act. 1. Shrikant Kumar Das S/o-Sanjay Das 2. Saurabh Kumar Das S/o-Rajesh Das 3. Deepak Kumar Das S/o- Bahadur Das 4. Shankar Das S/o-Girdhari Das 5. Nandkishore Das S/o-Sudhir Das 6. Santosh Kumar Das S/o-Kishan Das 7. Dunkel Das S/o-Damodar Das 8. Arun Kumar Das S/o-Jyotindra Das, All Vill-Charkamara, PS-Sarath, District-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Mobile-09,
2. SIM-17,
3. ATM-01,

Year Wise Achievements Against Criminals / Gangs

  • Year - 2020
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
1 Cyber PS Case No.-01/2020,Dated-03.01.2020,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Aryan Kr @ Arjun, S/O-Late Sanichar Mandal, Vill-Latchari, PS-Palajori, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- -- 02 Mobile,
02 Sim,
07 ATM Card.
2 Cyber PS Case No.-02/2020,Dated-07.01.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D --84C I.T.Act. 1. Lochan Mandal, S/O-Miro Mandal
2. Pinto Mandal
3.Rahul Mandal, Both S/O-BalKishun Mandal
4.Abhinas Mandal, S/O-Naresh Mandal
5.Ashok Mandal, S/O-Shankar Mandal. All Vill-Deli Pathar, PS-Burahi, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- 27 Mobile, 25 Sim,
09 Passbook,
04 ATM Card.
3 Cyber PS Case No.-03/2020, Dated-14.01.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Gurudev Mandal, S/O-Ramchandra Mandal, Vill-Raghuwodih
2.Bhim Mandal @ Rahul
3.Rakesh Kr. Mandal
Both S/O-Ranjit Mandal, Both Vill-Raghuwodih Surmakajal
4.Majahir Ansari S/O-Khatir Mian, Vill-Raghuwodih
5.Ajay Mahto,
6.Vijay Mahto,
Both S/O-Supari Mahto, Vill-Kushmaha
7.Samir Mandal S/O-Anil Mandal
8.Ganesh Mandal, S/O-Samir Mandal, Both Vill-Khaga, All PS-Khaga, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 28 Mobile,
48 Sim,
02 Passbook,
Cash Rs.5,35,000/- ,
01 Motorcycle.
4 Cyber PS Case No.-04/2020, Dated-19.01.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Ashish Ranjan, S/O-Manoj Mandal,
2.Roshan Kr, S/O-Jyoti Mandal, Both Vill-Gormara 3.Lalu Kr. Rana, S/O-Late Tejnarayan Rana, Vill-Burahi Tola Bank., All PS- Mohanpur, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- 03 मोबाइल, 06 सिम,
10 ए0टी0एम0 कार्ड,
02 पैन कार्ड,
02 आधार कार्ड, कैश-28,540 रू0,
01 चारपहिया वाहन(प्20 भ्लनदकपद्ध,
ड्राईविंग लाईसेंस कार्ड एवं रजिस्ट्रेशन कार्ड
-- 03 Mobile,
06 Sim,
10 ATM Card,
02 Pancard,
02 Aadharcard,
Cash-Rs 28,540/-,
01 Four wheeler(I20 Hyundi),
Driving Licence Card --
Registration Card.
5 Cyber PS Case No.-05/2020, Dated-21.01.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Amrit Mandal, S/O-Jaddu Mandal,Vill-Kenduaatand, PS-Margomunda, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- -- 03 Mobile,
04 Sim
6 Cyber PS Case No.-06/2020, Dated-23.01.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D I.T.Act. 1.Dipu Das, S/O-Omeshwar Das, Vill-Mishrana
2.Goatam Kr. Das, Vill-Gonaia, Both PS-Madhupur
3.Kanahiya Kr. S/O-Pratap Kr. Mehra, Vill-Bartehi, PS-Sarath, All Dist.-
-- -- -- -- 07 Mobile,
16 Sim, 01 ATM Card,
01 Chequebook,
Cash Rs.-1,47,500/-
7 Cyber PS Case No.-07/2020, Dated-26.01.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D I.T.Act. 1.Raja Babu, S/O-Nur Mohammad, Vill-Babudih, PS-Karmatand, Dist.-
-- -- -- -- 03 Mobile,
03 Sim,
01 Aadharcard,
01 Pancard
8 Kunda PS Case No.-14/2020, Dated-26.01.2020, U/S-394/307 IPC Non Fir Accused
1.Bhola Hajra @ Shikandar Paswan, S/O-Kamdev Hajra, Vill-Enrawatand
2.Ganshyam Madhav, S/O-Yugal Yadav, Vill-Jhikti
3.Jitendra Yadav S/O-Govind Hajra, Vill-Jogiyatikur, All PS-Sarwan, Dist.-
-- -- -- -- --
9 Cyber PS Case No.-08/2020, Dated-12.02.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC 66B/66C/66D 84C I.T.Act. 1.Munna Kumar,S/O-Mahesh Mandal, Vill-Laxmipur, Dist-Jamui, Bihar
2. Barkat Ansari ,S/O-Late Sohrab Ansari, Vill-Morne, PS-Mohanpur,
- - -- - Mobile-05,
10 Cyber PS Case No.-09/2020, Dated-16.02.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC 66B/66C/66D 84C I.T.Act. 1.Sourav Kumar Yadav,S/O-Baleshwar Yadav, Vill-Patharchapti, PS-Devipur
2.Andu Kumar Das,S/O-Kisan Das
3.Pradeep Kumar Das,S/O-Chota tipan Das
4.Mantu Kumar Das,S/O-Late Gopal Das, Vill-Hethsarpatta, PS-Sarwan, Dist.-Deoghar.
- - -- - Mobile-07,
Debit card-09,
Aadhar Card-02,
11 Cyber PS Case No.-10/2020, Dated-24.02.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC 66B/66C/66D 84C I.T.Act. 1.Ajay Kr Das ,
S/O-Sudhir Das, Vill-Fulchuaa, PS-Sarath
2.Vijay Kr Das,
S/O-Basudev, PS-Sarath,
- - -- - Mobile-01,
ATM Card-02
12 Cyber PS Case No.-12/2020, Dated-27.02.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC 66B/66C/66D 84C I.T.Act. 1.Mehboob Ansari ,
S/O-Muhmad Ansari
2.Fardeen Ansari ,
-Mehboob Ansari
3.Sufiyan Ansari ,
S/O-Kallu Ansari
4.Jamshed Ansari
5. Aabid Ansari, both ,S/O-Hafiz Ansari
6.Murari Mandal,
S/O-Lakhan Mandal, All Vill-Bhorandiha
7.Junaid Ansari ,
S/O-Jahir Ansari, Vill-Badiya, All PS-Karon,
- - -- - Mobile-17,
Cash- Rs 2,04,800/-
13 Town PS Case No.-114/2020, Dated-05.02.2020, U/S-25(1-B)(A)/26 Arms Act. 1.Bpranab Kr @ Vicky Singh,
S/O-Om prakash Singh,
Vill-Ashok Pandey House Renter, PS-Town, Dist.-Deoghar
- One Desi Pistol -- One 3.15 Bore Live Kartoos Mobile-01
14 Town PS Case No.-156/2020, Dated-25.02.2020, U/S-147/148/149/341/323/387/353 /452/504/427 IPC 25(1-B)A/26/27 Arms Act. 1.Pradeep Karmahe,
S/O-Late Jai Krishan Karmahe,
Vill-Laxmipur Chowk
2.Nitesh kr Singh,S/O-Dhruv jyoti Singh, Vill-Chamaridih, PS-Shambhuganj, Dist.-Banka, Bihar,
3.Sunil Kr Singh,S/O-Late Shivdani Singh, Vill-Nawadih, PS-Rikhiya,
4. Manish Khaware,S/O-Anil Khaware,
Vill-Jalshar Road, PS-Town,
- One loaded Pistol -- - --
15 Kunda PS Case No.-15/2020, Dated-01.02.2020, U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Bhola Hajra @ Shikandar Paswan ,S/O-Kamdev Hajra, Vill-Enrawa
2.Ghanshyam Yadav,S/O-Yugal Yadav, Vill-Jhikti,
3.Jitendra Hajra,S/O-Govind Hajra, Vill-Jogiyatikur, PS-Sarwan,
- - -- Three 09 mm Live Bullet Loaded in Magzine -
16 Kunda PS Case No.-19/2020, Dated-06.02.2020, U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Parsuram Sharma,S/O-Nakul Sharma,
Vill-Bhojpur, PS-Devipur, Dist-Deoghar
2.Rohit Sharma @ Ankush Sharma,
S/O-Shugan Sharma,Vill-Bhalua, PS-Jaipur,
Dist.-Banka, Bihar
- One Desi Pistol -- - Motercycle-01,
17 Rikhiya PS Case No.-28/2020, Dated-26.02.2020, U/S-120B/34 IPC 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Mritunjay Kumar,S/O-Dhruv kr Rai, Vill-Khairikhutha, PS-Murkahi, Dist.-Khagariya - One Pistol -- Loaded Magzine with
two Bullet
Smartphone- 01 Jio Company
18 Jasidih PS Case No.-64/2020, Dated-12.02.2020, U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Diwakar Yadav,S/O-Mahindra Pd. Yadav, Vill-Bhunra, PS-Chandan,
Dist.-Banka, Bihar.
- One Desi Pistol -- - Mobile-02
19 Devipur PS Case No.-33/2020, Dated-13.02.2020, U/S-392 IPC 1.Vijay Kr Yadav,S/O-Thakur Mahto,
Vill-Dhaniyadih, PS-Karon,
- - -- - Cash- Rs 2,54,000/-
20 Pathrol PS Case No.-21/2020, Dated-28.02.2020, U/S-379 IPC 1.Manshu Tudu,S/O-Ram Tudu,
- - -- - Motorcycle No-JH-15S-4045
21 Town PS Case No.-147/2020, Dated-21.02.2020, U/S-379 IPC Non FIR Accused
1.Pawan Singh ,S/O-Bhim Singh
2.Shiva Singh,S/O-Late Sujan Singh
3.Vijay Yadav ,S/O-Late Dusrath Yadav
- - -- - -
22 Town PS Case No.-208/2020, Dated-22.03.2020, U/S-120B/34 IPC -- 25(1-B) (a)/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Kaushal Jaiswal, S/o-Krishna Choudhary, Vill- Hathi Pahar, PS-Kunda
2.Sonu @ Vikash Kr, S/o- Jitendra Das, Vill-Belabagan near Raymond Showroom
3.Chotu Yadav, S/o-Kuldev Yadav, Vill-Tehuniya Baliya Chauki, PS-Kunda
4.Vivek Sah, S/o-Naresh Pd. Sah, Vill-Ram Mandir Road, Jhousagadi, All Dist.-Deoghar,
- One Desi Pistol with Magzine -- Four Live Bullet Mobile-02
23 Palajori PS Case No.-17/2020, Dated-25.03.2020, U/S-25(1-B) 26/35 Arms Act. 1. Munna Mian, S/o-Kolha Mian
2.Kuddu Mian @ Alam Mian, S/o- Wahid Mian, Both Vill-Chalapathar, PS-Palajori, Dist.-
One Desi Katta - -- One Live kartoos --
24 Cyber PS Case No.-15/2020, Dated-07.03.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Sunil Kr, S/o-Chatrapati Mandal, Vill-Shimarjor, PS-Mohanpur
2.Mujaffar Ansari, S/o-Khalil Ansari
3.Kalam Rasul, Mian
4.Moin Ansari, Both S/o- Ibrahim Mian
5.Arbaaz Mian, S/o- Hamid Mian, Vill- Raghunathpur, PS-Khaga,
All Dist.-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Mobile-08,
Sim-04, Passbook-05,
ATM Card-02,
Cash- Rs 16,000/-
25 Cyber PS Case No.-17/2020, Dated-17.03.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Sanjay Das ,S/o-Late Rameshwar Das,
2.Sandeep, Das S/o-Bhim Das
3.Pappu Das, S/o-Late SriLal Das
4.Mithlesh Das, S/o-Kamdev Das
5.Pawan Das, S/o-Jitan Das
6.Pankaj Kr, Das S/o-Jitan Das All Vill-Rupabad,
7.Rajik Ansari, S/o-Chirauddin Ansari, Vill-Pipra, All PS-Pathrol,
-- -- -- -- Mobile-11,
Jio Router-01
26 Cyber PS Case No.-18/2020, Dated-18.03.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Meeraj Ansari, S/o-Daud Ansari,
2.Akthar Ansari, S/o- Jamrudin Mian
3.Samaual Ansari, S/o- Falatun Mian All Vill-Samlapur, PS-Sarath, Dist.-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Mobile-04,
Pancard-02, ATM Card-09,
Cash- Rs. 10,800/-,
SBI ID Card-04,
27 Cyber PS Case No.-19/2020, Dated-30.03.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Kalimuddin Ansari @ Kaaru, S/o-Azaad Ansari
2.Azaad Ansari, S/o-Sahadatt Mian, Both Vill-Karhiya, PS-Karon, Dist.-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Mobile-05,
28 Mohanpur PS Case No.-71/20, Dated-10.04.2020, U/S-302/376(D)/201/120B/34 IPC -- 06 Pocso Act. 1.Ritlal Yadav, S/o-Dhanpat Yadav
2.Vishnu Yadav, S/o- Laxmi Yadav, Vill-Shivnagar
3.Jitendra Yadav, S/o-Visheshwar Yadav, Vill- Saraiya Basantpur -- Non Fir Accused
4.Bhawesh kr. Yadav, S/o-Maheshwar Yadav, Vill- Saraiya, All PS-Mohanpur, Dist- Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Complainant Daughter Kavita's Deathbody recovered from Saraiya Jungle.
29 Mohanpur PS Case No.-77/2020, Dated-29.04.2020, U/S-363/366/34 IPC Changed Section-302/376(D)/34 IPC. 1.Rajkishor Yadav @ Chotu Kr, S/o-Dhaneshwar Yadav
2.Santosh kr. Yadav, S/o-Kumeshwar Yadav,Both Vill-Dahijor,PS-Mohanpur, Dist- Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Complainant Daughter Sintu's Deathbody recover from Complainant House Backside well.
30 Cyber PS Case No.-24/20, Dated-10.05.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Vikash Kr, Mandal S/o-Jagdish Mandal, Vill-Gulaldih, PS-Palajori, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
White Colour Apache Motorcycle-01,
31 Cyber PS Case No.-25/20, Dated-11.05.2020, U/S-403/405/419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. Non Fir Accused
1.Sahim Akhtar, S/o- Abdul Kalim, Vill-Magnahir, PS-Sarath, Dist-Deoghar
2.Chetlal Mandal, S/o-Mani Mandal, Vill-Devlbari, PS-Karmatand, Dist-Jamtara
3.Ajit Mandal, S/o- Robin Mandal, Vill-Jaggadih, Ps- Karon Dist-Deoghar
4.Sourabh Kumar Verma, S/o- Sanjay Kumar Verma, Vill- Bududih PS-Ahilyapur, Dist- Giridih
5.Sanjay Kumar Verma, Vill- Bududih PS-Ahilyapur, Dist- Giridih
6.Anil Kumar Rawani, S/o- Late Kishor Rawani, Vill- Sitluwa, Ps- Pathrol, Dist-Deoghar
7.Sunil Kumar Rawani, S/o- Late Kishor Rawani Vill- Sitluwa, Ps- Pathrol, Dist-Deoghar
8.Nijamuddin Ansari, S/o- Gul Mohammad Vill- Madnadih, Ps- Narayanpur Dist-Jamtara
9.Md. Anwar Ansari, S/o- Snaul Ansari, Vill- Madnadih, Ps- Narayanpur Dist-Jamtara
10.Amaul Ansari, S/o- Basruddin Ansari Vill- Ringochingo, Ps-Karmatand, Dist- Jamtara
11.Nemul Hak, S/o-Snaul Ansari, Vill- Dharampur, Ps-Narayanpur, Dist-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- Mobile-23,
,unused SIM-30 Paytm ATM Card-19,
Fino payment kit-7,
Fino ATM Card-11,
32 Cyber PS Case No.-26/20, Dated-15.05.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Shahim Akhatar, S/o-Abdul kalim, Vill-Mangnahir, Ps- Sarath, Dist- Deoghar
2.Chetlal Mandal, S/o- Mani Mandal Vill-Devalbadi, Ps-Karmatand, Dist- Jamtara,
3.Ajit Mandal, S/o- Robin Mandal, Vill- Jagadih, Ps- Karon, Dist-Deoghar,
4.Mukesh Mandal, S/o- Mathur Mandal, Vill- Jagadih, Ps- Karon, Dist-Deoghar,
5.Raju Mandal, S/o-Indra Mandal, Vill+Ps-Karon, Dist-Deoghar,
6.Virat Kumar @ Lalu Mandal, S/o- Prahalad Mandal Vill-Gormara, Ps-Mohanpur, Dist- Deoghar,
7.Dinesh Kumar, S/o- Meghlal Mandal, Vill-Bagicha Ps- Baunsi Dist- Banka(Bihar)
8.Krishna Kumar Yadav,S/o-Late Manoj Yadav, Vill- Chorjor, Ps- Saraiya, Dist-Dumka
-- -- -- -- Mobile-41,
Blank ATM Card-21,
ATM Cloning Machine-01,
33 Cyber PS Case No.-27/20, Dated-19.05.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Aalam Ansari, S/o- Kajaul Ansari, Vill-Patharjor, Ps-Pathrol, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
34 Cyber PS Case No.-28/20, Dated-21.05.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Vikash Das S/o- Parmeshwar Das Vill-Pitojori, Ps- Pathrol, Dist-Deoghar
2.Gultan Kumar, S/o-Teju Mahra, Vill-Dasdih, Ps-Pathardda, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-02,
ATM Card-01,
35 Cyber PS Case No.-29/20, Dated-27.05.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC-- 66 B,C,D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Chandrakant Ramani, S/o-Kamdev Ramani
2.Subhash Kr. Ramani, S/o-Gopal Ramani
3.Pradeep Kr. Yadav, S/o- Dubraj Yadav
4.Ganesh Kr. Ramani, S/o-Ramu Ramani, All Vill- Pratappur, PS-Karon
5.Mukesh Kr. Mandal, S/o-Bisheshwar Mandal S/o-Thangadih, PS-Pathrol, All Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Mobile-14,
ATM Card-15,
Green Remit Card,
Laptop-01, Passbook-15,
36 Cyber PS Case No.-30/20, Dated-29.05.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T.Act. 1.Saroj Kr, S/o-Panchanan Rout, Vill-Ashurbandha, PS-Sarwan
2.Rupesh Kr, Singh S/o-Vimal Pd. Singh, Vill-Chandajor, PS-Karon
3.Shibu kr. Ramani, S/o-Kamdev Ramani, Vill-Pratappur, PS-Karon, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-04,
ATM-01, Passbook-01,
CSP Card-01,
37 Sarath(Patharrada)PS Case No.-64/20, Dated-30.05.2020, U/S-414/34 IPC 1.Bhudev Mandal, S/o-Kistu Mandal
2.Ram Kr, Mandal S/o-Jugal Mandal, Both Vill-Ambanchaniya (Patharrada OP), PS-Sarath, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Hero Super Splender Red-01,
Hero Splender Plus Black-01
38 Sarath PS Case No.-61/20, Dated-26.05.2020, U/S-414/34 IPC -- -- -- -- -- Truck No-JH09R-7866 Loaded 18 Ton illegal Coal.
39 Khaga PS Case No.-11/20, Dated-29.05.2020, U/S-414/34 IPC -- -- -- -- -- 80 Ton illegal Coal.
40 Khaga PS Case No.-12/20, Dated-30.05.2020, U/S-414/34 IPC -- -- -- -- -- 220 Ton illegal Coal.
41 Chitra PS Case No.-24/20, Dated-01.06.2020,U/S-414/34 IPC -- -- -- -- -- ILEGAL COAL 24 Ton,
42 Chitra PS Case No.-36/20,Dated-30.06.2020,U/S-414/34 IPC -- -- -- -- -- ILEGAL COAL 11 Ton,
890 Kilogram
43 Khaga PS Case No.-16/20, Dated-23.06.2020, U/S-286/201/34 IPC -- 4/5 Explosive Substance Act. -- -- -- -- -- 1.Jiletin-59050 Pcs,
weight-7381.28 Kg
2.Detonetor Fuse-25 Bundle Red Colour
3.Electronic Detonetor- 04 Kartoon(120 Bundle-X 50=6000 Pcs Red Colour)
4.Electronic Detonetor- 42 Kartoon (1050 Bundle X 50=52500 Pcs White Colour)
44 Sarwan PS Case No.-73/20, Dated-07.06.2020, U/S-25(1-B) A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Saurabh Srigari, S/o-Purnanand Srigari, Vill-Pandit B.N.Jha Path, Near Takshashila Vidhyapith,PS-Town, Dist-Deoghar
2.Sonu Narone @ Anubhabh Narone,
S/o-Late Vishnukant Narone,Vill-Panitanki, PS-Town, Dist-Deoghar
-- One Desi Pistol -- Seven Live Bullet --
45 Cyber PS Case No.-33/20,Dated-02.06.2020,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Nitaya Das,
2.Chotu Kr. Das
, Both S/o-Lakshman Das
3.Chandan Kr, S/o-Jyotindar Das
4.Shikandar Kr. Das
5.Jagarnath Das
6.Ranjan Kr. Das all three,S/o-Ramchandra Das,Vill-Khijuriya,PS-Kunda,Dist-Deoghar
7.Ajay Kr Rana,S/o-Duryodhan Rana, Vill-Bank Bharhi tola, PS-Mohanpur, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-15, Sim-18,
ATM Card-08,
46 Cyber PS Case No.-34/20, Dated-05.06.2020,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Prakash Mandal, S/o-Gopal Mandal, Vill-Muthiyadih, PS-Kunda, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
Cash-Rs. 46,000/-
47 Cyber PS Case No.-35/20, Dated-21.06.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Mukesh Kr. Sharma, S/o-Lakhan Sharma, Vill-Dhawatand, PS-Belhar,Dist-Banka(Bihar)
2.Ajay Kr. Das, S/o-Prakash Das, Vill-Dumdumi, PS-Chitra, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-06, Sim-03,
ATM Card-03,
Cash- Rs.30,000/-
48 Cyber PS Case No.-36/20,Dated-11.06.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D --84 C I.T.Act. 1.Suman Kr,S/o-Janardan Mandal,
2.Vishal Kr,S/o-Bhim Mandal,
3.Ravi Kr. Raut
4.Rakesh Kr. Raut, Both S/o-Puran Raut, All Vill-Gouripur, PS-Kunda
5.Ankit Kapri, S/o-Saheib kapri,Vill-Basdiha, PS-Mohanpur,
6.Suman Kr. Rajak
7.Vikash Kr. Rajak, S/o-Katki Rajak, Vill-Goramara,PS-Mohanpur
8.Sunder Rajak, S/o-Prakash Rajak,Vill-Mansinghdih, PS-Bengabagh, Dist-Giridih
9.Mukesh Kr Rajak, S/o-Yugal Baitha,Vill-Gormara,
10.Paltu Kr,S/o-Srikant Yadav,Vill-Malghagar, --11.Liladhar Yadav,S/o-Rajendra Yadav, Vill-Domuhani,both PS-Mohanpur, All Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Mobile-21,Sim-29,
ATM Card-11,
Keyoskar ID Card-02,
49 Cyber PS Case No.-37/20, Dated-17.06.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC --66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T.Act. 1.Niranjan Das, S/o-Suchit Mehra, Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath
2.Chandan Kr Das
3.Ritesh Kr. Das, Both S/o-Vinod Das,Vill-Alubara, PS-Patharadda,
4.Pradeep Kr. Das
5.Kuldeep Kr. Das, Both S/o-Gujan Mehra,Vill-Baski,PS-Patharadda,
6.Umesh Mehra, S/o-Naresh Mehra, Vill-Dudhawajori, PS-Parharadda,
7.Vikash Kr Das,S/o-Vilash Das, Vill-Charakmara, PS-Sarath,
All Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- --
50 Cyber PS Case No.-38/20, Dated-19.06.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T.Act. 1.Prabhakar Mandal, S/o-Bablu Mandal,Vill-Vhikhodih, PS-Sonaraithari, Dist-
-- -- -- -- Mobile-01, Sim-13,
Car-Mahindra XUV 300
51 Cyber PS Case No.-39/20, Dated-25.06.2020, U/S-419/420 IPC -- 66 C,D I.T.Act. 1.Ravi Kr.Jha,S/o-Mithlesh Jha,Vill-Sarsa, PS-Jasidih, Dist-
-- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
ATM Card-02
52 Cyber PS Case No.-40/20, Dated-27.06.2020,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC-- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T.Act. 1.Irfan Ansari, S/o-Balku Mian, Vill-MurliPahari, PS-Margomunda
2.Rakesh Mandal @ Sitaram
3.Balram Mandal, Both S/o-Late Lakshman Das,
4.Akbar Ansari,S/o-Noushad Ansari, Three Vill-Jagadih,PS-Karon,All Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Mobile-12,
ATM Card-01
53 Town PS Case No.-363/20, Dated-28.07.2020,U/S-25(1-B) A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Mausham Yadav @ Shiv Kr
2.Sonu kr @ Kunal
3.Akash Kr Choubey @ Akash Kr
4.Saurabh Kr.
-- One Desi Pistol -- Four live Bullet --
54 Cyber PS Case No.-42/20, Dated-05.07.2020,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC--66 B,C,D -- 84C I.T.Act. 1.Kishan Kr Yadav
2.Nandkishor Yadav,
Both S/o-Tulsi Pd. Yadav
3.Umesh Kr
4.Kaushal Kr, Both S/o-Lilu Yadav
5.Pankaj Kr, S/o-Ganesh Yadav, All Vill-Chitarpoka, PS-Mohanpur,
6.Vinod Das, S/o-Sahdev Das, Vill-Rupabad,PS-Pathrol, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-12,
ATM Card-12,
Cash- Rs 9800/-,
Indian Post Payment Card-03,
55 Cyber PS Case No.-43/20, Dated-21.07.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Munna Kr Das, S/o-Singeshwar Das, Vill-Goanaiya, PS-Pathrol, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
56 Cyber PS Case No.-44/20, Dated-26.07.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Shambhu Hajra, S/o-Tapeshwar Hajra
2.Ranbir Hajra @Mantu
3.Randhir Hajra Both S/o-Rajkapoor Hajra
4.Rajesh Hajra, S/o-Vijay Paswan, All Vill-Parariya,PS-Sonaraithari, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-08,
ATM Card-04,
57 Rikhiya PS Case No.-114/20, Dated-28.07.2020, U/S-414/34 IPC -- 04/21 Mines -- Mineral(Development and Exchange) order-1957 as amended and 07/13 Jharkhand Minerals(Illegal Mining, Transport and warehousing Restoration Regulation 2017 1.Ashok Pasi S/o- Bipcharan Pasi @ Deepnarayan Pasi, Vill-Lakrijang
2.Anil Modi, S/o-Late Gorilal Modi, Vill-Madhopur, Both PS-Rikhiya, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Two Truch Loaded with 40 ton Illegal Coal
58 Rikhiya PS Case No.-115/20, Dated-29.07.2020, U/S-414 IPC -- 04/21 Mines -- Mineral(Development and Exchange) order-1957 as amended and 07/13 Jharkhand Minerals(Illegal Mining, Transport and warehousing Restoration Regulation 2017 -- -- -- -- -- 07 ton Illegal Coal
