Hill Driving

Hill Driving

Hill driving is difficult task and should be undertaken by experienced and apt drivers. Hill driving is different from driving in plain areas due to complex topography. Roads are designed differently in hills. The view of driver is restricted due to innumerous turns and suffers more fatigue due to excessive maneuvering of vehicle.

While driving on hill driver should take care about following points:

  • If you are not apt driver, do not drive on hilly roads.
  • Always follow the speed limits and reduce speed turns.
  • Always be attentive and avoid distractions like stereos etc.
  • Always give priority to uphill traffic by giving it way.
  • Never drive in hills under the influence of alcohol.
  • Do not overtake on turns, curves and bridges.
  • Do not overload the vehicle.
  • Avoid using clutch pedal at turns and hairpin bends.
  • Do not run vehicle on neutral while driving down hill.
  • Always blow horn on turns.
  • Always check the vehicle specially brakes and tyres before starting hill journey.

Courtesy:- Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India

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