59 Budhai PS Case No.-41/20, Dated-17.07.2020, U/S-413/414/420/285/34 IPC 1.Lakshman Marandi, S/o-Late Sukar Marandi, Vill-Bhulwa
2.Feroz Ansari S/o-Hanif Mian, Vill-Patharjor, PS-Budhai, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Iron Sheet Drum-16 Pcs,
03 Drum full with 550 Ltr Dissel,
03 Small Empty Plastic Jar,
20 Feet Blue Plastic Pipe,
Wood Scissors -- Mobile
60 Town PS Case No.-371/20, Dated-04.08.2020, U/S- 25(1-B) A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Chandan Kr Singh, S/o-Rohit Singh, Vill-Thari Road Balanand School, Karnibagh, PS-Kunda,
-- One Desi Pistol -- One 7.65 live Kartoos 1.OPPO-01 Mible
2.VIVO Mobile-01
61 Town PS Case No.-397/20, Dated-15.08.2020, U/S-25(1-B) A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Sourabh Kr, S/o-Rajesh Kumar, Vill-Hanuman Nagar, PS-Jasidih, Dist-Deoghar
2.Devanand Ishwar, S/o-Rajkumar Ishwar, Vill-Simariya, Pipra, PS-Pathargama, Dist-Godda
-- One Desi Katta -- Two .315 Live Kartoos Yamaha R15(Blue)-
Reg No-JH15V-9852
62 Cyber PS Case No.-45/20, Dated-02.08.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Isarat Ansari, S/o-Mohamad Mian
2.Sagir Ansari, S/o-Samsudin Ansari
3. Kalam Ansari, S/o- Ayub Ansari
4.Nijam Ansari, S/o-Kalimudin Ansari, All Vill-Kurba
5.Wasim Ansari, S/o-Salim Ansari, Vill-Tarakjori, Dist-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- Mobile-05,
ATMCard-01, Mahindra Scorpio-01
63 Cyber PS Case No.-48/20, Dated-17.08.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.MD. Hasir @ Hasirudin, S/o-Md Kafil
2.Anas Alam, S/o-Mahfuj Ansari, Both Vill-Balthar, PS-Mohanpur, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
Sim-01, Motorcycle-01, ATM Card-03 -- Cash- Rs 60,000/-
64 Cyber PS Case No.-49/20, Dated-18.08.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Praveen Kr. Das, S/o-Manoj Das
2.Rajesh Kr Das, S/o-Polo Das
3.Subhash Kr. Das, S/o-Ramdev Das, all three Vill-Lakhipur,
4.Viranchi Kr. Das, S/o-Late Puran Das
5.Balram Kr Das, S/o-Naresh Das
6.Sajan Kr. Das S/o-Rajkumar Das, All three Vill-Pathra
7.Pramod Kr Das,
8.Vinod Kr. Das,Both S/o-Hari Das
9.Mithun Kr. Das, S/o-Late Gopal Das, All three Vill-Lardwa, All PS-Pathrol, Dist-
-- -- -- -- Mobile-18,
Passbook-08, Cash-Rs 33,000/-, ATMCard-01
65 Cyber PS Case No.-50/20, Dated-28.08.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Sarfaraj Ansari, S/o-Naimul Ansari
2.Rabbani Ansari, S/o-Late Jhagru Ansari,Both Vill-MurliPahari, PS-Margomunda, Dist-
-- -- -- -- Mobile-02,
Cash-Rs. 33,500/-
66 Kunda PS Case No.-101/20, Dated-02.09.2020, U/S- 25(1-B) A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Prasant Jha, S/o-Ajay Jha, Vill-Karnibagh Bajrang colony
2.Rishav Keshri, S/o-Pankaj Keshri, Vill-Jalsar, Near Durga Mandir, PS-Town
3.Manish Ramani, S/o-Rajendra Ramani, Vill-Bandha, PS-Rikhiya
4.Anurag Kr ,S/o-Raman Kr, Vill-Karnibagh, PS-Kunda, All Dist-Deoghar.
-- Two Desi Pistol -- Three live Bullet Two Motorcycle
67 Rikhiya PS Case No.-137/20, Dated-30.09.2020, U/S- 25(1-B) A/26 Arms Act. 1.Chandra Shekhar, Thakur S/o-Birendra Thakur,Vill-Hathipahar, PS-Rikhiya, Dist-Deoghar. -- One Desi Katta -- Two Kartoos --
68 Devipur PS Case No.-158/20, Dated-24.09.2020, U/S- 414/34 IPC -- 25(1-B) A Arms Act. 1.Rajesh Kr. Pandit, S/o-Fuleshwar Pandit, Vill-Kharagkua, PS-Devipur, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- One Insas Bullet Two Motorcycle
69 Cyber PS Case No.-51/20, Dated-03.09.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Jeevan Kr, S/o-Vijay Rai, Vill-Gadi Bas Stand
2.Deepak Kr Paswan, S/o-Late Vairav Hajra, Vill-Bandarchuta 3.Sandeep Kr Rai, S/o-Janamjai Rai, Vill-Bandarchutta All PS-Sarwan, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-04,
70 Cyber PS Case No.-53/20, Dated-08.09.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC -- 66 B,C,D I.T. Act. 1.Vikram Kr Das, S/o-Naresh Mehra, Vill-Rangamatia, PS-Sarath Pathradda, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
71 Cyber PS Case No.-54/20, Dated-09.09.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Santosh Kr Das, S/o-Dineshwar Das, Vill-Rupabad, PS-Pathrol
2.Wablu Das, S/o-Prakash Das
3.Sanjeet Das
4.Anandi Das, Both S/o-Govind Das
5.Kundan Kr Das,
6.Sikandar Das, Both S/o-Vishnu Das
7.Ranjeet Kr Das, S/o-Prabhu Das
8.Chandan Kr Das, S/o-Naresh Das
9.Jamuna Das, S/o-Sarju Das
10.Jitendra Das, S/o-Mathura Das
11.Vikash Das, S/o-Gakul Das, All Vill-Bada Rajabandh, PS-Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-34,
Cash-Rs 24,000/-,
72 Cyber PS Case No.-55/20, Dated-13.09.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Jagarnath Rana
2.Baidhyanath Kr Both S/o-Ajit Rana
3.Dinanath Mandal, S/o-Indra Mandal, All Vill-Karon 4.Funtush Ramani, S/o-Sudam Ramani
5.Pramod Ramani, S/o-Bipan Ramani, Both Vill-Jaat, All PS-Karon
6.Banglu Kr Das
7.Mahinder Das
8.Sameer Mehra All three S/o-Foddi Mehra
9.Mithun Das, S/o-Lakhan Mehra
10. Bimal Kr, Das S/o-Late Bablu Das
11.Umesh Das
12.Ranjeet Das Both S/o-Hargori Mehra, All Vill-Sonatar, PS-Chitra, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-30,
Cheque Book-01,
73 Cyber PS Case No.-56/20, Dated-20.09.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Navin Kr Das, S/o-Brahmu Das
2.Naval Kishor Yadav, S/o-Sarju Mahto
3.Ashraf Ansari, S/o-Hashnu Mian
4.Janamjai Kr Das, S/o-Late Subhash Das
5.Vishal Kr Das, S/o-Mahngu Das
6.Dhananjay Kr, Das S/o-Lolin Das All Vill-Budhikudda, PS-Pathrol
7.Sonu Kr Mehra, S/o-Jaidev Mehra, Vill-Dumariya, PS-Sarath Pathradda, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-20,
Sim-22, Cash-Rs. 38,000/-,
ATM Card-15, Laptop-01, Chequebook-01, Passbook-06,
Kwid Renault Car-01,
74 Cyber PS Case No.-57/20, Dated-25.09.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Haasim Ansari
2.Kasim Ansari
3.MD Nasir Ansari, All Three S/o-Kobad Mian
4.Sarfraz Alam, S/o-Fakruddin Ansari, All Vill-Baredih, PS-Margomunda
5.Paachu Turi, S/o-Gangu Turi, Vill-Nagadari, PS-Karon
6.Faagu Turi, S/o-Nakul Turi, Vill-Sirri, PS-Devipur
7.Deepak Das, S/o-Avinash Das
8.Uttam Das, S/o-Paltan Mehra, Both Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath
9.Vhirgu Mehra S/o-Ganpat Mehra
10.Sanjeet Das, S/o-Bandi Das
11. Balram Mehra, S/o- Hakim Mehra, Three Vill-Fulchua, PS-Sarath, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-17,
ATM Card-02,
75 Town PS Case No.-473/20, Dated-25.09.2020, U/S-290/272/273 IPC -- 47A Excise Act -- 20/22/24 NDPS Act. 1.Adarsh Sahni, S/o-Ganga Sahni, Vill-Jalsra Talab near Hadhadiya Pul
2.Ashok Ramani, S/o-Late Damru Ramani, Vill-Hanuman Tikri
3.Vhikri Mahtha, S/o-Late Hari Mahtha
4.Ramdev Mahtha, S/o-Late, Both Vill-Balsara, PS-Rikhiya
5.Umesh Mahtha, S/o-Late Shankar Mahtha
6.Pintu Mahtha, S/o-Gurur Mahtha, Both Vill-Aathmorya, PS-Rikhiya
7.Babu Ram, S/o-Mangranand Mandal, Vill-Chitolohriya, PS-Kunda 8. Deepu Mahtha S/o-Late Shankar Passi
-- -- -- -- Ganja-12.297 kg,
Electronic Weigh Machine-01,
Videshi Sarab Bottle-26,
Infinix Co. Multimedia Mobile-01
76 Jasidih PS Case No.-472/20, Dated-23.09.2020, U/S- 21/22 NDPS Act. 1. Munna Kr Gupta, S/o-Shambhu Prasad Sah, Vill-Silta, PS-Hanshdiha, Dist-Dumka A/P Vill-Jhousagadi Ram Mandir Road, PS-Town, Dist-Deoghar
2. Ranjeet Kr @ Jitendra Kr, S/o-Ragunandan Yadav, Vill-Katyari, PS-Sono, Dist-Jamui(Bihar)
3.Sunil Kr Rai, S/o-Kedar Rai, Vill-Simariya, PS-Chakai, Dist-Jumai(Bihar) A/P- Shiva Nagar Near Nandan Pahar, PS-Town,
-- -- -- -- 1.Brown Sugar-625 Packet which Total Weigh-62.500 Millgram,
3.Mobile with Sim-03
77 Karon PS Case No.-37/20,Dated-07.10.2020, U/S-395 IPC. 1.Tanveer Ansari,S/o-Karib Ansari, Vill-Paharpur
2.Pratap Singh S/o-Murli Prasad Singh,Vill-Tiljor, PS-Devipur, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Silver chain,
Mobile -- Scorpio No-JH-18J-4357
78 Sarath PS Case No.-130/20, Dated-10.10.2020, U/S- 395 IPC. 1.Akhilesh Kumar @ Pandit, S/o-Late Omprakash Pandey, Vill-Saket Vihar, Barmasiya, Dist-Deoghar
2.Abhinash Kumar @ Chandan Singh, S/o-Pramod Kr. Singh @ Vijay Singh, Vill-Belabagan, Durgabari,, PS-Town, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
79 Devipur PS Case No.-168/20, Dated-07.10.2020, U/S- 392 IPC 1.Guddu Kr Thakur, S/o-Suran Thakur, Vill-Gumarbad, Baratand
2.Sanjay Sunduriya, Vill-Bichkorba,
3.Jitendra Kr,S/o-Naresh, Vill-Baratand
4. Kundan Kr,Vill-Bichkorba, All PS-Chakai, Dist-Jumai
-- -- -- -- --
80 Madhupur PS Case No.-182/20, Dated-09.10.2020, U/S-21/22 NDPS Act. 1.Ranjeet Yadav,S/o-Late Vijay Yadav, Vill-Danjalpara, PS-Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Ganja-550gm -- 05 packet
81 Cyber PS Case No.-59/20, Dated-02.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 (C) I.T. Act. 1.Sajan Bauri,
2.Suraj Bauri, Both S/o-Late Sukhdev Bauri 3.Kaleshwar Bauri, S/o-Gajen Bauri
4.Praduman Kr Mandal, S/o-Chano Mandal
5.Kundan Bhandari, S/o-Sadanand Bhandari
6.Sanjay Mandal, S/o-Kistu Mandal
7.Shivnarayan Mandal, S/o-Taru Mandal
8.Taru Mandal, S/o-Mathura Mandal, All Vill-Asanbani, ,PS- Chitra, Dist-Deoghar
9.Sandeep Kr, Mandal S/o-Taklal Mandal, Vill-Shantipur, PS-Karmatand, Dist-Jamtara
10.Chandan Kr Das, S/o-Mahindra Das
11.Lalan Kr Das, S/o- Kapil Das
12. Mantu Das, S/o-Rajan Das
13.Nunudev Das, S/o-Sarweshwar Das,All Vill-Chargara, PS-Sarwan,Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-34,
Cheque Book-03, ATM Card-13, Passbook-09, Motorcycle-01
82 Cyber PS Case No.-60/20, Dated-03.10.2020, U/S-504/506/354 IPC -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Mukul Mirdha, S/o-Late Shibu Mirdha, Vill-Gormara, Domtola,PS-Mohanpur,Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- --
83 Cyber PS Case No.-61/20, Dated-05.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Vikash Kr Rana @ Bihari, S/o-Prakash Rana, P.Address- Gaddi dhanva, PS-Chandrmandi, Dist-Jumai(Bihar) A.P- Vill-Damakunda, PS-Sonaraithari, 2.Saudagar Rana
3.Vishal Rana, Both S/o-Late Nunulal Rana
4.Goverdhan Yadav @ Goarav, S/o-Sona Mahto
5.Sumit Kr Rana, S/o-Saligram Rana, All Vill-Damakunda
6.SriRam Yadav, S/o-Vakil Yadav
7. Bablu Mandal, S/o-Binod Mandal
8.Sarju Yadav, S/o-Gulli Yadav
9. Rohit Yadav, S/o-Anand Yadav, All Vill-Jariya
10.Anwar Ansari, S/o-Indresh Ansari
11.Irfan Ansari, S/o-Jhangir Ansari, Both Vill-Jamua, All PS-Sonaraithari, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
Passbook-02, ATMCard-05, Motorcycle-01,
84 Cyber PS Case No.-62/20, Dated-08.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Sarafat Ansari, S/o-Rajak Ansari, Vill-Patanpur, PS-Masaliya, Dist-Dumka -- -- -- -- --
85 Cyber PS Case No.-63/20, Dated-14.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Rohit Das
2.Ajit Das,
Both S/o-Kamdev Das
3.Ranjit Kr Das
4.Ujjawal Kr Das, Both S/o-Sanjay Das, All Vill-Dhavatand
5.Rahul Kr Das, S/o-Rambali Das
6.Sanoj Das, S/o-Bhaju Das, Both Vill-Rajadih, Vill PS-Jasidih
7.Anil Das
8.Kishan Das, Both S/o-Kodo Mahra
9.Mithun Das
10.Gautam Kr,
Das Both S/o-Sito Das
11.Sanjay Das, S/o-Sahdev Das, All Vill-Dhakdhaka, PS-Devipur,
All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
Cash- Rs 30,000/-
86 Cyber PS Case No.-64/20, Dated-17.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Irashat Ansari, S/o-Nashruddin Mian
2.Vashim Ansari, S/o-Ajmul Mian, Both Vill-Heth Vithra, PS-Karmatand, Dist-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
White Colour Dk Swift Car-01
87 Cyber PS Case No.-65/20, Dated-19.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Shekhar Mandal, S/o-Mithu Mandal
2.Varun kr Mandal, S/o-Jitan Mandal
3.Nitesh Kr Mandal, S/o-Shankar Mandal
4.Vashudev kr Mandal @ Guddu
5.Ramakant kr Mandal, Both S/o-Yugendra Mandal
6.Bambhola Kr Mandal, S/o-Bhuneshwar Mandal
7.Rakesh kr Mandal, S/o-Praveen Mandal
8.Sagar kr Mandal, S/o-Tilakdhari Mandal
9.Dhananjay Mandal, S/o-Suresh Mandal, All Vill-Sukhroj
10.Ranjit kr Das, S/o-Hira Mehra, Vill-Gobarsala, PS-Sarath
11.Sanjay Mehra
12.Shekhar Kr Das, Both S/o-Dhuna Mehra
13.Shyam Sundar Das, S/o-Sagar Prasad Das
14.Sunil kr Mehra, S/o-Ramasahi Mehra
15.Vikash kr Mehra, S/o-Surweshwar Das
16.Deobrat Mehra, S/o-Dilip Mehra
17.Amit kr Das, S/o-Ramdev Mehra, All Vill-Dumeria, PS-Pathradda
18.Pankaj Das, S/o-Gopal Das, Vill-Tanderi Malmala, PS-Pathrol, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-42,
Cash- Rs 76,000/-,
Alto Car-01
88 Cyber PS Case No.-67/20, Dated-22.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Lalan Kr Mandal, S/o- Pawan Kr Mandal, Vill-Simarjor,PS-Mohanpur, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- --
89 Cyber PS Case No.-68/20, Dated-23.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Shahrukh Ansari, S/o-Rajjak Ansari, Vill-Kaki Parsani, PS-Khaga
2.Anil kr Mandal,
3.Sunil Kr Mandal,
Both S/o-Raju Mandal, Vill-Kushmaha
4.Kamdev Das, S/o-Baso Das, Vill-Guniyasol, All PS-Madhupur
5.Pintu Kr Das, S/o-Shambhu Das, Vill-Gonaiya, PS-Pathrol, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-07,
Cash-Rs 15,000/-
90 Cyber PS Case No.-69/20, Dated-24.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Sunil Kr, S/o-Suresh Yadav
2.Manoj Kr, S/o-Trilochan Yadav
3.Prem Kr
4.Amarjeet Manjhi, Both S/o-Dhukhi Manjhi
5.Manoj Kr, S/o-Nuneshwar Yadav, All Vill-Telbhanga, Budyari, PS-Mohanpur
6.Samsul Ansari, S/o-Khalil Mian
7.Jaharudin Ansari, S/o-Harun Ansari, Both Vill-Thari, PS-Chira
8.Faruque Ansari, S/o-Aayub Ansari
9. Md Aslam Ansari,
10. Md Inayat Ansari, Both S/o-Late Taiyab Ansari, Three Vill-Mohalidih
11.Abdul Samad Ansari, S/o-ILiyash Mian, Vill-Lakra Khonda, Four PS-Sarath
12.Mukesh kr Das, S/o-Mandu Das, Vill-Lerawa Niche Tola, PS-Pathrol, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-39,
ATMCard-09, White Scorpio-01, JIO Dongle-01
91 Cyber PS Case No.-70/20, Dated-28.10.2020, U/S-354C/504/506/34 IPC -- 67A/67 I.T. Act. 1.Anup Kr Rana, S/o-Murari Rana
2. Kishun Kr Mandal, S/o-Dilip Mandal, Both Vill-Chitolodhiya, PS-Kunda
3.Ankit Singh @ Ankit Kr Rajput, S/o-Lalan Kr Singh, Vill-Sangramlodhiya, PS-Jasidih, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-03,
92 Cyber PS Case No.-71/20, Dated-29.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Samsher Ansari, S/o-Abdul Latif Mian
2.Riyaj Alam, S/o-Shamsher Ansari
3.Akthar Hussain, S/o-Samsuddin Ansari
4.Altaf Hussain
5.Kabul Ansari, Both S/o-Wahab Mian
6.Md Rajauddin @ Riyajul Mian, S/o-Doman Mian, All Vill-Panchrukhi, PS-Margomunda
7.Murshid Ansari, S/o-Mahbub Alam, Vill-Maniyadih, PS-Madhupur,
8.Guddu Kr, S/o-Angraj Das
9.Rajkumar Das, S/o-Kailash Pd Das
10.Subhash Das, S/o-Prahlad Das
11.Shankar Das, S/o-Kangress Das, three Vill-Nawapathro
12.Bablu Das, S/o-Sukhi Das
13.Gautam Das, S/o-Pancham Das, Both Vill-Gangti, PS-Madhupur
14.Bablu Mehra, S/o-Gageshwar Mehra, Vill-Ranga, PS-Pathrol
15.Dinkar Kr Sahi, S/o-Anant Kr Sahi, Vill-Paniyara, PS-Madhupur
16.Rakesh Kr, Singh S/o-Birbal Pd Singh, Vill-Chormara, PS-Sarath, Both A.P Vill-Manriya, PS-Sarath
-- -- -- -- Mobile-43,
Sim-55, Motorcycle-02, Four wheeler-01, ATM Card-16, Chequebook-01, Passbook-04, Swipe Machine-01, Laptop-01, MicroATM-02, Cash-Rs 12,120/-
93 Cyber PS Case No.-72/20, Dated-31.10.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/171 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Suchit Das, S/o-Govind Das, Vill-Lerwa, PS-Pathrol, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile-01,
Police Uniform-01
94 Sarath PS Case No.-142/20, Dated-15.11.2020, U/S-392 IPC. 1.Feroze Ansari, S/o- Sikandar Ansari, Vill-Tulsidabar, PS-Chitra, Dist-Deoghar
2.Samasher Mian, S/o-Usman Mian,Vill-Lohadbandha
3.Rajak Ansari, S/o-Jabbar Mian,Vill-Kala Jharia, both PS-karmatand, Dist-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- 1.Android Mobile Blue Color of VIVO Company
2.Android Mobile Blue Color of Realme Company
3.TVS Apachi Motorcycle
4.Android Mobile Red-Black Color of VIVO Company
5.Cash Rs. 72,200 / -
95 Margomunda PS Case No.-62/20, Dated-15.11.2020, U/S- 364A IPC. NonFIR accused-
1.Rais Ansari, S/o-Nasruddin Ansari, Vill-Udhodih, PS-Margomunda
2.Samasuddin Sheikh, S/o-Mohammed Islam @ Nasruddin Sheikh
3.Mohammed Ibrar Sheikh, S/o-Ramadan Sheikh
4.Mohammad Nasrul Sheikh, S/o-Ataul Sheikh
5.Jafir Sheikh, S/o-Basir Sheikh, Four Vill-Patharia, PS-Budhai,
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-04,
2.Two Pulsar Motorcycle
3.Suzuki Company's Gixar Motorcycle and
4.Cash Rs 40,000/-
96 Town PS Case No.-669/20, Dated-26.11.2020, U/S- 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. -- -- One Desi pistol -- -- 1.A lock-cut bolt cutter of about 3 feet
2.Two Iron chisel 1.5-inch long
3.A 1.5-inch thick iron rod for brick hoists.
97 Khaga PS Case No.-37/20, Dated-08.11.2020, U/S-20/22 NDPS Act. 1.Vishnu Bhandari, S/o-Gopal Bhandari Vill.+PS-Khaga, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1.Ganja-1.900 gram in a cartoon,
2.Ganja-550 gram
3.Ganja- 91 gram in 22 Packet
4.Pital Batru of 20 -10 gram,
6.Pital Small weight machine-01
98 Cyber PS Case No.-73/20, Dated-04.11.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC 66 B,C,D -84 (C) I.T. Act. 1.Deepak Kumar Mehra, S/o-Bablu Mehra
2. Bablu Mehra, S/o-Baleshwar Mehra
3.Pankaj Kumar Das, S/o-Sukhdev Mehra, all Vill-Dudhwajori, PS- Sarath (Pattadda O.P.)
4.Jiahul Ansari, S/o-Naseem Mian
5.Qutubuddin Ansari, S/o-Sahabuddin Mian
6.Sameer Ansari,
7.Ali Hassan, S/o-Imtiaz Ansari, Four Vill-Pahrudih,
8.Imran Ansari,
9.Kamal Warsi @ Irfan Ansari, Both S/o-Aziz Ansari
10.Rohit Mandal, S/o-Shankar Mandal, all three Vill-Asna, all PS-Palajori
11. Manohar Kumar Mandal, S/o-herdaya Mandal
12.Praful Kumar Mandal, S/o-Parmanand Mandal
13.Suman Kumar Mandal, S/o-Sakaldev Mandal
14.Santosh Kumar Mandal, S/o-Kanhaiya Mandal, all four Vill- Khutiyabad Ashana, PS-Mohanpur, all Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-40,
3.ATM Card-45,
7.Cash Rs 1,40,000 / -
99 Cyber PS Case No.-76/20, Dated-07.11.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC-- 66B/66C/66D -84 C I.T. Act. 1.Karthik Kumar Mandal, S/o- Devnarayan Mandal, Vill-Chandna, PS- Sonarayadhari, Dist- Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1.Mobile-01,
4.Cash- Rs. 25,000
100 Cyber PS Case No.-77/20, Dated-09.11.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Alamgir Ansari
2.Zanjeer Ansari, both S/o- Jahangir Ansari
3.Gaffar Ansari, S/o-Razzaq Ansari
4.Muslim Ansari, S/o-Late Ishaq Ansari, all Vill- Kuruva
5.Krishna Kumar, S/o-Prakash Mandal
6.Ramesh Mandal, S/o-Bhola Mandal
7.Vikas Kumar Mandal, S/o-Pradeep Mandal, Three Vill-Bhikodih, All PS-Sonaraithadi
8.Birendra Kumar Das, S/o-Sandeep Das, Vill-Lucknua, PS-Madhupur
9.Om Prakash Mandal @ Bajrangi Mandal, S/o-Mahendra Mandal, Vill-Kalhodiya, PS-Mohanpur, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-20,
Cash-35,000 (Thirty-five thousand rupees)
101 Cyber PS Case No.-78/20, Dated-15.11.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC-- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Pradum Kumar Mandal, Vill-Margomunda
2.Jagat Kumar Mandal,
3.Tikal Mandal, both S/o-Samar Mandal, Vill-Khijuriatand
4.Virendra Kumar Mandal, S/o-Suresh Mandal, all three-Khijuriyatand, all PS-Margomunda
5.Mithilesh Kumar Ravani, S/o-Ashok Ravani
6.Chandan Kumar Yadav, S/o-Dilip Yadav
7.Bablu Kumar, S/o- Sahadev Das
8.Arvind Das 9.Chhotalal Das, Both S/o- Prayag Das
10.Pappu Kumar Das, S/o-Sukhdev Das,
11.Basant Kumar Das, S/o-Mahadev Das, Vill-Govindpur,
12.Munna Singh, S/o-Pradeep Singh, Vill-Singhpur, all PS-Karon
13.Bablu Kumar Das, S/o-Baleshwar Das, Vill-Picharabandh Dumaria, PS-Sarath (Patharadda O.P.)
14. Anil Das, S/o-Subal Das,
15. Kapil Dev Das, S/o -Hirdaya Das
16.Dilip Das, S/o-Lolin Das
17.Suman Das, S/o-Ashok Das, Four Vill-bhairay, PS-Patharol, all Dist-Deoghar
18.Umesh Mandal, S/o-Suresh Mandal , Vill-pindariya, PS-Taratand, Dist-Giridih
-- -- -- -- Mobile-28,
Cash-55000 (fifty five thousand rupees)
102 Cyber PS Case No.-79/20, Dated-23.11.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Murari Goswami, S/o-Naresh Goswami
2.Ranjit Pandit, S/o-Shibu Pandit, both Vill-Shimla
3.Sarfuddin Ansari, Vill-Jalil Ansari
4.Muzaffar Ansari, Vill -Abul Ansari
5.Shamim Ansari
6.Anwar Ansari Both S/o- Javed Ansari, all Vill-Kanki, All PS-Khaga
7.Ramesh Mandal, S/o-Tuneshwar Mandal
8.Devendra Mandal, S/o-Chhatradhari Mandal
9.Chhatradhari Mandal, S/o-Baijnath Mandal
10.Nirmal Mandal, S/o-Late Tholo Mandal, All Vill-Kenduandand, All PS-Margomunda
11.Pawan Das
12.Uday Das,

Both S/o-Jyotin Das, both Vill-Shankarpur, PS-Devipur, Dist-
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
Four Wheeler-01
103 Cyber PS Case No.-80/20, Dated-25.11.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. Non FIR Accused
1.Ilataf Ansari, S/o-Nanku Mian,
2.Jahar Ansari, S/o-Sarjahan Ansari,
3.Surfan Ansari, S/o-Masruddin Ansari,
4.Afridi Ansari, S/o-Masruddin Ansari,
5.Saddam Sheikh, S/o-Nuruddin Sheikh,
6.Junaid Ansari, S/o-Aaron Mian,
7.Sufiyan Ansari, S/o-Ahmed Mian, All Vill- Pindari,
8.Afzal Ansari, S/o-Feroz Mian,
9.Hamidul Hasan, S/o-Mahmud Alam
10.Kudrat Ansari, S/o-Kaila Mian, All Vill-Kapasa, All PS-Sarath , Dist-
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
Four wheeler-02,
Cash-Rs. 14,31,500
104 Cyber PS Case No.-81/20, Dated-27.11.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Vicky Kumar, S/o-Nageshwar Mandal,
2.Chandan Kumar, S/o-Rameshwar Mandal, both Vill-Jhagrahi,
3.Naval Kumar Mandal, Vill-Pramanand Mandal, Vill-Dumarakola, PS -Palajori, A/P- the house of his maternal uncle Ashok Mandal, Vill-Jhagrahi,
4.Darju Rana, Vill-Yudhishthira Rana, Vill-Kurum Tand,
5.Abdul Jabar Ansari,
6. Manuvar Ansari, both S/o-Mazhar Mian,
7.Mohammad Hasruddin Ansari
8.Zahid Ansari,
both S/o-Safaruddin Mian, Four Vill-Bashatand, (Patharda OP), All PS-Sarath, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-26,
Two wheeler-04,
Cash-Rs. 55,500/-
105 Cyber PS Case No.-82/20, Dated-30.11.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC-- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Rafaqat Ansari, S/o-mola mian
2.Aftab Ansari S/o-Nausad Ansari, both Vill-Pindari
3.Sunil Kumar Mandal, S/o-Kuseshwar Mandal
4.Balabhadra Kumar Yadav, S/o-Rajendra Prasad Yadav
5.Lakhan Yadav, S/o-Mukund Yadav
6.Uttam Kumar Yadav, S/o-Umbrika Prasad
7.Upendra Kumar Yadav, S/o-Sanjay Prasad Yadav
8.Abhishek Kumar Yadav, S/o-Ajay Yadav
9.Niraj Kumar Ravani, S/o-Mukesh Ravani, All Vill-Sukhjora, PS-Sarath
10. Jailor Das, S/o-Chandu Das
11. Rohit Das, S/o-Budhan Das, both Vill-Dhakadhaka, PS-Devipur,
12. Asutosh Pandey, S/o-Govind Pandey, Vill-prasabni
13.Prakash Yadav, S/o-Madan Yadav
14.Vikash Yadav S/o-Sujal Yadav
15. Dhirendra Das, S/o-Someshwar Das
16.Sanjit Das S/o-Naval Das, All Vill-Amjora, PS-Sarwan, Dist-Deoghar
17.Ujjal Kumar Das, S/o -Ramprasad Das, Vill-Sukhaltand, PS-Karmatand, Dist-Jamtara A/P- Amjora, PS-Sarwan, Dist-
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
106 Mohanpur PS Case No.-239/20, Dated-09.12.2020, U/S-392 IPC. NonFIR accused
1.Sunil Yadav,
2.Gaurav Kumar Singh
-- -- -- -- Cash Rs. 15,000 / - (fifteen thousand)
107 Cyber PS Case No.-85/20, Dated-04.12.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 (C) I.T. Act. 1.Kishore Das, S/o-Narayan Das, Vill-Babhankund
2.Ranjit Mahara, S/o-Ganesh Mahara
3.Pankaj Kumar Das, S/o-Jeetlal Mahara
4.Mukund Das, S/o-Dhaneshwar Das
5.Kundan Kumar Das, S/o-Jayprakash Mahara
6.Rajendra Mahara,
7.Mahesh Mahara,
8.Parashuram Kumar Das, S/o of three - Karthik Mahara, all Vill-Gobrashala
9.Chandan Kumar Das, 10.Kundan Kumar Das, both S/o-Dineshwar Das, Vill-Rangmatiya, PS-Sarath (Patharadda)
11.Sudhir Kumar Das, S/o-Dhanraj Mahara, Vill-Binjhapipara, PS-Sonaraithari
12.Diwakar Kumar Das, S/o- Late Govind Prasad Das, Vill-Rangamatia, PS-Sarath (Pathardda), All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-15,
SIM-25 and 02 (two) motorcycles
108 Cyber PS Case No.-87/20, Dated-07.12.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 (C) I.T. Act. 1.Srinath Das @ Sainath, S/o-Doman Das, Vill-Nayakharna, PS-Sarath (
2.Vicky Kumar Das, S/o-Balaram Mahara, Vill-Bardahi, PS-Sarath (Patharadda), Both District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-03,
109 Cyber PS Case No.-88/20, Dated-09.12.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Sultan Ansari, S/o-Fulmohammad Ansari
2.Nasruddin Ansari, S/o- Hamid Ansari
3.Md. Kalam Ansari, S/o-Sanaul Ansari
4.Badal Ansari, S/o-Majruddin Mian, All Vill-Murliphari
5.Irfan Ansari
6.Md. Ikram Ansari,
7.Rizwan Ansari, Three S/o- Ilyas Ansari, Vill-Panchrukhi, PS-Margomunda, All District-Deoghar
8.Md. Jafar Alam, S/o-Shaukat Ansari, Vill-Mohanpur, PS-Karamatand, District-Jamtara
-- -- -- -- Mobile-12,
ATM-09, Chequebook-01,
Bike-05 and Cash-68,000/-(Rupees sixty eight thousand)
110 Cyber PS Case No.-89/20, Dated-14.12.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Jamshed Ansari, S/o-Sanwar Ansari, Vill-Tatakjori, PS-Margomunda
2.Dharmendra Das, S/o-Pradeep Das, Vill-Charpa
3.Sunil Das, S/o-Late Jaggi Das, Vill-Jogidih, Both PS-Madhupur
4.Surendra Kumar Ravani, S/o-Kashi Ravani, Vill-Kajra
5.Santosh Kumar Das
6.Niranjan Kumar Das Both S/o-Nakula Das, Vill-Ledwa, Three PS-Patharol
7.Sandeep Das, S/o-Shambhu Mahara, Vill-Babhankunda, PS-Sarath (Patharadda)
8.Manoj Das, S/o-Ugan Mahara, Vill-Kapasio, PS-Sarath
9.Pankaj Das
10.Umashankar Das, Both S/o-Shakti Charan Das
11.Vinod Kumar Das S/o-Umesh Das
12.Chandan Kumar Das,
13.Vibhash Das Both S/o-Baleshwar Das, All Five Vill-Sangramlodiya, PS-Jasidih, All District- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
Passbook-07, Chequebook-02,
Cash-Rs. 18,500 / - (Eighteen thousand five hundred rupees), Motorcycle-04,
Four Wheeler-01, Swipe Machine-1
111 Cyber PS Case No.-91/20, Dated-18.12.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Sandeep Ravani, S/o-Arjun Ravani
2.Suraj Yadav, S/o-Hemlal Yadav
3.Amit Jha, S/o-Rajesh Jha
4.Chirauddin Ansari, S/o-Puran Mian, All Vill-Dumarthar, PS-Karown
5.Vipul Das, S/o-Manu Mahara
6.Gautam Kumar Das, S/o-Badri Das, both Vill-Sonatar, PS-Chitra,
7.Jitendra Kumar Poddar, S/o-Subal Poddar
8.Purushottam Poddar, S/o-Krishnanand Poddar
9.Rajeev Kumar,
10.Sanjay Kamar Mandal, both S/o- Prasadi Mandal 11.Paltan Poddar, S/o- Jalim Poddar, All Vill-Dhodhodumar, PS-Sarath
12.Shaheel Kumar Chaudhary, S/o-Huran Mahatha, Vill-Jatahimode, PS-Narg
13.Gautam Kumar Das, S/o-Mishtu Das, Vill-Khizuria, PS-Rikhiya and
14.Nivas Kumar Das, S/o-Ranjit Das, Vill-Sangramlodiya, PS-Jasidih, All District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-19,
Four-wheeler-02, Laptop-01
112 Cyber PS Case No.-92/20, Dated-23.12.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Md. Miraj Ansari, S/o-Mukshed Ansari, Vill-Barmasoli, PS-Palajori
2.Md. Irshad Alam, S/o-Md. Shaheed Ansari, Vill-hatanwa, PS-Jarmundi, District-Dumka
3.Pawan Dutta, S/o-Manik Dutta, Vill.- Asna, PS-Palajori
4.Abdul Kalam, S/o-Abul Ansari, Vill-kanki, PS-Khaga
5.Mohseen Ansari, S/o-Enul Ansari, Vill-Santhali Simra, PS-Pathrol
6.Jamrudin Ansari
7.Musharraf Ansari, both S/o- Nizam Mian, Vill-laluvadihatdhari, PS-sarwan
8.Md. Israful Ansari, S/o- Md. Sameed Ansari, Vill-Chetnari, PS-Margomunda
9.Md. Shamsher Ansari,
10.Md. Maqsood Ansari, both S/o-Md. Mukhtar Ansari
11.Ajmat Ansari, S/o-Md. Shahadat Ansari, All three Vill, Baghmari, PS-Sarwan, District-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-21,
Passbook-12, Chequebook-1, Laptop-02,
Four Wheeler-02, Cash-Rs. 1,61,000 / -(Rupees one lakh sixty one thousand)
113 Cyber PS Case No.-93/20, Dated-28.12.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Banku Das
2.Dilip Das, both S/o-Vasudev Das, Vill-Ghasco 3.Shankar Das, S/o-Surendra Das
4.Ganesh Das, S/o-Ranjit Das, both Vill-Kapasa
5. Rohit Kumar Das, S/o-Bhukar Das
6.Rajesh Kumar Das, S/o-Subhash Das, Both Vill-Piparbadia, All PS-Devipur 7.Sultan Ansari, S/o-Rustom Ansari
8.Sohail Ansari, S/o-Mobin Ansari
9.Rizwan Ansari, S/o-Wahid Ansari, All Three Vill-Murliphari, PS-Margomunda
10.Pintu Sharma, S/o-Jitendra Rana, Vill-Kapasa 11.Jamir Ansari, Vill-Mubarak Ansari, Vill-Pindari Niche Tola, Both PS-Sarath 12.Karu Mandal, S/o Jiklab Mandal, Vill-Dumarakola, PS-Palajori 13.Anup Kumar Das, S/o-Kishore Das, Vill-binjha, PS-sonaraiathadi, All district-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Mobile-22,
Cash- Rs. 22,000/- (Twenty Two thousand rupees)
114 Cyber PS Case No.-94/20, Dated-31.12.2020, U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC -- 66 B,C,D -- 84 C I.T. Act. 1.Dindayal Das, S/o-Kamdev Das, Vill-Gonaiya 2.Santosh Das, S/o-Narayan Das, Vill-Bada Sanghara
3.Sikander Das, S/o-Manoj Das, Vill-Bada Sanghara
4.Rohit Das, S/o-Prahlad Das, Vill-Bada Sanghara, All Four PS-Pathrol
5. Kundan Kumar Das, S/o-Ishwar Das, Vill-Pasia 6.Santosh Kumar Das, S/o-Girish Das, Vill-Mohanpur, Both PS-Madhupur
7.Ezhar Ansari, S/o-Murshid Ansari, Vill-Panchrukhi
8.Wasim Ansari, S/o-Latif Ansari, Vill-Murliphari
9.Rais Kaushar Ansari, S/o-Abdul Qum Ansari, Vill-Murliphari
10.Ershad Ansari, S/o-Mustafa Ansari, Vill-Murliphari
11.Barkat Ansari, S/o-Siraj-ud-din Ansari, Vill-Murliphari
12.Sharif Ansari, S/o-Latif Ansari, Vill-Murliphari, All PS-Margomunda,
13.Niraj Yadav, S/o-Kamadev Yadav . Vill-Gobrashala,
18.Arun Das, S/o-Anil Das, Vill-Chormara, All Five PS-Sarath, All District-
-- -- -- -- Mobile-20,
Four wheeler-03,

Year Wise Achievements Against Criminals / Gangs

  • Year - 2019
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
class="retecenter">1. Town PS Case No-04/19, Dated-04.01.19, U/S-302/34 IPC 27 Arms Act 1.Goarav Naraoni, S/O-Ashok Naraoni, Vill-Junpokhar
2.Akshay Kumar, S/O-Vinod Raut, vill-Old Central Bank gali
NonFir Accused
1.Munna Kumar Singh@ Bhura, S/O- Manoj Singh, Vill- Jatahimore
2.Bablu Kumar Raut @ Pandeyjee, S/O-Omprakash Raut, Vill-Sayansala
Gali Harihar Bari
3.Sourav Srigari @ Chotu, S/O-Suresh Pd Keshri,
vill- Jalsar Road Opp. Bharti Hotel
4.Rajesh Kr. Sharma,Vill- Complax Near Assam Express Road, tower Chowk, all PS-Town,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">2. Town PS Case No-22/19, Dated-19.01.19, U/S-302/120B IPC 27 Arms Act 1. Shiv Kr. @ Shiho, S/O-Nand kr. Singh, Vill- Garikurma, PS-Shambhuganj, Dist-Banka(Bihar)
2. Budhan Turi,
S/O-Vinod Turi,
-- One
-- 0.303
bore ammunition Two
class="retecenter">3. Town PS Case No-06/19, Dated-05.01.19, U/S- 25(1-B)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Suraj Mishra S/O-Late Ganesh Mishra, Vill-Near Jalsar Sabita Hotel Gali
2.Bittu Kr. Raut, S/O-Karu Raut, Vill- Harikishan Sah Lane, All PS- Town,
-- One
-- 0.315
bore ammunition One
class="retecenter">4. Town PS Case No-16/19, Dated-13.01.19, U/S- 414 IPC 25(1-B)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Kanhya Singh @ Ankush Raj Ansh S/O- Birendra Singh, Vill-Kushmaha @ Present Balmukund Dev,
2.Nitesh Kr. Jha, S/O-Kailash Jha, Vill-Yadav Logh, Satsang Nagar
3.Pritam Jaiswal, S/O- Dinesh Jaiswal, Vill-Balsara, PS-Rikhiya
4.Shivam Kr. Barnwal@ Golu, S/O-Late Ramesh Barnwal, Vill-Damna, PS-Jhajha, Dist-
NonFir Accused
1.Sanjit kr. Hari, S/O-Bhopal Mahata,Vill-Rangamore
2.Mahinder Das,S/O-Tahlu Das,
Vill-Khijuriya, PS-Rikhiya,Both
-- One Desi Pistol -- 7.65 bore live ammunition two, 7.65 khokha one --
class="retecenter">5. Town PS Case No-17/19, Dated-13.01.19, U/S- 25(1-B)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Sanjit Kr. Hari, S/O-Bhopal Mahata,
2.Mahinder Das,
S/O-Tahlu Das,Vill-Khijuriya, PS-Rikhiya,Both
-- Two
Desi Pistol
-- Two 7.65 bore
Live ammunition
class="retecenter">6. Margomunda PS Case No-01/19,Dated-08.01.19,U/S-25(1-B)26/ 35 Arms Act. 1.Usman Ansari,S/O-Ishlam Ansari,Vill-Kishanpur,PS-Margomunda,Dist- Deoghar -- One Nali Pistol,
One 9mm Desi Pistol
-- 10 Ammunition One Motercycle,
four Mobile,
class="retecenter">7. Palajori PS Case No-23/19,Dated-28.02.19,U/S-414/34 IPC

Haiwa Dumperr No-BR-51B-4203,
1.Manoj Yadav (Driver),
2.Deepak Kumar (Conductor), S/O-Manoj Kumar, Both Village- Hardiya, PS-Palajori,Dist- Deoghar

-- -- -- -- 25-30 Ton Coal
class="retecenter">8. Town PS Case No-85/19, Dated-27.02.19, U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Karan Kumar,S/O-Ravindra Rawat,
2.Aaditya Kumar, S/O- Ramparsad Raut, All Vill- Chanddih Khijuria, All PS- Kunda,
One Desi Katta -- -- Two 0.303 bore live Cartridge 0.315 live Cartridge --
class="retecenter">9. Cyber PS Case No-18/19, Dated-01.02.19, U/S- 419,420,467,468,471, 120B IPC 66(B)(C)(D)IT Act 1.Nilesh Mandal, S/O-Hari Mandal,
2.Lalu Kumar Mandal,S/O- Kamlu Mandal,
3.Dabllu Mandal, S/O- Dharma Mandal,
4.Anil Kumar
Mandal, S/O- Late Parsadi Mandal
5.Vikash Pujhar, S/O- Naresh pujhar All Vill- Kharagdiha
6.Ranjeet Kumar Mandal, S/O-Ashok Pd Yadav,Vill-Tirnagar, All PS- Mohanpur,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">10. Cyber PS Case No-22/19, Dated-09.02.19, U/S- 419,420,467,468,471, 120B IPC 66(B)(C)(D)IT Act 1.Samim Ansari, S/O- Haidar Anshari, vill-Patharghatiya
2.Tanweer Aalam Lal Babu,S/O-vill-Raghwadih,S/O- Nijamuddin Miyan, vill- Baramsoliall, PS+Dist- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">11. Cyber PS Case No-22/19, Dated-09.02.19, U/S- 419,420,467,468,471, 120B IPC 66(B)(C)(D)IT Act 1.Md.Chottu @ Samim Ansari, S/O-Allauddin Ansari
2.Riyaz Ansari, S/O-Noor Mohammad, Both, Vill- Kumgadha,
3.Mustakeem Ansari, S/O- Hanif Ansari, Vill-Badhudih, PS-Palajori, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">12. Chitra PS Case No-24/19, Dated-18.02.19, U/S-379 IPC 1.Assaful Alam,
S/O-Ajiwer shekh,
Vill-West Khatwari,
PS- Mayamanga,
-- -- -- -- One Motorcycle
class="retecenter">13. Town PS Case No-118/19,Dated-17.03.19,U/S-302/34 IPC 27 Arms Act. 1. Amit Kr, S/O- Anil Kr Singh,
Vill-Hari Ashram Kutiya,
2. Abhishek
S/O-Rajkumar Sharma,
Vill-Ram Mandir
Road Kalirakha,
3. Pankaj Kr,
S/O-Suresh Sah, Vill-Refugee Colony,
AllPS- Town,
One Desi Katta -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">14. Town PS Case No-119/19, Dated-27.03.19, U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act 1. Kaushal Jaishwal,
Vill-HatiPahar, PS-Kunda,
2. Lakshman Poddar @ Lachu Prince,
S/O-Late Sahdev Poddar @ Gilli,
Vill-Rajabagicha Near Bijli Office,
PS-Town, All
One Desi Katta -- -- 0.315 Empty Round --
class="retecenter">15. Madhupur PS Case No-51/19, Dated-05.03.19, U/S- 419/420/467/468/471 IPC 1.MD. Khurshid Mian, S/O-Rashul Mian, Vill-Rajbhita, PS-Narayanpur,
-- -- -- -- 1.One Samsung Mobile
2. Three SBI Atm Card
3. One Patym Card
class="retecenter">16. Jasidih PS Case No-138/19, Dated-24.03.19, U/S- 290 IPC 47(A) Excise Act. 1.Pradeep Ram Chandrabanshi,S/O-Jitan Chandrabanshi, Vill-Potharmapar, PS-Barh,
-- -- -- -- 20 Bottle-GodFather Bear 500ML
10 Bottle- Royal challenger Whisky 375 ML
class="retecenter">17. Jasidih PS Case No-146/19, Dated-27.03.19, U/S- 21(A)/22(A) NDPS Act 1.Sikandar Mahata, S/O-Mukund Mahata, Vill-Gidhni,
PS-Jasidih, Dist-
-- -- -- -- 280 Packet Brown Sugar
class="retecenter">18. Mohanpur PS Case No-46/19, Dated-05.03.19, U/S-273/290/34 IPC 47(A) Excise Act. 1. Vinod Yadav @Lodna, S/O-Khublal Yadav, Vill-Latwabaran, PS-Mohanpur
2. Awdesh Kr. Verma,
S/O-Nandkishor Verna,Vill-Ratura,
PS-Sarwan, Both
-- -- -- -- Royal Stag whisky 375 ML-48 Pcs, 180 ML- 96 Pcs
class="retecenter">19. Mohanpur PS Case No-47/19, Dated-13.03.19, U/S-290 IPC 47(A) Excise Act. 1.Dharmendra Kr. Yadav, S/O-Yogendra Yadav, Vill- Mansarai Kuraiwa,
Dist- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Royal Stage whisky 180 ML-17 Pcs,
Signature Premier whisky 180 ML- 10 Pcs,
Officer choice blue 180 ML- 20 Pcs,
Old Habit xxx Rum 180 ML-13 Pcs, 375 ML-03 Pcs, Officer choice blue 375 ML-12 Pcs,
Tuborg Cane beer 500 ML-29 Pcs

Sonarithari PS Case No-23/19,Dated-19

04.2019,U/S-394 IPC 27 Arms Act.

1.Panu Kr Das,S/O-Ganesh Das,
Vill-Jamua, PS-Jasidih,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">21. Mohanpur PS Case no-77/19,Dated-07.04.2019,U/S-413/141/34 IPC 1.Rahmat Ansari,S/O-Jamrudina Mian,Vill-Madhusuyia,
2.Imran Ansari,Vill-Dinkadoli,Both PS-Sarath
3.Sabir Shek, S/O-Sabir Shekh,
-- -- -- -- Loaded Coal in three 407.
class="retecenter">22. Madhupur PS Case No-90/19,Dated-11.04.2019,U/S-25(1-B)A/26 Arms Act. 1.Daud Ansari,S/O- Hadish Ansari, Vill- Niche Patwabad, PS-Madhupur,
-- Four Desi Katta -- Four Live Bullet. --
class="retecenter">23. Cyber PS Case No-44/19,Dated-12.04.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC 66(B)(C)(D)/84(D) I.T. Act. 1.Rohit Mandal,S/O-Nawazi Mandal, Vill-Dhodwa
2.Sarfaroz Ansari, S/O-Chasmudin Ansari.
3.Mujafar Ansari,S/O-Sattar Ansari,Vill-Dumariya,All PS-Sonarithari,
-- - --- -- --
class="retecenter">24. Cyber PS Case no-45/19,Dated-15.04.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120(B)(C)(D) I.T Act. 1.Sukhdev Mandal
2.Kailash Mandal, Both S/O-Mahavir Mandal @ Lakhan Mandal,Vill-Patroddih,PS-Narayanpur,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">25. Jasidih PS Case No-209/19,Dated-15.04.2019,U/S-290/270/272/273/34 IPC 1.Pramod Kr Barnawal, Dist- Deoghar. -- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">26. Sarath PS Case No-58/19,Dated-02.05.2019,U/S-272/273 IPC 47(A) Excise Act. 1.Prakash Verma,S/O-Late Govind Verma Tola, PS-Sarath,
-- -- -- -- 1.Can Beer Godfather- 35pc
2.Cane Beer Tuborg- 35pc
3.Royal Stag whisky- 02pc
4.Imperial Blue-04pc
5.Blender- 07pc
8.English Alcohol- 8pc.
class="retecenter">27. Jasidih PS Case No-236/19,Dated-10.05.2019, U/S-25(1-B)/26
Arms Act.
1.Rahmat Ansari,S/O-Jamrudin Ansari, Vill-Madhusuiya
2.Imaran Anasri,S/O-Anarul Ansari,Vill-Dindakoli,Both PS- Sararth
3.Sabir Shekh,
S/O-Sarif Shekh,Vill-Karikado
S/O-Nageshwar Das,
Vill-Narayanpur, Bagmara,
Desi Loaded
-- One .315 Empty Round Five .315
-- --
class="retecenter">28. Town PS Case No-215/19,Dated-17.05.2019,U/S-25(1-B)A/26/27/35 Arms Act. 1.Ajad Kumar,
S/O-Uday Chouhan
2.Santosh Raut,
S/O-Gopal Raut Both Vill-Jhoshagari,Kust Ashram Road,
-- One
-- one 7.65 Bullet Loaded. --
class="retecenter">29. Kunda PS Case No-87/19,Dated-15.05.2019,U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Rahul Kumar Pandey, S/O-Jagarnath Pandey,
2.Chandan Kumar Yadav,
S/O-Shankar Yadav,Both Vill- Rampur, Baidhyanathpur,
-- -- -- Two Bullet --
class="retecenter">30. Cyber PS Case No-47/19,
U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B 34 IPC 66(B)(C)(D) I.T. Act.
1.Mukesh Kumar Yadav,
S/O-Basudev Kumar Yadav,
Vill-Kolhariya, PS-Mohanpur,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">31. Cyber PS Case No-48/19,Dated-29.05.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471 IPC 66(B)(C)(D) I.T. Act. 1.Vijay Kumar Mandal, S/O-Bhuvneshwar Mandal
2.Manoj Yadav,
S/O-Kelka Yadav,
Both Vill-Dumarkol,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">32. Town PS Case No-220/19,Dated-22.05.2019,U/S-290/420 IPC 20(B)/22 NDPS Act. 1.Sagar Raut,
S/O-Late Niranjan Raut @
-- -- -- -- 20 Packet Brown Sugar 20gm each.
class="retecenter">33. Margomunda PS Case No-42/19,Dated-12.06.2019,U/S-414 IPC 25(1-B)A/26 Arms Act. 1.Rajesh Kumar Das,S/O-Rameshwar Das,Vill-Fulchi,PS-Margomunda,Dist-Deoghar -- Two
-- Three Bullets --
class="retecenter">34. Jasidih PS Case No-364/19,Dated-16.06.2019,U/S-341/323/452/504/506/354/307/34 IPC 25(1-B)A/26/27/35 Arms Act. 1.Vishnudev Yadav,S/O-Faidari Yadav,
2.Sonu Yadav @ Yadav Bacha,S/O-Vishnudev Yadav,Vill-Sonati Ramsagar,
-- One
-- Five 315 live
Bullet One
Empty Round
class="retecenter">35. Kunda PS Case no-132/19,Dated-26.06.2019,U/S-147/148/149/120B/307 IPC 25(1-B)A/26/27 1.Sikandar Khan,Vill-Karnibagh, Hathgarh,PS-Kunda
2.Md Shahbad Khan,S/O-Md Malik,Vill-Junpokhar,PS-Town,
All Distt-
-- -- -- 1.Six Round Empty
2.Three front Position of bullet.
1.Bajaj Pulsar
(Without No Plate)
Bajaj Avenger Blure-Black Colour Motcycle
class="retecenter">36. Mohanpur PS Case No-143/19,Date-11.06.2019,U/S-392 IPC 1.Chandan Kumar Yadav,S/O-Ashok Yadav,Vill-Chitghara,PS-Mohanpur,Dist-Deoghar
2.Ramesh Yadav
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">37. Palajori PS Case No-80/19,Dated-14.06.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC 1.Mukesh Kumar Yadav,S/O-Basudev Yadav,VillKolahariya, PS-Mohanpur,
-- -- -- -- Cash-52,046 Recovered from Finance Bank,Dumka
class="retecenter">38. Cyber PS Case No-49/19,Dated-16.06.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC 66(B)(C)(D) I.T Act. 1.Lalan Kumar Das,S/O-Abinash Mehra,
2.Abhishek Kumar Das,S/O-Paresh Mehra Both Vill-Bardehi
3.Diwakar Das,S/O-Faujdari Mehra,Vill-Baski Samarjor
4.Sachit Das,S/O-Pramod Das,Vill-Chormara
5.Arun Das,S/O-Anil Das,Vill-Chormara
6.Pintu Kumar Das,S/O-Jhugru Das,Vill-Fulchua
7.Rohit Das,S/O-Nageshwar Das,Vill-Kapchia,All PS-Sarath,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">39. Town PS Case No-322/19,Dated-02.07.19,U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Sonu Kumar Das@ Vikash kumar,S/O-Jitendra Pd Das,Vill-Jasidih Road, Belabagan,Permanent-Vill-Bichkorba,PS-Chakai,Dist-
-- One Loaded Desi Katta -- One .315 Live Round One Vivo Mobile
class="retecenter">40. Town PS Case No-339/19,Dated-05.07.19,U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Pintu Kumar Yadav,S/O-Laxman Mahato,Vill-Shivpur,Yogidih,PS-Kunda,
-- -- -- One 7.62 Live Round One Techno Multimedia Mobile and One Glamour Motorcycle
class="retecenter">41. Town PS Case No-335/19,Dated-11.07.19,U/S-25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act, 1.Rocky Kumar Dharpra, S/O-Naresh Dharpa,Vill-Private Bus stand club ground,
2.Aman Singh @ Suraj, S/O-Rajiv Singh,Vill-Hanshkub sita Hotel,Bilashi town,
3.Sumesh Arya @ Somu ,S/O-Denanath Arya Bhagat,Vill-Bajla chowk
4.Rohan @ Sunny,vill- Subash chowk , Near Alankar Jewelwer , All of them from
-- One loaded Desi Katta,One Pistol with Magazine -- -- --
class="retecenter">42. Margomunda PS Case No-54/19,Dated-27.07.19,U/S-414 IPC 25(1-B)A/26 Arms Act. 1.Babua Ansari @ Rasid @ Samim Ansari, S/O-Rohit Milan
2.Manirudin Ansari@ Ekram,S/O-Hammid Milan,Both Vill-Barbadh PS-Margomunda,
-- One loaded Desi Pistol -- One Live Round One Blue color Redmi Mobile,
One blue color samsung mobile,
One Gionee mobile,One TVS Apache motorcycle,
One blue color Power Bank,
One wallet.
class="retecenter">43. Cyber PS Case No-52/19,Dated-04.07.19,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T Act. 1.Ranjit Pandit,S/O-Subal Pandit,Vill-Birjapur,PS-Khaga,
2.Tabarak Miya,S/O-Basir Miya,vill-Baramsoli,PS-Palajori,All of them are from
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">44. Cyber PS Case No-53/19,Dated-09.07.19,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC 66(B)(C)(D) 84 (C) IT Act. 1.Jitendra Mandal,S/O-Rajendra Mandal,
2.Rahul Mandal, S/O-Hari Mandal, Both vill-Simjor
3.Asif Mandal, S/O-Muslim Ansari,Vill-Morna.
4.Jyoti Mandal, S/O-Basudev Mandal,vill-Gormara,All PS-Mohanpur,
5.Sultan Ansari,
6.Jharudin Ansari, Both S/O-Sahjad Ansari,vill-Raguwadih,
7.Munna Masud,S/O-Salauddin Milan,Vill-Bramsolli PS-Palajori, All Dist-
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">45. Pathrol PS Case No-26/19,Dated-01.08.2019,U/S-392 IPC convert to 395 IPC 1.Mahtab Ansari,S/O-Md Ikbal Ansari,Vill-Chaktarma,PS-Palajori,Dist-Deoghar
2.Dhiraj Kumar Mandal,S/O-Paresh Mandal,Vill-Shitalpur,PS-Karmatand,
-- -- -- -- Iron rod recovered
class="retecenter">46. Devipur PS Case No-137/19,Dated-19.08.2019,U/S-392 IPC 1.Suraj Das,S/O-Prahlad Das,Vill-Nawadih
2.Suraj Singh,S/O-Bharat Singh,Vill-Parmeshwar Chowk Rohini, Both PS-Jasidih,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">47. Town PS Case No-413/19,Dated-21.08.2019,U/S-392 IPC 1.Golu Singh,S/O-Ganesh Prasad,Vill-Padampur,PS-Kunda,
Dist-Deoghar A/P Ramnagar
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">48. Cyber PS Case No-56/19,Dated-03.08.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC 66B/66C/66D IT Act. 1.Shohaib Ansari, S/O-Mahmud Ansari,
2.Sahnawaj Ansari,S/O-Sidik Annsari,
3.Kasim Ansari,S/O-Harun Mia,All of them are from Vill-Badiya, PS-Karon,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">49. Cyber PS Case No-58/19, Dated-21.08.2019,U/S-66(B)(C)(D) 84(C) I.T Act. 1.Sanjeev Kumar,
S/O-Tarini Manjhi,vill-Piprasol,PS-Sonarthiyari,
2.Pappu Das,S/O-Bhola Mahra,Vill-Lakra
3.Munna Kr.Das,S/O-Sideshwar Das,Vill-Gonayia.
4.Janmajai Das,S/O-Bhumi Das,Vill-Malmala
5.Rajeev Kumar Das @ Jugnu ,
S/O-Basudev Das,Vill-Gonaiya,
All PS-Palhrol,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">50. Cyber PS Case No-59/19,Dated-23.08.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC 66(B)(C)(D) IT Act. 1.Mahbub Ansari,
S/O-Manjur Mia,
2.Esmile Ansari,S/O-Sirajudin Ansari,Both Vill-Bashatand,PS-Sarath,
3.Md Ikbal Ansari,
S/O-Hanif Ansari,Vill-Thari,PS-Chitra All of are from
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">51. Cyber PS Case No-60/19,Dated-26.08.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC 66(B)(C)(D) IT Act. 1.Mumtaz Ansari,S/O-Naosad Ansari,Vill-Panhrukhi PS-Margomunda,
2.Vikash Kumar Mandal,S/O-Vinod Mandal,Vill-Jaggadih,
All Dist-
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">52. Cyber PS Case No-63/19,Dated-30.08.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC 66(B)(C)(D) 84(C) IT Act. 1.Alam Ansari, S/O-Safik Ansari,
2.Samim Ansari, Hatim Ansari
3.Imran Ansari,S/O-Hasrudin Ansari,
4.Esrael Ansari,S/O-Harun Ansari,
5.Mikael Ansari,S/O-Harun Ansari,
6.Manubar Ansari,S./O-Akhtu Ansari
7.Ashnur Ansari,S/O-Rashid Ansari,
8.Maksud Ansari, S/O-Anwar Ansari
9.Safid Ansari,S/O-Taslim Mia,
10.Aslam Ansari,S/O-Nizamudin Ansari, All Vill-Raghunathpur.PS-Khaga,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">53. Jasidih PS Case No-427/19,Dated-02.08.2019,U/S-420/409/379/34 IPC 1.Sanjay Kumar Keshri,S/O-Late Sitaram Prasad,Vill-Srikant Road Belabagan.PS-Town
2.Brinda Prasad,S/O-Late Dukhi Ram,Vill-Anand Vihar Block A,PS-Jasidih,Dist-Deoghar,N-Fir Accused,
1.Vijay Kumar Singh,S/O-Kapil Singh,Vill-Burizethwar,PS-Tarari,Dist-Bhojpur,A/P-Near Lord Shiva Hotel Shiv medical owner House.
2.Manoj Mandal,S/O-Late Gopal Mandal,Vill-Shankri,PS-Jasidih,
-- -- -- -- 1.2000*300 = 600000
4.500*140=70000, Total Rs=1200000/-
5.Samsung Mobile-01
6.One Jio Mobile.
6.Samsung(Black) Mobile
class="retecenter">54. Jasidih PS Case No-461/19,Dated-27.08.2019,U/S-414/413 IPC 54JMM Act, -- -- -- -- -- Tractor-JH-15A-9005 JH-15Q-1039 with 10000Ghanfeet ilegal loading and unloading sand.
55. Madhupur PS Case No-237/19/Dated-02.08.2019,U/S-419/414/34/ IPC. 1.Dinesh Yadav,S/O-Hirawaran Yadav,Vill-Udnabad PS-Muffasill
2.Ghanshyam Mandal,S/O-Khudi Mandal,Vill-Piprashinga,PS-Ahilyapur,
-- -- -- -- Motorcycle-03
class="retecenter">56. Madhupur PS Case No-259/19,Dated-30.08.2019,U/S-414 IPC 1.Raju Das,S/O-Ghansyam Das,Vill-Fulchi,PS-Margomunda.Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01
class="retecenter">57. Town PS Case No-377/19,Dated-10.082019,U/S-387/323/504/506/120B IPC 25(1-B)A/26 Arms Act. 1.Rohit Keshri,S/O-Late Krishna Pd.Vill-S.B Rail Road,PS-Town,Dist-Deoghar,
2.Guddu @
-- One Desi loaded Katta -- One .0315 Bore alive Cartidges Mobile(Oppo)-01
class="retecenter">58. Town PS Case No-382/19,Dated-16.08.2019,U/S-25(1-B)A/26 Arms Act. 1.Chotu Srigari @ Chandrashekhar Srigari,S/O-Mukhi Srighari,Vill-Near Takshila Vidyapeeth ,B.N Jha Path,
PS-Town , Dist-
-- One Desi loaded Pistol and one loaded Katta. -- Two 9mm alive cartridges and .315 live Cartridges One I Tel keypad Mobile.
class="retecenter">59. Town PS Case No-513/19,Dated-12.09.19,U/S- 120B IPC 25(1-B)A/26/27 Arms Act. 1.Deepak Kapri, S/O-Binod Kapri,
2.Dilip Kr. Mahtha, S/O-Bihari Mahtha, Both Vill-Balsara, PS-Rikhiya,
3.Paago Mahtha, S/O- Vishan Mahtha, PS-Town, All Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- Four Live Kartoos One Empty Round --
class="retecenter">60. Town PS Case No-524/19,Dated-17.09.19,U/S- 307/34 IPC 25(1-B)A/26/27 Arms Act. 1. Priyesh Singh @ Chotu,S/O-Shailesh Singh, Vill-Court Compound Dumka 2.Kashyap Singh @ Gappu Singh, S/O-Anil Singh, Vill-RaniKhoti
3.Jitendra Kr, S/O-Kailash Prasad, Vill-Salonatand
4.Vilesh Singh @ Jeetu, S/O-Ashok Singh, Vill- Ranikothi, PS-town,
5.Kumar Sudhir, S/O-Harendra Pd. Sinha, Vill-Williams town
6.Shrawan kr. Thandar, S/O-Radhakant, Vill-Khanpur, PS-Jama,
-- -- -- One Empty Round One Pelate --
class="retecenter">61. Cyber PS Case No-64/19,Dated-06.09.19,U/S- 419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T.Act. 1.Jitendra Kr, S/O-Subhash Das 2.Rajendra Kr, S/O-Congress Das, Both Vill-Billi
3.Love Kr. Das, S/O-Ramchandra Das, Vill-Charpa, Threes PS-Madhupur,
4.Navin Kr. Mandal, S/O-Badri Pd. Mandal
5.Rajkumar Mandal S/O-Tejnarayan Mandal 6.Dilip Mandal, S/O-Paitar Mandal
7.Amit Kumar, S/O-Rishikant Mandal, All Vill-Dandeya Nawadih, PS-Sonaraithari,
8.Paro Rana, S/O-Laljeet Rana
9.Pinto kr. Rana, S/O-Mathur Rana, Both Vill-Karamjor,
10.Mantu kr, S/O-Suresh Mandal, Vill-Dhumadih, threes PS-Bengabad, Dist-Giridih,
11.Ratneshwar Pd, S/O-Chandrakant Mandal, Vill-Ghormara, PS-Mohanpur, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">62. Town PS Case No-552/19,Dated-02.10.19,U/S- 399/402 IPC 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Vishwakarma Sharma, S/O- Umesh Sharma 2.Vindeshwar Sharma, S/O- Kishun Mistri
3.Santosh Sharma, S/O- Vijay Sharma All Vill-Gandhi Chowk Chandan, PS-Chandan, Dist-Banka(Bihar)
-- Two Desi loaded Katta -- Two Live Kartoos One knife Motorcycle
class="retecenter">63. Town PS Case No-575/19,Dated-14.10.19,U/S- 414/34 IPC 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Kajal Kr. Das, S/O-Lakhi Das,Vill-Lakhnagriya, PS-Jasidih
2.Mohan Das, S/O-Ashok Das, Vill-Chirodih, PS-Rikhiya, All Dist-Deoghar.
-- One Desi Katta -- One Live Kartoos --
class="retecenter">64. Town PS Case No-605/19,Dated-23.10.19,U/S- 390 IPC 1.Badal Dapra, S/O-Chunnu Dapra,Vill-Opp. K.K Stadium, PS-Town, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">65. Madhupur PS Case No-280/19,Dated-01.10.19, U/S- 379/411 IPC 1.Rahul Pd. Yadav, S/O-Late Naresh Yadav, Vill-Pandaniya, PS-Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- -- One Motorcycle
class="retecenter">66. Devipur PS Case No-160/19,Dated-13.10.19,U/S- 414/272/273/290 IPC 47A Excise Act. -- -- -- -- -- Auto Loaded with DJ Box in which 18 bag of ilegal masaledar Desi Sarab, total 3600 Piece of 200ML Pouch
class="retecenter">67. Cyber PS Case No-66/19,Dated-03.10.19,U/S- 419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T.Act. 1.Razak Ansari, S/O-Soharb Mian 2.Taiyab Ansari, S/O-Alludin Mian
3.Manjur Ansari, S/O-Kyub Ansari, all three Vill-Jiyakhara, PS-Sarwan
4.Md. Aarif Ansari, S/O-Mobin Ansari
5. Md. Safauddin Ansari, S/O-Mobbin Ansari
6.Ashraf Ansari, S/O-Mobbin Ansari, All three Vill-Gagara
7.Hazarat Ansari, S/O-Mubarak Mian
8.Ramat Ansari, S/O-Abdul Rahman
9.Md. Sohail Ansari, S/O-Tasrai Alam, All three Vill-Rampur, All PS-Margomunda, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">68. Cyber PS Case No-68/19,Dated-22.10.19,U/S- 419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC 66B/66C/66D/84C I.T.Act. 1.Yashwant Kr, S/O-Shankar Mandal, Vill-Gormara, PS-Mohanpur
2.Sumit Kr, S/O-Dhaneshwar Mandal, Vill-Dumarkola, PS-Palajori, All Dist-Deoghar.
- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">69. Cyber PS Case No-69/19,Dated-07.11.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B/34 IPC-- 66B/66C/66D -- 84 C I.T Act. 1.Babumani Mandal,S/OLochan Mandal,
2.Sujit Mandal,S/O-Manoj Mandal
3.Amar Kumar Mandal,S/O-Ram Prakash Mandal,
4.Ramji Kumar Mandal,S/O-Mathur Mandal,
5.Girish Mandal,S/O-Chandu Mandal,
6.Sarfaraz Ansari,S/O-Nemul Ansari,Vill-Murli Pahari,
7.Tahir Ansari,S/O-Late Basrudin Ansari,Vill-Posta,PS-Narayanpur,Dist-Jamtara
8.Jainudin Ansari @ Raj Ansari, S/O-Jamudin Ansari,Vill-Niyamatpur,Dist-Vardhaman(W,B)
9.Tabarak Ansari,S/O-Nemul Ansari,
10.Rabani Ansari,S./O-Late Jhagru Ansari,BothVill-Murli
-- -- -- -- Mobile-27
Four Wheeler-01
class="retecenter">70. Cyber PS Case No-72/19,Dated-17.11.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/12B/ 34 IPC -- 66B/66C/66D -- 84 C I.T Act,

1.Rahul Kumar,S/O-Chawikant Mandal,Vill-Jagatpur,PS-Mohanpur,
2.Santosh Kumar Das,S/O-Badri Das,
3.Ramesh Das,S/O-Anil Das,Both vill-Lakra,PS-Pathrol,
4.Pappu Das,S/O-Kishan Das,Vill-Nayakharna,PS-Sarath,
5.Mukund Das,S/O-Late Sukhlal Das,Vill-Kurmidih,PS-Pathrol,
6.Niraj Das,S/O-Sunil Das,Vill-Madhavpur,PS-Madhupur,All Dist-Deoghar.

-- -- -- -- Mobile-02,
class="retecenter">71. Cyber PS Case No-72/19,Dated-17.11.2019,U/S-419/420/467/468/471/120B IPC -- 66B/66C/66D/ -- 84 C IT Act. 1.Rajesh Kumar Yadav,S/O-SuryanarayanYadav,Vill-Sambadia,Dumeria,PS-Mohanpur,Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- -- Mobile-02,
class="retecenter">72. Madhupur PS Case No.-335/19, Dated-27.12.19, U/S-452/302/307 IPC 1.Humau Ansari @ Heman, S/O- Ekbal Ansari, Vill-Panahkola, PS-Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- --

Year Wise Achievements Against Criminals / Gangs

  • Year - 2018
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
class="retecenter">1. Town PS 22/18, Dated- 09-01-18, U/S- 392 IPC 1. Sandeep Kumar Yadav, S/O- Late Ramu Prasad yadav, vill- Burbakudra, Ps- mohanpur, Dist- Deoghar -- 1. One automatic Pistol 2. Two Desi Pistol -- -- 1.Two .315 Bore Bullet
2. One 7.65 Bullet
3. Rs 1,04,230 Cash
4. One Samsung Tab
class="retecenter">2. Town PS 42/18, Dated- 17.01.18, U/S- 363A/364/302/201 IPC 1.MD. Edu, S/O- MD. Muslim, Vill-Gunpokhar, PS- Town, Dist- Deoghar -- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">3. Devipur PS 15/18, Dated- 14.01.18, U/S- 25(1-b)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Jitendra Singh, S/O- Harendra Singh, C/o- kumudniGhosh Road, Ps- Town
2. Ranjeet Kumar, S/O Late Gopal Singh, C/o- Near Nandan Pahar, PS- Town
3. Raju Kumar, S/O- Late Suresh Pd Sharma, C/o- Belabagan, PS- Town, All Dist- Deoghar
-- One Desi Pistol with 02 Bullet -- -- --
class="retecenter">4. Jasidih PS 28/18, Dated- 22.01.18, U/S- 25(1-b)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Vijay kumar @ Belu, S/O- Muchukun Ram
2. Rajesh kumar Ram, S/O- Vinod Ram, Both Vill- Santhali,
3.Pinto Kumar Yadav, S/O- Kamleshwar Yadav, Vill- Manikpur, All PS- Jasidih, Dist- Deoghar
-- One Desi Pistol -- three 0.315 Live Carties --
class="retecenter">5. Jasidih PS 64/18, Dated- 12.02.18, U/S- 414 IPC 25(1-b)a/26 Arms Act. 1.Upendra kumar Yadav @ Shankar Yadav @ Birendra Jee, S/O- Sona Yadav, Vill- Dumma, PS- Mohanpur, Dist- Deoghar -- One Desi Loaded Pistol -- .303 Live Bullet --
class="retecenter">6. Town PS 104/18, Dated- 17.02.18, U/S- 20/22 NDPS Act. 1. Md. Sahid Afridi, S/O- Rajaul Rahman, vill-Purandaha,
2. Md. Sharukh, S/O- MD Sohail, Vill- Hardalakund, Durgabari, Both PS- Town, Dist- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Two Ganja Packet Per 25 Gram
class="retecenter">7. Jasidih PS 110/18, Dated- 04.04.18, U/S- 25(1-b)a/26 Arms Act. 1. Rajesh Das, S/O- Nakul Das, Vill- Phulchuba, PS- Sarath, Dist- Deoghar -- One Desi Pistol, One Live Bullet, Three Bullet Khokha -- -- --
class="retecenter">8. Madhupur PS 107/18, Dated- 24.04.18, U/S- 414/34 IPC -- -- -- -- -- Tata Magic Vechile with Four Bora Coal Absconder
class="retecenter">9. Rikhiya PS,27/18, Dated- 06.04.18, U/S- 272/273/290 IPC 47A Excise Act. 1. Inderdev Mandal ,S/O- Yogendra Tati, Vill- Nawada, PS- Rajoan, Dist- Banka(Bihar)
2. Vishnu Mandal, S/O- Dashrath Mandal, vill- Maheshmara, PS- Rikhiya, Dist- Deoghar
3. Sunny Kumar, S/O- Manav Choudhary, vill- Nawada, PS-Rajoan, Dist-Banka(Bihar)
4. Rajesh Ranjan, S/O-RamShankar, Mandal, vill- Karodih, PS-Sarayahat, Dist- Dumka
-- -- -- -- Car loaded with illegal Desi Wine 1700 Pouch 03 Mobile
class="retecenter">10. Town PS 300/18, Dated- 16.05.18, U/S- 392/34 IPC 1. Karan Raut @ Karan Jaiswal, S/O-Dilip Raut, Vill- HariKishan Shah Lane, Sabji Mandi, PS- Town, Dist- Deoghar -- -- -- -- Rs 4.5 lacs
class="retecenter">11. Rikhiya PS 41/18, Dated- 05.05.18, U/S- 394 IPC 1. Govind kumar Yadav
2. Manish Kumar Rao
-- -- -- -- Mobile Sim with Rs 3600/-
class="retecenter">12. Madhupur PS 169/18, Dated- 19.06.18, U/S- 394/412 IPC 1. Chatu Paswan @ Chotu Paswan @ Neru Paswan, S/O- Late Raju Paswan, Vill- Manikpur, Gangti, Chandramandi, Dist-Jamui(Bihar) -- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">13. Devipur PS 81/18, Dated- 12.06.18, U/S- 394 IPC -- -- -- -- -- Three Motercycle Cash
class="retecenter">14. Sonaraithari PS 23/18, Dated- 09.06.18, U/S- 392/411/34 IPC 1.Sanaual Ansari -- -- -- -- Mobile.
class="retecenter">15. Jasidih PS 208/18, Dated- 15.06.18, U/S- 341/323/342/452/ 354/380/427/504/ 506/34 IPC 25(1- b)a 35 Arns Act. 1. Pintu Yadav @ Rajendra Yadav, S/O- Late Nuneshwar Yadav
2. Kamlesh Yadav, S/O- Pitamber Yadav, Vill- Chandpur, PS- Jasidih,
3. Saurobh Sarkar, S/O- Goutam Sarkar, Vill- Jhoshagari, Jivan Sarkar Path, PS- Town, All Dist- Deoghar
-- One Desi Pistol -- -- --
class="retecenter">16. Rikhiya PS,83/18, Dated- 27.07.18, U/S- 392 IPC 1. Saket Sharma
2. Aman Singh

3. Ashish Ghosh
-- -- -- -- Vehicle Scorpio.
class="retecenter">17. Chitra PS,61/18, Dated- 28.07.18, U/S- 392 IPC 1. Feroz Ansari
2. Rajak Ansari, S/O- Jabbar Mian, Vill- KalJhariya, PS- karmatar, Dist- Jamtara
-- -- -- -- 1. Steel Tifan box
2. Bag(pink colour)
3. Smart phone Vivo
4. Rs.1200/-
class="retecenter">18. Rikhiya PS,75/18, Dated- 11.07.18, U/S- 341/323/324/427/ 452/34 IPC 25(1-B)A/ 26/35 1. Rohit kumar Pandey, S/O- Jagaranath Pandey, Vill-Rampur, PS- Rikhiya, Dist- Deoghar -- One Pistol with two Bullet in Magzine -- -- Four Mobile
class="retecenter">19. Madhupur PS,195/18, Dated- 06.07.18, U/S- 420/34 IPC 66(B)(C)(D) I.T.Act. 1. Sandeep Das, S/O-Bhim Das, Vill-Rupwan
2. Anup kumar Das, S/O-Ajit Das, Vill-Tandari Tola Malmala, Both PS- Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. One Oriental Bank of Commerce withdrawal Slip Rs. 50,000/- Filled
2. Bajaj Discover motorcycle
3. M.I Company Mobile
class="retecenter">20. Karon PS 52/18, Dated- 14.08.18, U/S- 395 IPC 1. Farookh Ansari,S/O- Abdul Rajak Ansari -- 1. One Desi Pistol -- One Carties 7.2 mm --
class="retecenter">21 Town PS 516/18, Dated- 24.08.18, U/S- 323/341/34 IPC 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Sunny Kumar
2. Subham Singh, Both Vill-Rampur, Near Divya Jyoti Public School, PS- Mohanpur, Dist- Deoghar
-- 1. One Desi Pistol -- -- Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle
class="retecenter">22. Madhupur PS 255/18, Dated- 27.08.18, U/S- 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Rajesh Kumar Das, S/O-Rameshwar Das, Vill-Fulchi, PS- Margomunda,
2. Anand Kumar Singh @ Nandu, S/O- Baleshwar Singh, Vill-Tilaiya, Mathurapur, PS- Jasidih
3. Pankaj Kumar Yadav, S/O- Promad Kumar Yadav, Vill-Kandrasal, PS-Palajori, All Dist- Deoghar
-- 1. Three Desi Pistol
2. Three .303 Live Bullet
-- -- --
class="retecenter">23. Rikhiya PS 87/18, Dated- 03.08.18, U/S-341/323/452 IPC 25(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Rahul Sah, S/O- Arvind Sah, Vill- Korabandh, Balsara, PS-Rikhiya, Dist- Deoghar -- 1. One Desi Pistal -- One Carties --
24 Rikhiya PS Case No-173/18, Dated-24.09.18, U/S-467/468/471/34 IPC 66(C)(D)/ 84(C) I.T.Act. 1. Amjad Ansari S/O Islam Ansari
2. Mohid Ansari S/O Rauf Ansari
3. Shahrukh Ansari S/O Mumtaz Ansari
4. Sazid Ansari S/O Jainul Ansari
5. Feeroz Ansari S/O Mumtaz Ansari
6. Ahasas Ansari S/O Tasir Ansari
-- -- -- -- 06 Mobile
25 Rikhiya PS Case No-119/18, Dated-13.09.18, U/S- 352/34 IPC 25(1-B) A/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Aditya kumar Yadav S/O- Harinandan Yadav, Vill- Jaruadih, PS- Rikhiya, Dist- Deoghar -- -- -- One live Bullet two Bullet Cap --
26 Rikhiya PS Case No-121/18, Dated-17.09.18, U/S- 25(1-B) A/26/35 Arms Act. -- -- One Six Round Revolver -- -- --
27 Madhupur PS Case No-265/18, Dated-04.09.18, U/S- 25(1 - B) A/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Amit kumar Rai @ Bablu S/O- Amar Rai, Vill- Kulhajor, PS- Madhupur, Dist- Deoghar -- One Desi Pistol -- -- --
28 Sarath PS Case No-138/18, Dated-05.09.18, U/S- 419/420/468/471 /34 IPC 66(C)(D)/ 84(C) I.T.Act. 1. Sunil Mehra
2. Mantu Mehra Both S/O- Darni Mehra
3. Bhaskar Kumar Das S/O- Hera Mehra, above three Vill- Gobarsala
4. Amanat Ali S/O- Ajad Shekh, Vill- Sarath, PS- Sarath, Dist- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Two Mobile with Sim
2. SBI three Passbook
3. Two Sim
4. Four Motorcycle
29 Madhupur PS Case No-268/18, Dated-08.09.18, U/S- 413/414/34 IPC 1. Vijay Kumar Das S/O- Rameshwar Das, Vill- Jayantigram, PS- Chitra, Dist- Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. Black Colour I-tel Mobile
2. Cash Rs. 35,500/-
3. Motorcycle Master Key
4. One Silver colour Splender Pro without No.
5. One Hero Splender Plus Blue Black Colour
class="retecenter">30. Town PS Case No-676/18, Dated-25.10.18, U/S-392 IPC 1. Manoranjan Prasad Singh @ Sonu -- -- -- -- 1. One Platina Motorcycle
2. One keypad Mobile
3. One Knife
4. Five thousands rupees.
class="retecenter">31. Madhupur PS Case No-299/18, Dated-01.10.18, U/S- 419/420/467/ 468/471/34 IPC 66(B)(C)(D) I.T.Act. 1. Dhananjay Das, S/O- Angraj Das, Vill- Uppar Lerwa
2. Kuldip Kumar Das, S/O- Narayan Das, Vill- Nichli Lerwa, Both PS-Madhupur, Dist- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Four Mobile, two Motorcycle two Atm card
class="retecenter">32. Madhupur PS Case No-324/18, Dated-22.10.18, U/S- 419/420/467/ 468/471/34 IPC 66(B)(C)(D) I.T.Act. 1. Sitaram Mandal, S/O-Khublal Mandal
2. Umesh Mandal, S/O-Late Lalji Mandal
3. Santosh Mandal, S/O- Late Puran Mandal, All Vill- Darway, PS- Madhupur, Dist- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- Six Mobile, Three Bank Passbook
class="retecenter">33. Mohanpur PS Case No-184/18, Dated-16.10.18, U/S- 419/420/468/471 IPC 66(C)(D)/ 84(C) I.T.Act. 1. Santosh Kr, S/O- Sanjay Kr. Mandal
2. Subhash Chandra Mandal, S/O- Lachu Prasad Mandal, Both Vill- Baak, PS- Mohanpur, Dist- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. SBI- Four Passbook, Six check Book Nine ATM Card
2. Syndicate Bank- Five Passbook One ATM Card
3. PNB- One ATM Card
4. Two Bolero, One Scooty
5. Three Sim Card
6. Fourteen Mobile
7. Vananchal Gramin Bank- Three Passbook
8. Dena Bank- two Passbook One check Book
9. Union Bank- One ATM Card
10. One Scarpio
11. Two Motorcycle
class="retecenter">34. Margomunda PS Case No-81/18, Dated-30.10.18, U/S- 467/468/471/420 IPC 66 (B)(C) I.T. Act. 1. Ashok Kr. Mandal, S/O- Shankar Mandal, Vill- Deripathar, PS- Margomunda, Dist- Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1. One Samsung Mobile with Sim
2. One Samsung Pad with Sim
3. One Samsung Black pad with Sim
4. One Idea Sim
5. One Airtel Sim
class="retecenter">35. Rikhiya PS Case No-133/18, Dated-13.10.18, U/S- 414/34 IPC 1. Raja Saha, S/O- Rabindra Saha, Vill- Alipur Dwar, PS- Alipur, Dist- Alipur(W.B)
2. Vijay Mahto, S/O- Shankar Mahto, Vill- Kishanganj, PS- Kishanganj, Dist-Kishanganj (Bihar)
3. Amit kumar, S/O- Rajkumar Mahto, Vill-Asansol Pandeshwar, 04 Dalubandh, PS + Dist- Asansol(W.B)
-- -- -- -- Three Mobiles
class="retecenter">36. Chitra PS Case No-86/18, Dated-18.10.18, U/S- 272/273/34 IPC 47(A) Excise Act. 1. Purusottam Kumar Singh, S/O- Nawal Kishor Singh
2. Pankaj Singh, S/O- Nageshwar Pd. Singh, Both Vill- Aamdiha, PS- Chitra, Dist- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 1. Wine Royal Stag- 09 Pcs, 180 ML
2. Imperial Blue- 08 Pcs, 180 ML
3. kingfisher- 30 Pcs, 650 ML
4. Desi Pouch- 60 Pcs, 200 ML
5. Tubered Bear- 28 Pcs, 650 ML
6. God Father Bear- 25 Pcs, 500 ML
7. Tubered cane Bear- 05 Pcs, 500 ML
8. Royal Stag- 04 Pcs, 375 ML
class="retecenter">37 Rikhiya PS Case No-151/18, Dated-25.11.18, U/S-3,4,5,7 Immoral Trafficking Act 25(1-B)a/26 Arms Act. 1.Sangita Devi @ Guriya Devi,
2.Sushmita Ghosh,
3.Farida Begam,
4.Sandhya Das,
5.Vijay Kumar,
6.Chandrashekhar Yadav,
7.Jiyaul Ansari.
2 pcs country made, 11 pcs bullet -- -- -- Total Rs 1,51,408,
13 Pcs Passbook,
04 ATM,
55 pcs condom,
5 pcs mobile.
class="retecenter">38 Town PS Case No-720/18, Dated-09.11.18, U/S- 25(1-B)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Krishna Dev Kumar @ KD, S/O- Arjun Yadav, vill- Bajarang colony, karnibad, Ps- kunda
2.Saurabh Srigari, S/O- Purnanand Srigari, vill- B.N. Jha Path, Near Taksha shilla vidyapith
1 pcs country made, 02 pcs bullet -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">39 Town PS Case No-714/18, Dated-08.11.18, U/S- 387 IPC 25(1-B)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Definite
2. Amarnath Keshri,
S/O- Vinod Pd. Keshri, vill- AdarshPath kachari Road, Ps- Town, Dist- Deoghar
1 pcs country made, 02 pcs bullet -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">40 Margomunda PS Case No-86/18, Dated-20.11.18, U/S- 25(1-B) 26 Arms Act. 1.Ajad Ansari @ Nunu, Vill- Bansini, Ps- Margomunda, Dist- Deoghar -- 01 Country Made Revolver, 01 Pc bullet -- -- --
class="retecenter">41 Sarwan PS Case No-139/18, Dated-21.11.18, U/S- 25(1-B)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1.Manoj Paswan, S/O-Bhuneshwar Hajra @ Jitu Hajra, vill- Loridhadhar, Ps- Taljhari, Dist- Dumka 1 Country made 2 Bullet -- -- -- Aadhar card, Mobile, Motorcycle
class="retecenter">42 Madhupur PS Case No-361/18, Dated-27.11.18, U/S- 51/64/63 Copy Right Act 103/104 trade mark Act. -- -- -- -- -- Duplicate Medicine Raper,
Dulicate Raper printing Machine
class="retecenter">43 Madhupur PS Case No-344/18, Dated-11.11.18, U/S- 290 IPC 47(A) Excise Act. -- -- -- -- -- 18 Bag Big Bundle Cotton,
60 Carton Royal Stag wine total 1440 Pcs
class="retecenter">44 Palajori PS Case No-156/18, Dated-11.11.18, U/S- 467/468/471/ 419/420/120B IPC 66(B)66(C)66(D) I.T. Act. 1.Nasim Ansari, S/O- Kaub Ansari
2.Nisar Ansari, S/O- Alauddin Mian
3.Asrat Ansari, S/O- Kaub Ansari, all vill- Parsani
4.Moin Ansari, S/O-Tahir Ansari, vill- Bandih
5.Wasim Ansari, S/O- Niyamad Ansari, vill-Parsani, All PS- Palajori,
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">45 Sarath PS Case No-172/18, Dated-14.11.18, U/S- 419/420/467/468/ 471/34 IPC 66(B)66(C)84(D) I.T. Act. 1.Saddam Ansari, S/O-Tajim Mian, Vill-Mahuadabur, Ps-Palajori, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">46 Margomunda PS Case No-84/18, Dated-09.11.18, U/S- 419/420/467/468/ 471/34 IPC 66(B)66(C)84(D) I.T. Act. 1.Sonu Kumar, S/O-Sitaram Rajak
2.Bharat Rajak, S/O-Raju Rajak, Both Vill-Nagratarh, Ps- Margomunda, Dist- Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">47 Town PS Case No-796/18, Dated-09.12.18, U/S-302/34 IPC 27 Arms Act 1. Chhotu@Sonu
S/O- Lakshmi yadav Vill-Basmata, PS- Nagar,
2. Babban Das @ Ritik, S/O- Ravindra Das, Vill-Tharidulampur, PS- Kunda
3. Keshav Dubey, S/O-Kailash Pati Duby, Vill-Tiwaridih, PS- Jasidih
4. Rishav Keshri, S/O-Pankaj Keshri Vill-Hanuman akhara Jalsar road All dis-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">48 Town PS Case No-806/18, Dated-15.12.18, U/S-25(1-b)a/26/35 Arms Act 1.Chhotu Shringari,
2.Rishav Raj, S/O-Pankaj Keshri
3.Kanhaiya Singh, S/O- Vijay Singh
-- -- -- One Desi katta .303 bore ammunition --
class="retecenter">49 Mohanpur PS Case No-214/18, Dated-12.12.18, U/S- 379/34 IPC 1.Dinesh Yadav, S/O-Umesh Yadav,
2.Ajay Kumar Yadav, S/O- Radhe Yadav both Village- Naya Tola Jarafgang PS-Kodhakatihar Dist-Banka (Bihar)
-- -- -- -- 30 Thousand rupess in a bag, one ATM Card
class="retecenter">50 Madhupur PS Case No-374/18, Dated-18.12.18, U/S- 482/483/486 IPC 63/64 Copyright Act 1957 1.Prakash Yadav, S/O- Mahesh Yadav, Vill-Balabagan, PS-Nagar, Dist-Deoghar -- -- -- -- 1collget paste 100gm 290 pcs,
2.Meriko Jasmin Parasut Hair Oil 100gm 650 pcs,
3.Jonsan Baby Powder 100gm 680 pcs
4.Dabar Guljari rose water 120gm 258 pcs
5.Tata Tea gold 11gm 480 pcs
6.Jonsan Baby empty botal 220 pcs
7.Jonsan Baby Power logo 1100 pcs
8. Jonshan Baby power Upper Cap 280 pcs
9. Jonsan Baby power Sticker 1809 pcs
10.Tata Tea empty packet 84 pcs
11. Meriko Paira shut Jasmin 200 gm empty bottal 535 pcs
12.Meriko Paira shut Jasmin upper cap 4570 pcs
13.Paira shut logo 1060 pcs
14. Dabur gulabri rose water empter bottle 320 pcs
15. Dabur gulabri rose water uppter cap 1100 pcs
16. Dabur gulabri rose logo 2700 pcs
17. Dabur gulabri rose back logo 2070 pcs
18. Jonshan Baby power making goods
19.Tata Tea Pro 100 gm 286 pcs full about 55 kg
20. Tata Pre empty 100gm packet 500 pcs
21. Open Tea 22kg
22. One heat shealing machine

Year Wise Achievements Against Criminals / Gangs

  • Year - 2017
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
class="retecenter">1. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Year Wise Achievements Against Criminals / Gangs

  • Year - 2016
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
class="retecenter">1. Madhupur PS 04/16, Dated- 04-01-16, U/S- 25(1-b) 26/35 Arms Act. 1. Baba Parihast, S/O-Ganesh Parihast, vill- Baidhnath Len,
2. Rahul Mishra, S/O-Santosh Mishra, vill-Laxkhimipur, jhosagri
3. Monu Mishra, S/O-Shambhu Mishra, vill- Bilasi town,
4. Shivasish Kasyap, S/O-Let Girdhari nath Mishra,
5. Ankit shah,
6. Nunu Yadav,
7. Sambhu Yadav.
-- Desi Pistol
-- -- --
class="retecenter">2 Town PS case no-54/16, Dated-21-01-16, U/S- 25(ab)a/ 26/35 Arms Act. 1. Gopal Mandal @ Ravi Mandal, S/O -Jay parkash Mandal, vill-Dumma -- Desi Pistol-01
0.315 cartosh
-- -- --

Town PS Case No-132/16, Dated- 11-03-16, U/S-413/414 I.P.C

1. Chandan Das, S/O- Arjun Das,
2. Dasrath Das @ Daso Das,
3. Jaynath Raut,
4. Damodar ku. Yadav
5. Ranjit Yadav
-- -- -- -- Motorcycle-05
class="retecenter">4 Town PS Case no-162/16, Dated- 17-03-16,U/S- 25(ab)a/ 26 Arms Act. 1. Santosh das, S/O- Late Sukhdev das, vill- Tharidulampur --

Desi Pistol-01

-- -- Mobile
class="retecenter">5 Jasidih PS 74/16, Dated- 10-04-16 U/S- 25(1-b)a/ 26/35 Arms Act. 1. Manoj kumar
2. Papu
-- 9mm Pistol-1 -- -- --
class="retecenter">6 Town PS Case no-132/16, Dated-11-03-16, U/S-413/414 I.P.C 1. Pawn lu. Mahtha
2. Raju ku. Mandal
3. Santosh Ku. singh
-- -- -- -- Motorcycle-01
Tata 207- 01
class="retecenter">7 Margomunda
PS 36/16, Dated-
U/S- 25(1-a) 26(2) Arms Act.
-- -- -- -- -- 1- Drill Machine-2
2- Hexsa Blade
3- Motorcycle
class="retecenter">8 Margomunda
PS 37/16, Dated-
U/S- 25(1-b)a/ 26(2) /35 Arms Act.
-- -- -- -- -- 1- Desi Pistol-08
2- Drill Machine
3- Magazine
class="retecenter">9 Town PS 298/16, Dated-
U/S- 25(1-b)a/ 26 Arms Act.
Rahul Mishra, S/O-Santosh Mishra, vill- Laxmipur chwok, -- 1- Desi Pistol-01
2- cartosh -3
-- -- --

Year Wise Achievements Against Criminals / Gangs

  • Year - 2015
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
class="retecenter">1. Jasidih PS 27/15, Dated-01-02-15,U/S- 419/420/467/468/471/472 I.P.C 25(1-b)a/ 26 Arms Act 1. Sanjay pd. paswan -- Desi pistol-01 -- Carties-03 --
class="retecenter">2. Margomunda PS 13/15, Dated-27-02-15,U/S- 341/337/504/34 I.P.C. 25(1-b)a/ 35 Arms Act. -- -- Desi Pistol -1 -- -- --
class="retecenter">3 Devipur PS 14/15,Dated-27-03-15,U/S- 25(1-b)a/ 26 Arms Act. -- -- Desi Pistol -1 -- -- --


Year Wise Achievements Against Criminals / Gangs

  • Year - 2014
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
class="retecenter">1 Madhupur PS Case No.- 28/14, Dated- 30-01-14, U/S- 395/397 IPC. 1. Dhurub Pandey, S/O-Sukar Pandey, Vill-Bawanbigha,PS- Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar,
2. Binay kr. Singh, S/O-Nandkishor Singh, Vill-Alkapuri, Dist-Giridih
3. Haidar Ansari, S/O-Farukh Miya, Vill-kaisargara,PS-Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar,
4. Hasim @ Patu, S/O-Let Abdul Hafije, Vill- kaisargara,PS-Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar,
5. Kaamdev Turi, S/O-Gajjo Turi, Vill-Jamuni,PS- Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar,
6. Binod Yadav, S/O-Kamdev Yadav,Vill-Billi, ,PS- Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- 01 Tata Safare 20900/- Rupees
class="retecenter">2 Madhupur PS Case No.- 24/14, Dated- 25-01-14,U/S- 414 IPC 1. Nityahara @ Nitay Hazra, S/O- Let Sahdev Hazrz, Vill- Dohram, Tailyadih,
2. Manoj Hazra, S/O-Sudhir Hazra, Vill-Koiridih,PS-Sarwa, Dist-Deoghar
3. Manoj Mallik, S/O-Dhiwar Mallik,
4. Dilip Bhokta, Vill-Pathra,
5. Kanchan Devi @ Najji Ayeram, D/o-Let Sekshi Ahmad, Vill-Nawada,PS- Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- 01 Bolero 01 Aapachi Motor Bike.
class="retecenter">3 Jasidih PS Case No.-28/14, Dated- 26-01-14 U/S- 25(1-B)A/26 Arms Act. 1. Aman Prasad Mathur -- 01 Desi Pistal -- -- --
class="retecenter">4 Deoghar PS Case No.- 84/14, Dt. 12.02.14, U/S- 392 IPC 1. Ankit Joshi @ Gollu, S/O Late Shishankar Joshi, Vill.- Sundbel Bazar Peira Gali, PS+Dist.- Deoghar
2. Aashis Mishra, S/O- Munna Mishra, Vill.- Sunbel Bazar, Meghlal len gali, PS+Dist.-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">5 Sarath(Chitra) PS Case No.-14/14, Dt. 06.02.14, U/S.-25(1-B)/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Ranbir Rawani, S/O- Sohan Rawani, Vill.- Satar, PS- Kunda, Dist.- Deoghar -- Black colour Pistol-01 -- 03 Round Kartush-755 KF --
class="retecenter">6 Deoghar PS Case No.-176/14, Dt. 26.06.14, U/S.-25(1-b)a/35/36 Arms Act. 1. Subhum Mishra, S/O Pasupati Nath Mishra, Vill.-Maansarowar, Deoghar -- Loaded Pistol-01 -- Cartridge-01 --
class="retecenter">7 Deoghar PS Case No.- 379/14, Dt. 27.06.14, U/S- 399/402 IPC, 25(1-b)a/35/36 Arms Act. 1. Sunil Kr. Das,
2. Rahul Poddar,
3. Anwar Khan,
4. Upendra Yadav,
5. Ramdeo Yadav,
6. Santosh Das
-- Desi Pistol-01 -- .303 Cartridge-01 Black Hero Honda Motorcycel-01
class="retecenter">8 Deoghar PS Case No.-520/14, Dated-24-08-14 U/S- 397 IPC. 1. Ashok Hazra,
2. Pravan Hazra,
3. Rohit Hazra,
4. Devendra Hazra,
5. Kodo Hazra @ Chandra kishor Mahto,
6. Rajesh kr. Yadav,
7. Mohan Yadav
-- class="retecenter">-- -- -- 01 Box Cloth.
class="retecenter">9 Deoghar PS Case No.-504/14, Dated-14-08-14, U/S- 394 IPC 27 Arms Act. 1. Sanjay sao -- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">10 Mohanpur PS Case No.-178/14, Dated- 04-08-14 U/S- 394 IPC 27 Arms Act. 1. Bisnu Yadav, S/O-Madhu Mahto,
2. Ganesh kr. Mandal @ Disco, S/O- Kalsu Mandal, vill- Aamgachhi
-- class="retecenter">-- -- -- Bajaj Discover without registration number
class="retecenter">11 Sarwa PS Case No.-164/14, Dated- 01-08-14 U/S- 394 IPC 1. Ashok Mandal, S/O- shambhu Mandal, vill-Babudih, PS- sonaraidhri,
2. Reyaz Ansari, S/O- Saiyad Ansari, vill- Aamgachhi, PS-mohanpur,
3. Ramzan Ansari, S/O-Esmail Ansari, vill- Gamhriya, PS-sarwa
-- class="retecenter">-- -- -- Metallic Machine
class="retecenter">12 Deoghar PS Case No.-505/14, Dated- 14-08-14 U/S- 25(1-b)a/26/27/35 Arms Act. 1. Sanjay sao -- Desi Pistol-01, -- Cartridge-01
8MM KF Mark empty -01
Mobile Set-01,
class="retecenter">13 Sarwa PS Case No.-173/14, Dated- 26-08-14 U/S- 25(1-b)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Prabhu Hazra, S/O- Jayati Hazra, vill- Let Doyam Teliyadih,
2. Ashok Hazra, S/O- Dukhan Hazra, vill- Awal Teliyadih,
3. Rohit Hazra, S/O- let Kanthi Hazra, vill- Awal Teliyadih Dhurniya, PS-sarwa,
4. Devendra Hazra, S/O-let Wakil Hazra, vill- Dungi, PS-Taljhari, Dis-Dumka,
5. Rajesh yadav, S/O-Jivlal Yadav, vill-Hiraknari, PS- Mohanpur
6. Kodo Mahto @ Kudo Mahto @ Chandra kisor Mahto, S/O- Nunlal Mahto, vill- Piprasol, PS-sonaraidhari
7. Mohan Yadav, S/O- Kesho Mahto, vill- Padanbona, PS-Mohanpur
-- 1 Loded Desi Pistol with Bullet -- -- --
class="retecenter">14 Jasidih PS Case No.-208/14, Dated- 27-08-14 U/S- 399/402 25(1-b)a/35 Arms Act. 1. Bablu Kapri, S/O- Titu Kapri, vill- Gamhriya, PS-jasidih,
2. Ranjit Das,S/O- jgay das, vill- shankri tola brniya, PS-jasidih,
3. Sanjay kr. singh,S/O-Suresh singh, vill-Navadih, PS-mohanpur,
4. Rahul kr. singh, S/O-sambhu singh,vill-Hardan bigha, PS-sreya, Dist-Lakhisarai,Bihar, present Add-Mithu Mahraj Bilasi town,
5. Adarsh kr. khvare, S/O- Deepak kr. khvare,vill- jhaunsagadhi.
-- 1 Loded Pistol -- 02 bullet 06 Mobile.
class="retecenter">15 Mohanpur PS Case No. 197/14, Dt. 03.09.14, U/S.- 25(1-b)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Pawan Yadav,
2. Began @ Bablu Yadav, S/O Kailash Yadav, Vill.- Letavran,
3. Bablu Yadav
-- Deshi Pistol-01 -- Bullet-01 --
class="retecenter">16 Madhupur PS Case No.- 338/14, Dt. 13.09.14, U/S- 394/411 IPC 1. Murli Mandal -- -- -- -- Motorcycle


  • Year - 2013
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
1 Jasidih PS Case no. 10/13, Dated- 15-01-13, U/S 392 IPC 1. Goutam Das,S/O- Asarfy Das, Vill-Punsiya. PS-Mohanpur, Dist-Deoghar.
2.Mahendra Das, S/O-Sahlu Das, Vill-Khijuriya, PS-Mohanpur, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- 01 Hiro Honda Motor Bike
class="retecenter">2 Deoghar PS Case no. 41/13,Dated-02-1-13, U/S 414/467/468/471/120 “B” IPC 1. Santosh kumar, S/O- Suresh Prasad, Vill-Jhuosagadi, PS/Dist- Deoghar.
2. Shani Bose, W/O-Ashok Bose, Vill-Chandannagar Police Line, Dist-Giridih.
3. Dipak Sarma @ Ramchandra Sarma S/O- Dasath Sarma, Vill-Nagina Singh Road, Giridih.
4. Chitranjan Ramani, S/O-Lete Kumar Ramani, Vill- Lakhi Bazar, Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- 04 Tabera Car, 07 Bolero Car
class="retecenter">3 Madhupur PS Case no. 15/13, Dated-20-01-13 U/S-406/420/34 IPC 1. Akhter Ansari, S/O-Safatulla Ansari, Vill-Falkari, PS-Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- -- 01 Mobile Set, ATM Card.
class="retecenter">4 Mohanpur PS Case no. 08/13, Dated-07-01-13, U/S-25(1-b)A/26/35 Arms Act, 1. Ashok Yadav, S/O-Janardhan Yadav, Vill-Simriya, PS-Chandan, Dist-Banka,
2. Lakshmi Yada,. S/O- Bhola Yadav, Vill-Goriya, PS-Chandan, Dist- Banka,
3. Computer Yadav, S/O-Aalum Yadav, Vill-Bajarmarua, PS-Mohanpur, Dist- Deoghar.
-- 01 Loaded Pistol -- 01 pcs 8 MM Cartridge 03 Mobile Set
class="retecenter">5 Deoghar PS Case no. 60/13, Dated-13-02-13, U/S-25(1-b)A/26 Arms Act, 1. Amit Das, S/O-Kartik Das, Vill-Koriyasha, PS- Kunda, Dist-Deoghar. -- -- -- 3.15 Bor Cartridge --
class="retecenter">6 Deoghar PS Case no. 62/13, Dated-14-02-13, U/S- 414 IPC, 25(1-b)A/26/35 Arms Act, 1. Suraj Mishra, S/O-Sumil Charan Mishra, Vill- Hanuman Tikri, PS/Dist-Deoghar. -- 01 Loaded Pistol -- -- --
class="retecenter">7 Sarath PS Case no. 22/13, Dated-02-02-13, U/S- 25(a-1)/25(a-b)A/25(1-a)/25(1-aa)/26/25 Arms Act, 1. Vivekanand Singh, S/O- Jaanki Singh,
2. Rajesh Kumar Singh, S/O- Manoj Kumar, Vill-Harihar Matti, PS-Chitra, Deoghar,
3. Goutam Bhandari,
4. Chunnu Ansari, S.O-Ebraar Ansari, P.O-Palajori, Dist-Deoghar.
-- 30 Bor Pistol-01, 315 Bor Pistol-01 -- -- 12 Bor Maasket 120 Cartridge.
class="retecenter">8 Deoghar PS Case no. 71/13, Dated-24-02-13, U/S- 290 IPC, 47 excise Act. 1. Pramod Singh -- -- -- -- 500 Pauch Desi Sarab.
class="retecenter">9 Deoghar PS Case no. 67/13, Dated- 22-02-13, U/S- 414/467/468/471/120(B) IPC. 1. Bikram Mandal, S/O- Harihar Mandal, Vill- Dondiya Nawadih, PS- Sonaraithadi, Dist- Deoghar. -- -- -- -- 02 Motor Bike.
class="retecenter">10 Jasidih PS Case no. 55/13, Dated- 22-03-13, U/S- 307 IPC, 25(1-b)A Arms Act, 1. Pankaj Kr. Dev, S/O- Billu Pd. Dev, Vill- Tabha Ghat] PS- Jasidih, Dst- Deoghar. -- 01 Pistol -- Bullet of .303 --
class="retecenter">11 Deoghar PS Case no. 80/13, Dated- 05-03-13, U/S- 379 IPC. -- -- -- -- -- 01 Indica Car.
class="retecenter">12 Deoghar PS Case no. 85/13, Dated- 08-03-13, U/S- 420/290 IPC, 11 Bihar Juaa Adhiniyum. 1. Rajesh Prasad,
2. Vishnu Keshri,
3. Bacchu Keshri,
4. Suraj Kumar,,
5. Suraj Mishra, PS/Dist- Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">13 Mohanpur PS case no.- 204/13, dt. 27.05.13, U/S.- 147/148/149/307 IPC 1. Rahul Kr. Singh, S/O Sambhu Kr. Singh, Vill.- Hadanbigha Badhiya, Dist.- Lakhisarai, Bihar
2. Sanjay Singh, S/O Suresh Singh, vill.-Badhiya, Dist. Lakhisarai, Bihar
3. Bikash Kumar Karamkar, S/O Madhav Karmkar, Vill.- Bride Bihari len, Deoghar
4. Chandan Kr. Gupta, S/O Late Dipak Khawadey, Vill. Dukhisah Len, Jhausagadi, Deoghar
-- 01 Pistol Cartridge-03 -- Mobile Set -04
class="retecenter">14 Deoghar PS Case no. 163/13, dt. 04.05.13, U/S.- 379 IPC 1. Yogendra Das @ Rajeev, S/O Ramprawesh Pd. Das. Vill.- Kathona, PS.-Katoria, Dist.- Banka, Bihar -- -- -- -- 01 Motor bike.
class="retecenter">15 Deoghar PS Case no.- 194/13, dt. 17.05.13, U/S.- 379 IPC 1. Yogendra Das @ Rajeev, S/O Ramprawesh Pd. Das. Vill.- Kathona, PS.-Katoria, Dist.- Banka, Bihar -- -- -- -- 01 Motor bike.
16 Deoghar ps case no. 258/13, dt. 04.06.13, U/S.-461/379 IPC 1. Chaiya Paasi, W/O Samru Paasi, Vill.-Ukahdra, PS-Andal, Dist.-Burdhaman,WB -- -- -- -- --
17 Jasidih PS case no. 277/13, dt. 23.07.13, U/S.-25/27(b)A/26 Arms Act. 1. Gopal Yadav, S/O Suraman Mahto, Vill.-Aandhirigadar, PS-Jasidih, Dist.-Deoghar -- Desi Pistal-01 -- -- --
class="retecenter">18 Deoghar PS Case no. 496/13, Dated-11-08-13 U/S-25(1-b)A/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Sunil Das,
2. Ranjeet Das, S/O- Ghuter Das, Vill- Bumpas Town, PS +Dist-Deoghar.
-- 01 Six Round Pistol -- -- --
class="retecenter">19 Margomunda PS Case no. -79/13, Dated- 31-08-13, U/S- 25(1-A)/25(1-A)/(1-AA)/(1-B)A/26/35 Arms Act. -- -- -- -- 04-Round Cartush 53-Incomplete Pistal, 51-Bairal,
04-Bairal Palaider,
59-compilet/ incompilet Magzine,
02-Guruping Masin,
51-Big Reti, 06-Heksa Baled,
14-Baled, 09-Leaid Masin,
01-Diril Masin, 02-Peyhchcus,
01- Palas, 03-Chaini,
10-Spoke, 01-Voter card,
01-ATM Card,
01-Driving Licence,
03-Voter Card,
01-PAN Card, 100-Repeat,
10-But Fiber, 05-Hathori,
34-Gruping Stument 08-Iron Palet Patti 01-Tempu,
297-Desi Sarab Packet,
15-Plastic Galas, 2660/- Cash Rupees wallet..
class="retecenter">20 Jasidih PS Case no. 343/13, Dated-30-08-13, U/S-399/402 IPC 1. Rumjan Miya,
2. Jhuper Rawut,
3. Binod Maric,
4. Akhter Ansari,
5. Nausad Alam,
6. Md. Latif,
7. Samir Miya
-- -- -- -- 01 Magic Van, 500Gm. Explosive, 250 Sutli.
class="retecenter">21 Deoghar PS Case no. 513/13, Dated- 17-08-13 U/S- 379 IPC. 1. Ranjeet Das,
2. Kislai Raj,
3. Anil Poddar
-- -- -- -- Gold Chain
class="retecenter">22 Deoghar PS case no. 519/13, Dated- 23-03-13, U/S- 379/511 IPC. 1. Chandan Kr. Bharti, S/O- Binay kr. Bharti, Vill-Ambedkar nagar, Barmasia, PS +Dist- Deoghar. -- -- -- -- 01 Motor Bike(JH-15 D 0737)
class="retecenter">23 Deoghar PS case no. 520/13, Dated- 23-08-13, U/S-379/411 IPC. 1. Pankaj kr. Yadav,
2. pintu Kumar,
3. Pravakar Kumar,
4. Manoj Jha,
5. Gobind Yadav (Tempu Driver)
5. Hari om Thakur (Tempu Driver)
-- -- -- -- packet Cement
class="retecenter">24 Deoghar PS case no. 522/13, Dated-24-08-13, U/S-379/511 IPC. 1. Manohar Pandit, S/O- Ramchandra Pandit, Vill- Basuriya, PS - Jasidih, Dist- Deoghar. -- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">25 Deoghar PS case no. 615/13, dt. 10.10.13, U/S.- 479 IPC 1. Ranjeet Sonar, S/O Ganga Sonar, Vill.- Sonabad Gadi, PS- Bengabaad, Dist.- Giridih -- -- -- -- 63 Nokia Mobile Set 500/- Ruppes
class="retecenter">26 Sarwa PS Case no. 176/13, dt. - 08.10.13, U/S.- 379 IPC -- -- -- -- -- 01 Truck
class="retecenter">27 Madhupur PS Case no. 275/13, dt. 02.11.13, U/S.- 395 IPC 1. Md. Nijir Miya, Vill.- Nayadih, PS- Madhupur, Dist.- Deoghar,
2. Murari Yadav,
3. Pandey Yadav, S/O Arjun Yadav, Vill.- Vairwatilha,
4. Mufo Raut, S/O Muso Raut, Vill.- Bucchi, PS- Devipur, Dist.-Deoghar.
-- Desi Pistol-01 -- -- 03 Mobile Set,
2800/- Ruppes
class="retecenter">28 Sarath(Chitra) PS case no. 182/13, dt. 19.11.13, U/S.- 392 IPC 1. Shiva Pradhan, S/O Narayan Pradhan,
2. Sagar Pradhan, S/O Ramu Pradhan, Vill.- Mundamala, PS- Kurdachoka, Dist.-Jaaipur(Odisha)
-- -- -- -- 01 Aapachi Motor bike,
15,000/- Rupees.
class="retecenter">29 Deoghar PS case no. -621/13, dt. 26.11.13, U/S.- 379/411 IPC 1. Hamida Bano, W/O Md. Kullu,
2. Md. Aalum, S/O Md. Kullu, Vill.- Fullwarisarif, Dist.- Patna,
3. Gulaam Rasul, S/O Late Ismail Miya, Vill.- Bhatbigha, PS- Chopran, Dist.- Hazaribagh,
4. Md. Sarhaq, S/O Md. Aftaab, Vill.- Ballubpur, PS- Nimiyaghat, Dist.- Burdaman
-- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">30 Deoghar PS Case No. 763/13, Dated- 08-12-13, U/S 399/402 IPC 25(1-B)26/35 Arms Act. 1. Balmuku Prasad Four Other Persons. -- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">31 Deoghar PS Case No. 764/13, Dated- 09-12-13, 25(1-B) 26/35 Arms Act. 1. Pankaj kr. Chowdhry, S/O-Haro chowdhry, Vill-Badhawa, PS-Baosi, Dist-Banka, Bihar.Current Address- Rampur Thakur Petrol Pump, PS/Dist- Deoghar.
2. Puppu Paswan, S/O-Shivkali charan Paswan, Vill-Ghoshpur, PS-Barahat, Dist-Banka, Bihar.
-- 02 Desi Pistal -- 06 Live Cartridge 02 Nokia Mobile Set,
01 Spiring knife Red Pulsar Bike.
class="retecenter">32 Jasidih PS Case No. 443/13, Dated- 23-12-13 U/S- 395/364(a) IPC 17 C L A Act. -- -- -- -- -- --
class="retecenter">33 Deoghar PS Case No. 800/13, Dated- 23-12-13 U/S-379 IPC. 1. Jogdipan Das, S/O- Amar Das, Vill-Purandaha, PS/Dist- Deoghar.
2. Banti Kr. Singh, S/O- Rambilash Singh, Vill- Guddiya, PS- Lakhsmipur, Dist-Jamui, Bihar. Current Address-Purandaha, Satsang Colony, PS+Dist- Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- 01 Motor Bike.


  • Year - 2012
Sl. No. PS. / Registered Case No. Arrested Criminal Name Address Achievement / Recovery
Rifle / Gun Pistol / Revolver Explosive Carties Other
1 Deoghar PS case no.-10/12, Dt.11.01.12, U/S.-395 IPC 1. Pappu Poddar, S/O-Panchu Poddar, Vill.- Kusmadih, PS- Chandan, Dist.- Banka(Bihar)
and three persons
-- -- -- -- Moter bike-03
2 Jasidih PS case no.-15/12, Dt.12-01-12, U/S.-395/397 IPC 27 Arms Act. 1. Abhay Singh,
2. Ankit @ Sumit @ Lalu
3. Kamdeo Kumar Tanti.
-- -- -- -- Moter bike-01
3 Deoghar PS case no.- 56/12, Dt.- 10.02.12, U/S.-392 IPC 1. Premchand Majhi, S/O- Shankar Majhi, Vill.- Birajpur, PS- Mohanpur, Dist.- Deoghar. -- -- -- -- Pancard-01
Emergency Light-01
4 Deoghar PS case no.- 52/12, Dt.-08.02.12, U/S.-457/380 IPC 1. Munna Mahtha, S/O-Suresh Mahtha, Vill.-Gidhni, PS- Jasidih, Dist.- Deoghar -- -- -- -- Mobile Set-01
5 Deoghar(Kunda) PS case no.-47/12, Dt. 06.02.12, U/S.-379/411 IPC 1. Pappu Yadav. -- -- -- -- Motor Pump-01
6 Deoghar PS case no.- 44/12, Dt.-01.02.12, U/S.-379/411 IPC 1. Sanjay Yadav. -- -- -- -- Mobile set-01
7 Deoghar PS case no.-107/12, Dt.-30.03.12, U/S.-302/394/34 IPC 27 Arms act. 1. Ankit Joshi, S/O- Late Shiv Shankar, Vill.- Harikishun Len
2. Sibbu Mishra, S/O- Late Gridhari Mishra, Vill.- Shyamacharan len
3. Gourav Khawaide, S/O -Goutam Khawaide, Vill.- Punsia, Mohanpur.
4. Gopal Parihast
-- Pistol -01 -- -- Motor bike-01
8 Deoghar PS case no.-104/12, Dt.-30.03.12, U/S.- 420/34 IPC 1. Santosh Parbey,
2. Dhirendra Kr. Raut
-- -- -- -- Kerosene oil-200 Lt.
Plastic Jaar
9 Deoghar PS case no. 92/12, Dt.-14.03.12, U/S.-21/25 NDPS Act. 1. Gaurav Kr. Singh,
2. Rajeev Mishra,
3. Prabin Mandal
4. Nelum Mandal
-- -- -- -- Brown sugar-163 Pc.
10 Mohanpur PS case no.-82/12, Dt.-26.03.12, U/S.-25(1-b)a/26 Arms Act. 1. Bibhuti Rajhans, S/O- Nilum Rajhans, Vill.- Dharam Rai, PS-Tarapur, Dist.- Munger -- Pistol-01
-- Cartridge-01 --
11 Deoghar PS case no. 102/12, Dt.- 23.03.12, U/S.-7 EC Act. -- -- -- -- -- Blue kerosene Oil-800 Lt.
12 Deoghar PS case no.- 103/12, Dt.- 23.03.12, U/S.-7 EC Act. -- -- -- -- -- Kerosene Oil-1600 Lt.
13 Deoghar PS case no.-111/12, Dt.-01.04.12, U/S.-25(1-b)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Sibbu Mishra, S/O- Late Gridhari Mishra, Vill.- Shyamacharan len. -- Pistol-01 -- Cartridge of 3.15 bore-01 --
14 Mohanpur PS case no.-96/12, Dt.-08.04.12, U/S.-307/34 IPC, 25(1-b)a/26/27/35 Arms Act. 1. Jitendra Singh, S/O- Late Nagendra Singh, Vill.- Bhandrisuia, PS.- Katoria, Dist.- Banka and others -- Pistol-01 -- -- Motor bike-01
15 Mohanpur PS case no.-111/12, Dt.-21.04.12, U/S.-399/402 IPC, 25(1-b)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Tulsi Yadav, S/O- Late Babulal Yadav,
2. Roshan Yadav, S/O- Late Mohan Yadav,
3. Chandra Yadav, S/O- Late Lakshman Yadav,
4. Prithvi Yadav, S/O- Late Sarawan Yadav,
5. Rajesh Kr. Yadav, S/O- Late Kunnu Yadav,
6. Vikki Yadav, S/O-Late Aazad Yadav,
7. Bittu Kr. Yadav, S/O- Late Nandu Yadav,
8. Ramanand Yadav, S/O- Late Kishun Yadav,
9. Shiv Kumar Yadav, S/O Prakash Yadav All of vill- Naya Tola Juraoganj, PS- Kowra, Dist.- Katihar(Bihar)
-- Pistol-02 -- Cartridge of .315 bore-03 Nokia Mobile set
16 Deoghar PS case no.-144/12. Dt.-01.05.12, U/S.-25(1-b)a/26/35 Arms act. 1. Krishna Sarawal, S/O- Cturmani Sarawal,
2. Ajay Shankar Thakur, S/O- Yadushankar Thakur, Vill.- Buhum baba, Near Bramchari road School, PS- Town, Dist.- Deoghar.
-- Country made pistol-01 -- -- --
17 Sarwa PS case no.-84/12, Dt.-15.06.12, U/S.-392 IPC 1. Pradeep Kr. Rout
2. Niraj Kr. Gupta, S/O Rajkumar Gupta, Vill.- Chakrma, PS- Mohanpur.
3. Yogendra Rout, S/O Banku Rout, Vill.- Dhanwar, PS- Mohanpur, Dist.- Deoghar.
4. Chandan Kr. Yadav, S/O- Mahadeo Kr. Yadav, Vill.- Dhawatar, PS- Mohanpur, Dist.- Deoghar
5. Ramesh Rout, S/O-Chato Rout, Vill.-Dhawatar, PS- Mohanpur, Dist.- Deoghar
-- Country made pistol -01 -- -- Mobile-01
18 jasidih PS case no.140/12, Dt.05.06.12, U/S-4/5 Expl. Act. 1. Kamal Shakh, S/O Amar Shakh, Vill.- Hariokha -- -- Detonator-4000 -- --
19 Jasidih PS case no.- 149/12, Dt.16.06.12, U/S.-414 IPC, 25(1-b)a/26/35 Arms Act. 1. Pradeep Kr. Yadav, S/O Surendra Yadav, Vill.- Dhawatar, PS- Mohanpur, Dist.- Deoghar. -- Country made pistol-01 -- -- Bolero van-01
20 Deoghar PS case no. 229/12, Dt. 12.07.12, U/S.-25(1-b)a/26 Arms Act. 1. Jogesh Marik, S/O Budhan Marik, Vill.- Bishunpura, PS.-Jasidih, Dist.- Deoghar. -- Country made pistol-01 -- Cartridge-02 --
21 Jasidih PS case no. 162/12, Dt. 02.07.12, U/S.- 21/22 NDPS Act. 1. Punit Kr. Dubey -- -- -- -- NDPS-25 gm.
22 Mohanpur PS 250/12, Dated-04-08-12, U/S 395/397 IPC 1. Upendra yadav, Vill-Dumma
2. Sunil Das, Vill-Gaanghor, Bampass Town, Deoghar
3. Mantu yadav, Vill-Latani,
4. Purusotum Jha, Vill-Fagah,
5. Bhimadhar yadav, Vill-Jhajha
-- -- -- -- Scorpio Car-01
Nokia Mobile Set-01
23 Deoghar PS 262/12, Dated-04-08-12, U/S399/402 IPC 05 Explosive Act. 1. Sunil Das, S/O Chuter Das, Vill-Gaanghor, Bampass Town, Deoghar
2. Upendra Yadav,
3. Purusotum Jha,
4. Bhimadhar yadav
5. Mantu yadav
-- -- Bomb-01 -- --
24 Palajori PS 74/12, Dated- 03-08-12, U/S 379/411 IPC -- -- -- -- -- Motor Bike-01
25 Jasidih PS 183/12, Dated-09-08-12, U/S 379 IPC -- -- -- -- -- 01 Motor Bike
26 Mohanpur PS 306/12, Dated-12-09-12, U/S 307 IPC 25(1-b) A / 26 Arms Act. 1. Ganesh mahatha, S/O- Satya narayan Mahatha, Vill- Salonatair, PS-Jasidih, Dist- Deoghar. -- 01 Desi Pistol -- 30 Round 01 Hitec Mobile Set
27 Deoghar PS 335/12, Dated-10-09-12, U/S 414/420/467/468/471/120 B IPC 1. Mahesh Yadav, S/O-Nageshwer Yadav, Vill-Basmatta, 2. Harendra Yadav -- -- -- -- 13 Motor Bike,
07 Owner Book Other document.
28 Devipur PS 104/12, Dated-19-10-12, U/S 414 IPC 25 (1) 26/35 Arms Act. 1. MD. Nasim khan, S/O-Kasim Khan, Vill-Sadi Mohalla, PS-Barhi, Dist-Hazaribagh.
2. MD. Muslim Ansari/Bablu, S/O-Gulbali Miya, Vill-Madanmundi, P/S-Birni, Dist-Giridih.
3. Sakur Sekh,
4. Baidul Sekh, Vill-Wartanawah, P/S-Mursidabaad,
5. Mukhtaar Ansari, Vill-Mandari, P/S-Devri, Dist-Giridih.
-- 01 Desi Pistol -- 03 Round 1307660/- Rupees,
04 Mobile Set
29 Jasidih PS 295/12, Dated-17-10-12, U/S 21/22 Narkotic Drugs Phycotropcs Substance Act. 1. Shiv jee singh,
2. Ritu Dubey, D/o- Late Ghanshyam Dubey,
3. Birendra Singh, S/O- Late Ramsaran Singh.
-- -- -- -- 25 gram Narkotic Drugs Phycotropcs Substance Act candle
chillum- 1.
30 Deoghar PS 362/12, Dated-02-10-12 U/S 20 NDPS Act. 1. Manju Sinha, W/O- Late Ram pd.sinha.
2. Raju Sinha, S/O- Late Hare krihna lal.
3. Mirtiyu Singh, S/O- Sashimohan choudhry, Vill-kalirakha, Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- 1.848 K.G Gaanja
31 Sarwa PS 154/12, Dated-16-10-12 U/S 489(b)/489(c) IPC. 1. Dhanjay Yadav, S/O-jaiprakash Yadav, Vill-Haalmatta, PS-Boushi. Dist-Banka, Bihar. -- -- -- -- 4000 Thousand Rupes
32 Sarwa PS 168/12, Dated-09-11-12 U/S 302/201 IPC. 1. Satya narayan Mandal Suryadev Ram@Surya
2. Md. Sahabuddin Ansari, S/O-Md. Najir, Vill-Madhuban khijuya, PS-Sonaraithadi, Dist-Deoghar
-- -- -- -- 01 Tempu
33 Baba Mandir PS 36/12, Dated-10-11-12 U/S 379/411 IPC 1. Pucho Yadav, S/O-Kailash Yadav, vill-Sankarpur, PS/Dist-Banka (Bihar). -- -- -- -- 01 Mobile Set 900/- Rupees
34 Deoghar PS Case no.79/12, Dt.30.12.12, U/S.-364A/120B/34 IPC 1. Abhisek Sarma, S/O-Tripurari Sarma, Vill-Sabesar, PS-Kachma, Dist-Mirjapur (U P).
2. Sri Bhagwan @Sani Kumar, S/O-Sri Ramakant Sarma, Vill-Chumraha, PS-Shivsagar, Dist-Rohtaash.
3. RaviSankar, S/O-Lakshman Prasad, Vill-Arab Gram, PS-Sandesh, Dist-Bhojpur,
4. Chandan Kumar, S/O-Nathun Singh, Vill-Basaura, PS-Bhihta, Dist-Patna,
5. Dharamvir kr. Singh, S/O-Arvind Singh, Vill-Saripur, PS-Sandesh, Dist-Aara,
6. Aaman Siddiki, S/O-Nayaz Ahmad Siddiki, Vill-Tarukamanpur Naki Road, p/s-Rajghat, Dist-Gorakhpur (UP)
-- -- -- -- Scorpio van
35 Sarnath PS case no.98/12, Dt. 17.12.12, U/S.-395/397 IPC 1. Denesh Paswan, S/O-keta paswan,vill-Kalyanpur,PS-Simultalla, Dist-Jamui.
2. Nausad Miya, S/O-mustafa, Vill-Karankandih, PS-Simultalla, Dist-Jamui.
3. Nausad Miya, Vill-Pipradih, PS-Simultalla, Dist-Jamui.
4. Neman Yadav, Vill-Tarwadih, PS-Jhajha, Dist-Jamui.
5. Ajay Das, Vill-Charaiya, PS- Simultalla, Dist-Jamui.
6. Kodo Hazra @ Kailash Hazra, S/O-Tori Hazra, Vill-Durgapur, PS-Sarwa, Dist-Deoghar.
-- -- -- -- Nokia Mobile
Woolen Shawl


Year Wise Achievements Against Naxals

  • Year - 2021
Sl.No. P.S. / Registered Case No. Arrested Extremist [(C.P.I.) /Other Group] Name & Address Achievement/Recovery
Rifle/Gun Pistol/ Revolver Explosive Carties Other
1 Jasidih PS Case No-443/13, Dated-23.12.2013, U/S-385/364A IPC & 17 CLA Act. 1908 1. Chutku Mandal @ Chutru Mandal @ Munna Mandal S/o-Gullabi Mandal @ Dulari Mandal @ Gulari Mandal, Vill-Billigadi, PS-Chakai, Dist-Jumui, Bihar -- -- -- -- --

Year Wise Achievements Against Naxals

  • Year - 2018
Sl.No. P.S. / Registered Case No. Arrested Extremist [(C.P.I.) /Other Group] Name & Address Achievement/Recovery
Rifle/Gun Pistol/ Revolver Explosive Carties Other
1 Madhupur P.S Case No-304/18, Dated-07.10.18, U/S- 414/34 IPC & 17(II) CLA Act. 1.Suresh Hembram S/o-Late Ruplal Hembram, Vill-Kariphari, PS- Madhupur, Dist-Deoghar,
2. Baldev Soren S/o- Late Bhim Soren, Vill- Chahal, PS-Bhelwagathi, Dist- Giridih.
- - - - 1. One Motarcycle
2. Naxal Sahitya
3. Visthapna & Janandolan,
4. Red Colour Cloth Baner,
5. One Lacs one colour cloth Banner,
6. Two Mobile

Achievements (Criminals/Naxals)

Details of achievements (Criminals/Naxals Both) up to February/March-2015

Month Name of P.S Case reference Recovery of Property Arresting

Feb 2015

27/15, Dated-
u/s- 419/420/467/468/471/472 I.P.C & 25(1-b)a/ 26 Arms Act.
Desi pistol-1 Cartosh-3 1- Sanjay pd Paswan
Margomunda P.S 13/15,Dated-27-02-15,U/S-341/337/504/34 IPC&25(1-b)a/35 Arms Act Desi Pistol-1 --

March 2015

Devipur P.S 14/15,Dated-27-03-15 u/s-25(1-b)a/26 Arms Act. Desi Pistol-1 --

Achievements (Criminals/Naxals)

Details of achievements (Criminals/Naxals Both) up to August, 2011.

Month Name of P.S Case reference Recovery of Property Arresting

Jan, 2011

Deogha Town P.S 11/11, Dated-06-01-11, u/s-395 IPC One looted Mobile Five
Jasidih P.S 5/11, Dated-03-01-11, u/s-394 IPC One Hero Honda motorcycle One
Mohanpur P.S 07/11, Dated-08-01-11, u/s-394 IPC - One
Mohanpur P.S 17/11, Dated-19-01-11., u/s-394 IPC. One Motorcycle Four
Deoghar Town P.S 14/11, Dated-07-01-11, u/s- 25(a-b)a/26/35 Arms Act. One Loaded Country made Pistol with One cartridge. One
Mohanpur P.S 11/11, Dated-13-01-11, u/s-25(a-b)a/26/35 Arms Act. One Loaded Country made Pistol with One cartridge. Two
Sarath (Chitra) P.S 9/11, Dated-414.467/468/472/420/120(B)/34 IPC One Motorcycle One

Feb, 2011

Deoghar Town P.S 51/11, Dated-23-02-11, u/s 394/307 IPC   One


Palajori P.S 13/11, Dated-11-02-11, u/s 452/341/323/364/504/34 IPC One Scorpio vehicle used in crime recovered Four

March, 2011

Deoghar Town P.S 74/11, Dated-19-03-11, u/s 364a/302/201/120(B) IPC Industrialist Sri Nand Kisore Sighania and rickshaw puller were kidnapped Rickshaw puller and dead body established in D.N.A Test Eleven notorious crime have been arrested and all of them are in jail. Inter State criminals were involved in this case and it was Deoghar Police who become successful in arresting    those infest ate  criminals who are at proceeds behind the bar and in this case achievements of Deoghar Police is marvelous one, Since this has been done without giving  any ransom to the criminals. Police H.Q has highly appreciated this achievement criminals were 1. Baban sing   of  P.S Sangrampur, Dist Mungar, 11. Guddan Singh, 111. Chandan Singh, iv. Sonu Sing all fof village-Danlatpur, Dist-Jamui (Bihar) v. Rupesh Singh of Vill- Ladma, P.S-UdaKisanganj, Dist-Madhepura. Vi. Pranal Deo both of Deoghar Dist, v11. Bablu Tiwari, viii. Saroj Singh alis Pintu Sing, Dist-Madhepura (Bihar) 1x. Shashi Kumar alias Konahaiya Sing & fauji of Alamnagar, Dist-Madhepura.

April,  2011

Deoghar Town P.S 102/11, Dated-14-04-11, u/s  457/380 IPC One Pair Golden Bali Two
Deoghar Town P.S 108/11, Dated-17-04-11, u/s  457/380 IPC Four Mobile sets One

May. 2011

Deoghar Town P.S 151/ 11, Dated-26-05-11, u/s  379 IPC Parts of Motorcycle Two

June, 2011

Deoghar Town P.S 173/11, Dated-20-06-11, u/s  379 IPC One Motorcycle Three


Jasidih  P.S 92/11, Dated-17-06-11, u/s  372 PC Looted one motorcycle & one Mobile recovered One
Sarath (Chitra) P.S 57/11, Dated-05-06-11, u/s 392 IPC One looted Bolero Jeep, One mobile set & Case-1869/=00 Recovered. Two
Jasidih P.S 86/11, Dated-10-06-11, u/s 3/5 Explosive Act. Five pieces detonator Two

August, 2011

Mohanpur P.S 164/11, Dated-08-08-11, u/s 392 IPC One Auto Rickshaw recovered.  
Mohanpur P.S 126/11. Dated-25-06-11, u/s 379 IPC.
127/11, Dated-28-06-11 & 156/11, Dated-03-08-11, u/s 379 IPC.
Electric wire & railway scraps were recovered  
Palajori P.S 60/11, Dated-16-08-11, u/s 414/34 IPC One turtle loaded wall.



Community Policing

Community policing can be a tool to bridge the gap between Police and the public. I may self have experimented widely this effective tool to win the confidence of Rural population of specially of the depressed, tribal’s and weaker sections of the society in Naxal infested areas far flung from district H.Q. such as LOHARDAGA DISTRICT, Any governmental schemes designed to improve the quality of life and standard of living of the tribal’s population and of income generation is required immediate Police protection and support. The developmental machineries entrusted with responsibilities of upliftment of these depressed classes seldom pay visit in these Naxal affected areas. Police pay regular visit in these areas. Police operation led by senior functionaries of state and central paramilitary force must endeavor to win the confidence of the people specially tribal’s in hilly areas. Lower functionaries engaged in operation against Naxal in these areas must be sensitized about the bad and hostile impact on them if they resort to unpopular, unwanted harassment and torture in these areas. During my tenure as SP LOHARDAGA, Special Operation & L.R.P where carried out with camping at PESHRAR, Strong hold of C.P.I (MAOIST) but without any harassment and misbehaviour meeted out towards rural population in difficult terrain of Peshrar C.P.I (MAOIST) ZONAL COMMANDER OF ARMED DASTA, C.P.I (MAOIST) tried his best to Pressurise local rural population against the Police camp at Peshrar but they had accepted to be tortured in their hands but to surrender before them who protested against police camp. Now with the help of community policing and goodwill of district Police, Peshrar has been made free from the hold of Maoist. Police had taken initiative to get Residential Model High School Sanctioned and also PESHRAR AS A NOTIFIED BLOCK; Peshrar is a place where S.P Ajay Kumar Singh Was Murdered By C.P.I (Maoist). Now Peshrar block is made functional. This can be cited as a victory of Police department. Police can also use public distribution system as a tool to win the confidence of deprived masses. The Naxal as well as ration Mafias are found hand-in-gloves with each other in Naxal infested areas in particular and other areas in general by police can win the confidence and seek cooperation of such deprived weaker section.

I have also experimented it in Chatra District when I remained as S.P. for a very short period. Due to this the goodwill and sympathy shown by Police department towards this economically and socially deprived populace will always pay dividend. This proverb has to be kept in mind by every Police offer and Police personnel while going on operation against these NAXAL OUTFITS, “FIRE OPERATION WITHOUT BAKING OF SOCIAL OPERATION CANNOT BE SUCCESSFUL AND EFFECTIVE”.

Deoghar Police has done special job while solving the theft case of records of District Record Room within 24Hrs only. The arrest of DHRUV NARAYAN PARIHAST with evidence of conspiracy followed by arrest of SUNIL KUMAR with cash Rs. 7,29,865/00 raised the faith of deprived and weaker section of the society in district police. The effective actions taken against land mafias encouraged these poor and illiterate people to come before the deoghar police to put their grievances of land grabbing and forceful occupation of their Jamabandi land. District police for the first time has constituted a special cell in S.P.Office to collect such applications of land frauds by land mafias. More than Sixty such applications have been received in this cell headed by Add. S .P. (Operation) Deoghar. District police is going to get these applications enquired by Senior police officer & legal actions on each application will be taken as per evidences. This action of Deoghar police can be enumerated a mile stone in domain of Community Policing. An effective policing against such stalwarts & law breakers can serve a tool of bridging the gap between police and the weaker sections of the society and the public in general. Only One particular police action has enhanced the faith and image of Deoghar police in the eyes of Masses..

Community Policing Images:
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Succession Board of SP's
Sl. No. Name of the Officer Cadre From To
1 Sri K. Choudhary IPS 18-05-83 15-11-85
2 Sri Ram Avatar IPS 15-11-85 24-09-87
3 Sri V.M. Diwakar IPS 24-09-87 06-10-87
4 Sri R.C. Sinha IPS 06-10-87 08-04-88
5 Sri Rajesh Ranjan IPS 09-04-88 04-07-89
6 Sri H.K. Mishra IPS 04-07-89 19-04-90
7 Sri A.K. Upadahyay IPS 20-04-90 29-04-92
8 Sri M. Kiro IPS 08-05-92 10-07-92
9 Sri K.N. Choubay IPS 10-07-92 20-6-95
10 Smt Shobha Ohatker IPS 20-6-95 07-04-97
11 Sri G.P. Yadav IPS 07-04-97 30-11-97
12 Sri Amitavh Kr. Das IPS 30-11-97 29-04-99
13 Sri Alok Raj IPS 29-04-99 08-11-99
14 Smt Preeta Verma IPS 14-11-99 27-11-2000
15 Sri Shashi Nath Jha IPS 27-11-2000 19-09-01
16 Sri Ajay Kr. Singh IPS 19-09-01 27-09-02
17 Sri Naresh Pd. Singh IPS 05-10-02 06-02-04
18 Sri Sidho Hembrom IPS 06-04-04 03-05-05
19 Smt Sampat Meena IPS 03-05-05 06-03-06
20 Smt Suman Gupta IPS 07-03-06 10-12-06
21 Sri Maoj Kaushik IPS 04-01-07 24-02-09
22 Sri D.B. Sharma IPS 24-02-09 05-10-09
23 Sri P.K. Srivastava IPS 05-10-09 07-05-10
24 Sri Subodh Prasad IPS 07-05-10 17.05.13
25 Shri Ranjit Kr. Prasad IPS 17.05.13 27.06.13
26 Shri Prabhat Kumar IPS 27.06.13 01.03.14
27 Shri Rakesh Bansal IPS 01.03.14 21-02-15
28 Shri P. Murugan IPS 21-02-15 11-08-15
29 Shri Vipul Shukla IPS 11-08-15 05-09-15
30 Smt.A.Vijaya Laxmi IPS 05-09-15 27-11-17
31 Shri Narendra Kr. Singh IPS 27-11-17 28-04-2020
32 Shri Piyush Pandey IPS 28-04-2020 12-09-2020
33 Shri Ashwini Kr. Sinha IPS 12-09-2020 15-06-2021
34 Shri Dhananjay Kr. Singh IPS 15-06-2021 05-04-2022
35 Shri Subhash Chandra Jat IPS 06-04-2022 Till Date

Organizational Structure
Contact Numbers
Sl. No. Rank/Post STD Code Office Residence Mobile
1 SP Deoghar 06432 232733
232777 (F)
- 9470591079
2 Addl.SP (Operation) - - - --
3 SDPO Sadar 06432 232384 232383 9470591066
4 SDPO Madhupur 06438 224610 232383 9470591067
5 Dy.SP (HQ) - - - 9470591068
6 Dy.SP, CCR 06432 100 - 9431137632
7 CI & OC Babamandir PS 06432 232600 - 9431137947
8 CI Madhupur 06434 224427 - 9470591064
9 CI Palajori 06434 254194 - 9470591065
10 CI Sadar 06432 232384 - 9470591063
11 CI Town 06432 232700 - 9470591062
12 Chitra PS 06438 274640 - 9470591060
13 Devipur PS - - - 9431137631
14 Jasidih PS 06432 270234 - 9470591052
15 Karown PS 06438 256861 - 9470591057
16 Kunda PS 06432 225430 - 9470591051
17 Madhupur PS 06434 281024 - 9470591056
18 Mahila PS 06432 232600 - 9798302132
19 Mahila PS Madhupur - - - 9798302130
20 Margomunda PS - - - 9798302132
21 Mohanpur 06434 225430 - 9470591053
22 Palajori PS 06432 288110 - 9470591059
23 Sarath PS 06438 254194 - 9470591058
24 Sarwan PS 06438 224427 - 9470591054
25 Sonaraithari PS 06432 257307 - 9470591055
26 Town PS 06432 232600 - 9470591050
27 Khaga PS 06432 -- - 9798302085
28 Pathrol PS 06432 -- - 9798302105
29 Budhai PS 06432 -- - 9798302213
30 Cyber PS 06432 -- - 9798302205
31 Rikhiya PS 06432 -- - 9798302115
32 SDPO Sarath PS 06432 -- - 9798302235
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